7 Amba boys killed in Mile 16 today. When will these boys learn?

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Several Amba boys killed in Mamfe, Eshobi..

This story is still developing.. But several Amba boys killed in Mamfe, Eshobi..

On Saturday 18 May 2019, Amba boys from neighbouring village attacked innocent citizens of Eshobi, killing several people. Reports say over 6 people laid dead.

Today 22 May 2019, this 👆🏾 is happening..

Ops ce jour a Mamfe village Eshobi

While these Ambazonians sit comfortably in the diaspora, they incite these kind of violence in Cameroon 🇨🇲


I was targetted by this Ambazonian terrorist – He promised to locate me in The UK and kill me

WHO IS THIS MAN??? +46769261151

So this Ambazonian terrorist called me on whatsApp SEVERAL times today 21 May 2019, and even sent audio messages to me.

Who is this man?
Who is this man?

This stranger was calling from a number that seems to be registered in Sweden. (+46769261151) – He was railing like a lunatic at some point, threatening to kill me, and of course, lecturing me how I have no investments in Cameroon, that he will make sure I never step foot in “Ambazonia”.. (the Facebook Republic) – Of course he also accused me of enjoying the money that was embezzled (By someone I do not know) lol


This is a Moghamo man, possibly from one of the Batibo villages, as we chatted briefly in Moghamo with the Kunyam. He kept insisting that I should show my face and give him my address LoL.. To which I asked WHY? and he couldn’t respond. Then later he said they would castrate me.. And I asked him.. So, You want me to give you my face and my address so that you should come and castrate me??? Even the Kunyam started laughing. LoL

You know how deluded these AmbaFools can be. Basically, in the end, I just started cracking jokes with him – But of course, I take every threat seriously, hence why I am making this PUBLIC statement, and also forwarding his face and audio clips to the authorities, and MKPD around the world will fish this man out, and his name will be at every port of entry in Cameroon – We will see how he will ever enter Cameroon.

Wanderfoolish International iDiooot!

#OperationSunshine Activated.

Latest Beheading in Bamenda – Mobile Nkwen – 21 May 2019

This is shocking.. Here are the pictures.. Stay tuned for the latest info, coming soon.

Vondou Olivier is the Victim's name
Vondou Olivier is the Victim’s name

MKPD> This is the latest Amba Terrorist beheading. The victim’s name is Vondou Olivier, his head was dropped at Mobile Nkwen, today 21 May 2019. That is all the info we know for now.. Stay Tuned..

The victim was a teacher at Government Bilingual High school (GBHS) Nitop Bamenda. And yes, there is no doubt that he was murdered, beheaded brutally by Amba Terrorists today 21st May 2019.

It is VERY CLEAR that these AmbaBoys ARE TERRORISTS, and there is absolutely NO FIGHT for independence. This is Terror!



We never had two Cameroons as sovereign countries or nations. HOGWASH!!! BALONEY!!! LIES!!!

The Cameroons were administered as Trust Territories. The Trusteeship Agreement for the Territory of the Cameroons Under British Administration was approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 13 December 1946. The Territory was that part of the Cameroons lying to the west of the boundary defined by the Franco-British Declaration of 10 July 1919.

Following separate plebiscites in the northern and southern parts of the Cameroon under United Kingdom held in 1961, the people of the Southern Cameroons, by a substantial majority, decided to ACHIEVE INDEPENDENCE BY JOINING INDEPENDENT REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON.

The people of Northern Cameroons, by a significant majority, decided to achieve independence by joining the independent Federation of Nigeria.

So, the Republic of Cameroun achieved independence and became a sovereign nation or country whilst Southern and Northern Cameroons remained Trust Territories under the United Kingdom.

The TWO QUESTIONS (given by the United Nations) in the plebiscites were:

(a) Do you wish to achieve independence by joining the independent Republic of the Cameroons?

(b) Do you wish to achieve independence by joining the independent Federation of Nigeria?

The Trusteeship Agreement of 13 December 1946 concerning the Cameroons under the United Kingdom administration was terminated, in accordance with Article 76b of the Charter of the United Nations.

