Ambazonia terrorists are finding it extremely difficult to raise funds – CAVAT press release sheds some light

MKPD> The Cameroon Association of Victims of Ambazonia Terrorism (“CAVAT”), have just released a press statement to shed some light into the successful activities to block the financial pipeline of Ambazonia terrorists in the diaspora.

The press statement reads..



Date: March 29, 2019

The Cameroon Association of Victims of Ambazonia Terrorism (“CAVAT”),, is glad to announce that through its coordinating efforts, and by and through its legal counselors at the NSAHLAI LAW FIRM, it has successfully blocked several financial payment platform services to Ambazonia organizations. Ambazonia related entities such as,, or, and so on and forth, no longer have access to their funds in certain accounts which were blocked, and they are no longer able to accept donations or funds online.

The payment platforms such as PayPal Inc. and MobileCause Inc. have confirmed their blocking of all financial access to the Ambazonia related organizations we identified. This follows discussions between them and our lead attorney, Barrister EMMANUEL NSAHLAI, following his initial correspondences to the related entities dated January 31, 2019 for MobileCause Inc. and February 05, 2019 for PayPal Inc. We have uploaded the non-confidential correspondences to our website.

Our legal counselors at NSAHLAI LAW FIRM will continue to seek to freeze and block access to all accounts used to fund violence and terrorism in Cameroon, which causes the deaths of our loved ones. We can also confirm that Barrister NSAHLAI has contacted the General Counsel at Square Inc., owner of mobile payment CashApp, to block access to those who use it to fund terrorism and violence in our beloved English region of Cameroon.

We once more request that victims contact our organization to join it, so that together, our voices of anguish at losing family members to Ambazonia violent and terrorist leaders will be stronger and may be heard by USA law enforcement authorities. Please also be reminded that NSAHLAI LAW FIRM obtained a Court Order allowing anyone who joins the lawsuit to be named using a pseudonym (fictitious name), in order for their identity to remain confidential, and for security reasons. At the conclusion of our lawsuits, we hope all members will be eligible for a terror victim’s compensation fund.

Please contact us via Whatsapp at 747-243-2613 or email to share your story or receive a copy of our Membership Form. Your information will be forwarded to NSAHLAI LAW FIRM and they may contact you for further details.

We at MKPD have also worked tirelessly with #OperationSunshine, targeting the individuals who contribute money to the Amba Terrorists. As a result, many people are very SCARED to contribute, because they know that their names will ONE day be leaked, and they will face the consequences for sponsoring terrorism in Cameroon.

CAVAT Press Release

CAVAT Press Release

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