Constitution of BlackLegs of Cameroon



We the BlackLegs of Cameroon (BLoC) are proud of our country Cameroon and are conscious of our duties and responsibilities as proud citizens of the great and beautiful Nation called Cameroon. Every true Cameroonian must consider himself/herself as a BlackLeg.

Every BlackLeg must stand for interest of the Cameroon as a Nation and not a political party, a region or a tribe. Being proud of our cultural diversity, we collectively agree to uphold this Constitution at all times.

Article 1.

(a) There shall be only one King of BlackLegs.

(b) The name of the King shall be Kumkum Massa, King of ALL BlackLegs.

Article 2.

Our Head Office shall be the place near you.

Article 3.

(a) Any BlackLeg who sees or hears something shall say something.

(b) Where a BlackLeg is afraid to say what he/she have seen/heard, she/he shall safely send it to the King, who will safely inform the authorities.

(c) All BlackLegs must remain invisible and anonymous.

(d) No BlackLeg shall reveal his/her identity to anyone except after identifying him/her by CONDUCT.

(e) No BlackLeg shall insist on the ID of the Kumkum Massa, as such must remain a mystery.

(f) Every BlackLeg must work alone (lone Wolf) on any task of investigation.

Article 4.

(a) There shall be a body charged with investigations.

(b) The name of the body in charge of investigations shall be Kumkum Bureau of Investigations (KBi).

(c) KBi shall be headed and directed by the Kumkum Massa.

(d) KBi shall carryout investigations and make the results known to the World

(e) The results of (d) above shall be called #OperationSunshine.

(f). The (d) and (e) above shall be done by the King or any other Lone Wolf.

Article 5.

(a) The payment for being a BlackLeg shall be the peace and stability of Cameroon.

(b) A BlackLeg shall be any Cameroonian and or foreigner of goodwill, who is against ANYTHING done by the ambazombies.

(c) A BlackLeg may reside in any part of the world do the Black Legging.

(d) A BlackLeg may use the name of his/her town on Social Media. E.g Kumba BlackLeg.

(e) Black Legging can be done through any means; videos, photos, recording audios, etc

Article 6.

(a) BlackLegs shall report any live shows run/done by any ambazombie or their leaders. Same with posts and pictures posted by them on any social media platform.

(b) All the names of the ambazombies shall be written in small letters and mocked. Same with their leaders. E.G, tapper ivo (tapang ivo), eric tohtoh, craze anus etc.

(c) When any post is directed to an authority or foreign organ, (b) shall not apply.

Article 7.

(a) BlackLegs shall infiltrate all ambazombie groups for better information for the KBi.

(b) BlackLegs in ambazombie WhatsApp groups shall send the link in to such groups to Kumkum Massa, who will in turn share it for more BlackLegs to gain access into the groups.

(c) BlackLegs shall remove all ambazombies who are in any group meant for Cameroonian patriots.

Article 8.

(a) A BlackLeg shall marry only another BlackLeg.

(b) A BlackLeg shall *wisely* be a friend to an ambazombie.

(c) A BlackLeg shall not trust an ambazombie until his/her conduct proves other wise.

Article 9.

(a) Every BlackLeg must post at least two post against the ambazombies daily.

(b) Every post against the ambazombies must be shared far and wide.

(c) No BlackLeg shall share or mention any information from the ambazombies. If such is forwarded to a BlackLeg, the sender should be warned and the information deleted.

(d) If c above repeats itself, cusham no fear.

Article 10.

(a) Black Legging shall extend to Govt Offices and State owned institutions so as to denounce corruption.

(b) The interest of Cameroon should be at the Center of every Black Legging.

(c) Every BlackLeg must have the Cameroonian National ID (for Cameroonians) and a valid Resident Permit for foreigners.

(d) All kanases must be held without fearing biabia.

Done in Bamenda, this Monday this 16 day of September 2019. By Docs Man aka Carl Nelson, the secretary of state in KumKum Land, keeper of Common sense and the owner of a cap with 2 red feathers. Knight of the order of Kasava.

Powered by the Invincible BlackLegs of Bamenda.

Signed on the original, by #KumKum Massa, the KiNG 👑 of BlackLegs 💪🏾.. And made into LAW!