ambazonia #ComedyRevolution hs FAILED

Dear Cameroonians – Please – Patiently Listen to the 30 minutes Audio by an #AmbaFool called “comrade Bobbi”.. He has used his own mouth to declare that they have ALREADY lost the “war” they declared against us. ALL their strategies have failed, and right now, their own confusion is consuming them.

We at #MKPD have always maintained the position that our people are dying because of IGNORANCE.. So to combat it, we launched a relentless SENSITISATION effort, to educate and inform the general public about Ambazonia terrorism.

We at #MKPD have always held the conviction that our responsibility is to simply EXPOSE their incompetence, their atrocities, their infighting, their corruption, their weakness and of course, their lies. Our strategy was controversial to some people, but very effective.

Since the sensitisation effort that we #BlackLges launched on social media in 2018, we are proud to report these results and achievements, which are undeniable.

  1. RISE OF THE BLACKLEGS: Our sensitisation has given rise to thousands of vocal blacklegs and millions of silent blacklegs. The local population on ground zero has vomited Amba, and now our people are openly working with the Military to eradicate the terrorists. Dozens of villages have captured AmbaBoys and handed them to the military. The AmbaFools themselves can attest to the Rise of the BlackLegs.
  2. DEMORALISING THE AMBAFOOLS: The number of AmbaFools on Social media has reduced drastically. The AmbaFools themselves can clearly see defeat, due to the daily EVIDENCE that we provide to them.
  3. OPERATIONSUNSHINE has forced the rest of the diehard AmbaFools to go underground. Now the AmbaFools know that there are consequences for supporting terrorism in #Cameroon.
  4. TARNISHING AMBAZONIA: We have exposed all their atrocities and tarnished Amba to the extent where no one on the international community will EVER recognise AmbaZozos.
  5. WINNINGFATLY: We have converted thousands of Ambazonians to Blacklegs. E.g Nambere and Dr. Success Nkongho.
  6. DDR PROCESS IS SUCCESSFUL: The sensitisation has resulted in thousands of #AmbaBoys dropping their arms. Hundreds of them entered the DDR process, and the vast majority have escaped into Nigeria or the francophone zone.
  7. KUMKUM PROCESS IS SUCCESSFUL: While the DDR Centres are exploding in numbers, the Kumkum distributors have also been busy distributing free Kumkum to those who refuse to drop their dane guns. E.g. Fonte Lucas (Mad Dog) of Bamenda and Ayeke of Lebialem.
  8. BACK TO SCHOOL has been a great success that even the AmbaFools are confirming that schools are going on even in Wabane, Widikum, Kumbo, and the most affected areas have resumed schools effectively. The demand is overwhelming the school capacities.
  9. INFIGHTING & CONFUSION IN THE ENEMY’S CAMP. We have successfully instigated and instilled division, infighting and total confusion amongst the bumbling idiots called Ambazonians. They now do #Blacklegism for us, without even realising it. We have placed them in such a difficult situation that WHATEVER they do, is an advantage to us. They cannot defeat us, regardless what they do. They themselves have seen the destruction caused by infighting, hence why some of them are desperately begging for “collaboration”, which will never happen because the enmity runs too deep. For example. On 15 Dec 2018, the #Guzang Massacre took place where ADF attacked IG camp, and 12 Amba shit-no-wipe-lass (SNWL) were kumkumised. Two days earlier, in Munyenge, ADF had attacked another SOCADEF camp, and 18 Amba #SNWL were kumkumised (Snake bite Snake).. and recently, on 22 Jan 2020, Amba “GeneraT Chacha” of Bui, captured and executed 39 amba SNWL under the ADF.
  10. WE STOPPED THEIR FUND RAISING: All the above factors have caused donor fatigue and drastically CUT their sources of income by over 70%. Even the most gullible AmbaFools are very sceptical. Since 2016 till date, all the total number of people who donated to My Trip To Buea (MTTB) do not reach 6,000 people world wide. People no longer donate. Amba ABC Alphabet TV has not been able to pay satellite bills for 6 months. All the factions are begging for donations everyday to no avail. From Ayaba Cho to Sako Ikome, they are bankrupt. WarDraft & TTOF are the latest failures after #MTTB.
  11. THE RETURN OF PEACE: Peace is returning gradually and steadily to ALL parts of Anglophone Cameroon. This is evident by the massive campaign for effective school resumption. Many refugees and IDPs are returning back to their villages slowly and steadily. As the number of active amba boys have been steadily declining, so has the kidnapping for ransom and extortion racketeering has also reduced. Peace will naturally come when there are no more amba boys.


Please. Focus on the following three things for peace and normalcy to return to the two Anglophone regions.

  1. DDR Process
  2. Reconstruction
  3. Special Status implementation

Once our people experience the benefits of Reconstruction and special status, they will be more willing to denounce Amba terrorism, and a return to peace.

Amba #ComedyRevolution is bankrupt, they are demoralised, and all their resources depleted. The infighting will only increase as they get more and more desperate. Do not pay any attention to these fools in the diaspora. Please.. FOCUS all attention on the suffering masses on Ground Zero.

Those calling for “dialogue” should be ignored, because any such “dialogue” with a Separatist movement will give them legitimacy and relevance, which will instead rekindle some hope for these hopeless losers. Now that the enemies of Cameroon are down, we must #MashFire, and KICK them while they are down.

There will be NO DIALOGUE WITH TERRORISTS! Quote me anywhere.

Kumkum Massa,

King of ALL the BlackLegs

21 Oct 2020.

By KumKum Massa

Born and bred in Momo, NW Region of #Cameroon 🇨🇲.. Travelled the world. Victim of Ambazonia terrorism. Ambazonia Terrorism MUST be destroyed by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

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  1. Thumb up MPKD. You are ALWAYS saying the truth. Kamerun belongs to Kamerounians not to some so called Francophones or Anglophones. We must fight to strengthen our togetherness because before the British & French we were living already together unlike in Canada where French & British citizens merged with indigenous people that they dominated. WE NEED A KAMERUN SYSTEM.

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