With respect to the Northern Cameroons, on 1 June 1961, upon its joining the Federation of Nigeria as a separate PROVINCE of the Northern Region of Nigeria; with respect to the Southern Cameroons, on 1 October 1961, upon joining the Republic of Cameroun.

These are established hard (stubborn) facts that are set in stone. The international community can not be fooled by ignoramuses.



Mr Ayaba Cho Lucas is as stubborn as an illiterate goat, and he is MOVED TO AND FRO BY EVERY WIND OF DOCTRINE, NO STRATEGIST. He now says that the amba terrorists should Butcher, Decapitate, Torture, Torment, Kidnap for hefty ransoms, and Maim other Anglophone Cameroonians in the North West and South West Regions, who have a different political opinion, those who are against terrorism and secession (FEDERALISTS). He calls them ENABLERS, e.g. Cardinal Tumi, Ni John Fru Ndi, Nfon Victor Mukete, Elie Smith, Agbor Balla, etc.

Ayaba Cho said and I quote “we shall now take the war to Cameroun under international law”. Frankly, I can’t decipher the implication of “under international law”.

THAT DID NOT HAPPEN AND IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. WHY? FIRST, he has NO CONTROL over the terrorists on GZ, and SECONDLY, the terrorists on GZ have morphed or metamorphosed into an organized criminal enterprise. They are making so much money from the hefty ransoms and building houses in Nigeria and in LRC.

THEY ARE MAKING MORE MONEY THAN PROMISED THEM BY SO-CALLED LEADERS IN THE DIASPORA (the emperors have no clothes). SINCE THE SO-CALLED LEADERS ARE NOT THOSE PAYING THE PIPER (AMBA TERRORISTS), THEY CANNOT CALL THE TUNE. Thus, the so-called leaders of the so-called ambazonian struggle in the diaspora have had the wind taken out of their sails.

The statements made by these so-called leaders are belied by the actions taken by the terrorists on GZ. Instead of taking the “war” to Cameroun, the “war” has been taken to “Ambazonia” – CIRCULAR FIRING. Yesterday, April 28, 2019, there was a “war” between Ediki terrorists and Mbalangi terrorists. This is just one of MANY examples… 

Remember the massacre in Munyenge by Akwanga’s terrorist SOCADEFs and the Guzang (Batibo) massacre by Ayaba Cho’s ADF terrorists – SELF-CANNIBALIZATION.

The so-called leaders in the diaspora who hoodwinked the ambazombie terrorists into taking up arms, over promised and under delivered, and have had their arses kicked.

They go along with crazy ideas and suggestions (e.g. ghost towns, lockdowns) dreamed up by illiterates and semi-educated ambazombie terrorists in their drug-induced and drunken stupor, without any critico-analytic reflection or inductive and deductive logic or reasoning.

Ayaba Cho says and I quote “there is the need to arrest these high-profile enablers and put them in custody until independence”. This good-for-nothing shameless man is calling wise men (pragmatic federalists) mad. There has always been a dog eat dog, a ruthlessly competitive situation, between the pragmatists (federalists) and the savages (those advocating for independence, and there is NOT A DOG’S CHANCE.) led by Ayaba Cho (the NOBLE SAVAGE).

Even though the pragmatists are misunderstood by Ayaba and his race of savages, I think the pragmatists will rise above taunts and remain unruffled.

The ultimate question now is: What will happen to the ENABLERS (FEDERALISTS) living abroad or in the diaspora? For example, Hon. Wirba in the UK; Dr. Fontem Neba; etc. and all those who attended the APNC Washington DC Conference and were labelled ENABLERS by Ayaba Cho.


Kidnapping and beheading the ENABLERS in Cameroon, e.g. Barrister Agbor Nkongho; Hon. Ayah Paul Abine; Elie Smith; Mancho Bibixy (better off in the LRC prison where he is), etc. can easily be accomplished by Ayaba Cho’s HIT SQUAD. THE HUNTERS HAVE BECOME THE HUNTED. MADNESS!!! MADNESS!!! MADNESS!!!

