OperationSunshine – Ivo Melle Ngwese

I would like you to meet an Ambafool and a “Shit-No-Wipe-Lass” (“SNWL”) callous TERRORIST, IVO MELLE NGWESE, who has directly and indirectly masterminded the gruesome murders of children (kindergarteners), men, women; the gang rape of girls, mothers, old women; the burning of people’s houses; the destruction of businesses; etc.

Who is this ignominious, despicable, surly savage, and riff-raff? Who is this deplorable arch terrorist? Ivo Melle Ngwese is originally from Muelong (Muabi), Bangem Subdivision, Kupe Muanenguba Division, SWR, Cameroon. He attended GHS Bangem, University of Buea, Saxion Hogeschool Deventer (Holland), and London Metropolitan University, England, Great Britain. He attended London Metropolitan University from 2004 to 2011, 7 years (what binds ambafools and amba terrorists is stupidity) and earned a doctorate degree (PhD) in Human Geography. At least, his PhD is not fake like those of native doctor Ayaba Cho, fake pastor Samuel Sako Ikome, etc. He is married and he, and his wife have three or four children between them. He resides with his wife and children in Basingstoke, Hampshire county, England.

Terrorism Fundraising This ambazonia “SNWL” TERRORIST has been fundraising and buying guns for poorly educated and brainwashed ambazonia terrorists in Bangem (and Kupe Muanenguba as a whole) to kill those who do not share his MURDEROUS ambazonia ideology, and many have been killed. In August 2018, in a Cry4 Ambazonia fundraiser in London, Ivo Melle Ngwese raised a total of £1000 (about 718,394 fcfa) for the so-called Kupe Muanenguba Restoration Forces.  Ekane James Nzume (late Ekane Mejene’s brother), most probably one of Ivo Melle’s chief terrorists, thanked him profusely. However, the fundraiser drew the anger of Elume Leeroy Ekungwekang who said the following:

What on Earth is this?? Wuna never hear say we no want this thing for Bangem??? Na weti??? Na Force????
Abeg wuna carryam go different side!! Bangem is back to Nomacy and we like it that way, not killing and burning of places!
Wicked souls that’s all you wish for people! You seat somewhere and sponsor fights to go on in another area! Let me not talk much, judgment is for the Lord!

He travelled to Dubai to raise money to pay a bounty to any amba “SNWL” terrorist in Fako to kill the then Lord Mayor of Buea, Ekema Patrick Esunge (RIP). (The bounty on Ekema Patrick).

Ivo Melle in Dubai (Encouraging sons and daughters of Kupe-Muanenguba meeting in Germany for a fundraiser to contribute generously towards buying guns for amba terrorists to kill people in Kupe-Muanenguba).

Most probably, he has ordered or financed the burning of the houses and businesses of those who do not want to be part of the ambazonia CRAP or NONSENSE. Probably, he has ordered or financed the killing of children who attended classes, yet, Ivo Melle’s children have been attending school, and his wife recently graduated from an undergraduate nursing degree programme. What a hypocritical selfish “Shit-No-Wipe-Lass” amba terrorist!

Properties in Buea This MONSTER has houses in Buea and Mile 16, which in all probability, were being used and are being used by ambazonia “SNWL” TERRORISTS and MISCREANTS as command- and-control centres and hideouts. The Mayor of Buea, Mr David Mafany Namange should take special note. These houses should be identified, and the information passed to the BIRs. Mr Mayor, this terrorist had a bounty on your predecessor, and it will not be preposterous to think that the bounty is now on you.


Motorway POPE March 26, 2018 – present (Birmingham)       Email

Rural Payments Agency Dec 1, 2015 – Present Reading, England


London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) Oct 13, 2014 to present  Email

Patriots let these employers know that they have a terrorist on their payroll who is funding ambazonia terrorism in Cameroon. Flood them with emails.


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