Amba has failed - Amba Are confessing it -
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ambazonia #ComedyRevolution hs FAILED

ambazonia #ComedyRevolution hs FAILED Dear Cameroonians – Please – Patiently Listen to the 30 minutes Audio by an #AmbaFool called “comrade Bobbi”.. He has …

Martin Adamu (+12404761177) - His WhatsApp conversations with Francis below, show that he has been actively sponsoring ambazonia terrorists in Cameroon. Martin lives in Maryland USA. Needless to say, he will never Enter our Beautiful Cameroon again.
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#OperationSunshine on Francis Adamu and Martin Adamu, who sponsor #ambazonia terrorism in #Cameroon

#OperationSunshine on Francis Xavier Adamu and Martin Adamu (+12404761177). Martin Adamu lives in the Maryland USA and sponsors #ambazonia terrorism in #Cameroon. He has …

Festus Ndeh - His name appears in the NGO SCAM by the Ambazonia IG
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Festus Ndeh – A professor at Troy University Alabama, called & threaten me for Factual reporting about his involvement in the fraudulent 501(c) company called #Ambazonia Foundation Inc

Festus Ndeh – A professor at Troy University Alabama, called to threaten me for Factual reporting about his involvement in the fraudulent 501(c) company …

Cletus Acho - An Ambazonian Terrorist Sponsor
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Cletus Acho, #Ambazonian living in Maryland, encouraging and sponsoring terrorism in #Cameroon

#OperationSunshine on Cletus Acho.. he is a massive Ambazonia terrorist sponsor and supporter. On 15 Apr 2019, Cletus Acho wrote.. What’s really pleasing to …

Ambazonians - A bunch of iDiotic Terrorists
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Financing #Ambazonia Terrorism in #Cameroon

In the search for financing mechanisms, from persons abroad, engaged in supporting terrorist groups in the North West and South West (NW / SW) …

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Chris Anu calls for help, after purported “Arrest” of his mother and sister

Breaking #KumKum News!! Chris Anu says his Mother & sister were Arrested in Yaounde, feels the heat 🔥 Chris Anu, the so called spokes …

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The ultimate fight.. Sako vs Sisiku.. Watch below, click the link

This is the fight for Facebook Republic of Ambazonia 😂 #ComedyRevolution

Fake Pastors - Must go back to theor Sunday jobs, Leave Revolution alone
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Seseku dissolves the IG – But IG says NO – This is PURE Comedy

#MKPD – The #Ambazonia #ComedyRevolution keeps on giving us enough entertainment.. So, on 02 May 2019, Seseku wrote a letter, dissolving the “Internet Government” …

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Barrister Nsahlai has Officially Referred Ambazonia IG SCAM to the IRS for investigation, plus the FBI Opens an investigation on Ambazonia thieves in the USA

MKPD> Wuna look at the referral document that was filed by Barrister Nsahlai Emmanual, referring the Amba THIEVES in the diaspora to the IRS …

Face of wickedness - Ambe Fausta Ditah
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Ambe Fausta Ditah – Ambazonia Terrorist sponsor from Abroad #OperationSunshine

Good morning MKPD, name number 3 is called Ambe Fausta Ditah, a graduate from Sacred Heart College Mankon, originate from Ntamafe Mankon. He lives …