Breaking News.. Ambazonia is dead and Burried in America, Limbe, Bamenda and Kumba 16 May 2019

#MKPD – Latest update (Thursday 16 May 2019) Prime Minister in Kumba – Plus US sec for African Affairs DESTROY Ambazonia – Wuna Listen..

Click on the YouTube Video above and Listen.. 

#Cameroon We are #WinningFatly
WhatsApp: +44 749 5198 739

#MKPD  – Watch the Video below.. Tibor Nagy DESTROYS ALL Ambazonia Hopes in just 10 seconds – Tibor is the Assistant US secretary of state for African Affairs – Tibor CLEARLY STATES IN HIS OWN WORDS that AMBAZONIA is NOT REALISTIC. He also said separation is NOT a possibility. He went further to say that the US recognises the INTEGRITY of #CAMEROON.

Ambazonia.. How market for American support? Wanderfoolish International iDiots!
Thank you - Make sure you share and educate Ma kontri pipo dem all over the world.

Ambazonia is fast disappearing plus the Prime Minister’s Visit to the SW region is already a GREAT success


Recently they called for ghost towns in BAMENDA to frustrate the Prime minister’s visit but the BAMENDA population rubbished them and happily received the PM.

Cameroon Prime Minister

The Pinyin population arrested all the AMBA boys terrorising their village yesterday and handed to the military. Sisiku Ayuk Tabe’s town of birth has rejected AMBA plus their ghost towns and is socializing with the military Ekona population in the SW has rubbished AMBA boys and are heavily collaborating with the military.

The Ambassonians called for ghost towns in Fako today but thousands of SW people are happily receiving the PM now at Mungo bridge. The AMBAs waited for the United Nations Security council to divide Cameroon yesterday but the participants said our country shall never be divided. The British government hailed the decentralization steps taken by our government. China said Cameroon is able to solve her problems and may only need humanitarian assistance. That countries should not interfere in the international affairs of Cameroon. Russia says the sovereignty of Cameroon must be respected.

Hundreds of amba boys are now escaping to Nigeria while some are dressing well, disguising and going to the Francophone regions of Cameroon.

The PM said in BAMENDA that dialogue will not include the option of secession and BAMENDA people happily welcomed his suggestion.
Ambassonia took advantage of the teachers and lawyers, strike and have been forcing their evil ideology on anglophones with the use of arms.



Without the strike these evil men could never have had up to 2% anglophones supporting them. Those anglophones still supporting them are those who want to sacrifice the blood of their brothers for money. God is not asleep, they shall never enjoy such ill gotten money. The military in collaboration with the population will soon pick out the remnants of the AMBA bandits.

All anglophones should be going back to they villages now. The AMBA bandits are fast disappearing. The anglophones ran from their villages because of AMBA terrorism, not for fear of the military.

Wise people should advise those still holding guns to drop them and safe their lives.

Thousands of people came to see the prime Minister
Thousands of people came to see the prime Minister

Ambazonian Terrorists tried their best to intimidate the local population with a stupid “Ghost Town” – But no one listened to the Amba terrorists, as thousands of people lined the streets of BUEA , chanting and dancing and Jubilating at the sight of their Prime Minister, a son of the soil. 

School children boycotted school, just to get a glimps of their Prime Minister. This trip has already been a great success. 

Kontri Pipo
#Cameroon Prime Minister HRH Dr Dion Ngute Arrives BUEA, Meets people on the streets Part 5 of 5
The prime minuster was given a reception worthy of a king. The crowds chanting and waving the Cameroonian Flags, etc.. The scene was quite something awesome.

The Ambazonian terrorists had tried to temp this down by declaring a “ghost Town”.. However, No one respected it, and THOUSANDS of people filled the sreets to get a glimps, or maybe even a handshake from the Prime Minister of the republic. 
We all want peace, and we are advocating for everyone to engage in the national dialogue – LET YOUR VOICES be heard.
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Ambazonia Kidnapping for Ransom – Explained – My Take

Yannick Sicot is a big Ambazonian, living in America, contributing money to buy guns and kill people in Cameroon.

Here he’s explaining how Amba boys are kidnapping people for ransom, including Old retired mothers..

Listen to my commentary. My take.

Click on the video above to watch it..