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Barrister Nsahlai has Officially Referred Ambazonia IG SCAM to the IRS for investigation, plus the FBI Opens an investigation on Ambazonia thieves in the USA

MKPD> Wuna look at the referral document that was filed by Barrister Nsahlai Emmanual, referring the Amba THIEVES in the diaspora to the IRS for Investigation.

Once the IRS starts looking deep into the Actvitites of these CRIMINALS, they will be SHUT down for Good.. 

Download the document here for yourselves, including exhibits.. 

2019-03-29 IRS Complaint_Ambazonia Foundation Inc._Exh

Ambazonia Foundation - IRS Referral

Ambazonia Foundation – IRS Referral

Referral to the IRS by Barrister Nsahlai

Referral to the IRS by Barrister Nsahlai

Download the FBI report that Barrister Nsahlai made regarding Chris Anu here FBI report Re CHRIS ANU

The FBI has taken Barrister Nsahlai’s reports very seriously and have been in several phone and email communications with Barrister Nsahlai to gather more information, and to progress their investigations. I can confirm that the Ambazonians in the USA are OFFICIALLY Under FBI investigations – As Usual, I come with EVIDENCE! see below.. 

FBI Called Barrister Nsahlai regarding Ambazonians in the Diaspora

FBI Called Barrister Nsahlai regarding Ambazonians in the Diaspora

Calls from FBI to Barrister Emmanuel Nsahlai last week to discuss his criminal complaints against Ambazonia leaders promoting violence and terrorism in Cameroon which led to the deaths of his clients and sufferings of the CAVAT membership he represents. Face to face meetings lasted over 3 hours on multiple occations. The investigation continues. Barrister Nsahlai opines that without a doubt, an FBI sweep arrests of all the leaders is upcoming.

FBI may need a few months to verify the evidence in Cameroon. Also, FBI has started requests, though Barrister Nsahlai, to speak to victims who could be witnesses.

The FBI contacted Barrister Nsahlai

The FBI contacted Barrister Nsahlai

As you can see from the snapshot evidence above, that’s further evidence of FBI contacts with Barrister Nsahlai. I redacted the FBI agent’s name and number so these AmbaFools cannot pester the FBI agents with messages to claim their innocence.

They must await the day they are dragged into the FBI offices for questioning.. 


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