The African Union Rejects Ambazonia’s Terrorism and Quest for Independence

The African Union (AU) is a continental body consisting of the 55 member states that make up the countries of the African Continent. It was officially launched in 2002 as a successor to the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) ( And two of the aims of the African Union are to “Defend the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of its Member States” and to “Promote peace, security, and stability on the continent”. Cameroon is a founding member of the OAU and consequently of the African Union. Thus, the African Union is shoulder to shoulder with the Republic of Cameroon in its fight to defeat and destroy utterly ambazonia’s terrorism from within (perpetrated by “Shit-No-Wipe-Lass” amba terrorists on so-called ground zero) and from without (masterminded by the disgusting hypocritical and scamming diaspora ambafools).

African Union Member States

All ambafools and amba “Shit-no-Wipe-Lass” (“SNWL”) terrorists are known by the international community, the United Nations, the European Union, the Russian Federation, the African Union, China, etc. as heartless ragtag armed terrorists who are perpetrating mind-bending horrid atrocities on other Anglophone Cameroonians – beheadings; inflicting pain, suffering and humiliation on other Anglophone Cameroonians; torturing and tormenting people to death; chopping up their victims like “ERU” (Gnetum africanum); chopping off young women’s breasts for sexual pleasure; chopping off the hands and fingers of students (as young as 5 years), teachers, and poor CDC labourers; maiming people; raping mothers, old women, and girls; kidnapping for very large ransoms; carrying out armed robberies (a criminal syndicate); confiscating and stealing mobile phones; stealing cows from the Bororo Fulani; breaking into village banks and stealing all the money (e.g., Chris Anus’s brother, Oliver Lekeaka); stealing money from people; burning hospitals and patients on their hospital beds; destroying roads; confiscating farms from farmers and selling them and pocketing the money, etc. Ambafools and “SNWL” terrorists, you are known as education haters like Boko Haram and the Taliban, and above all, the international community despises you because you are worse than ISIS and AL Qaeda put together. What about the African Union?

On 10 January 2003, Dr. Kevin Mgwanga Gunme and 13 others (including precursor terrorist organizations, SCNC and SCAPO) brought a case on their behalf and on behalf of the people of Southern Cameroons* (“Ambazonia”) against the Republic of Cameroon, a State Party to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights. At its 33rd Ordinary Session held from 15-29 May 2003 in Niamey (Niger), the African Commission considered the case and decided that it will hear the case because it was within its jurisdiction. Judgement in the case was rendered in Banjul (the Gambia) during the 45th Ordinary Session that held from 13-27 May 2009.

In its judgement, the AFRICAN COMMISSION recommended, inter alia (among other things), the following:

215 (2). To the Complainants (Dr. Kevin Mgwanga Gunme and 13 others), and SCNC and SCAPO in particular,

  2. To ABANDON SECESSIONISM and ENGAGE in CONSTRUCTIVE DIALOGUE with the Respondent State (Republic of Cameroon) on the Constitutional issues and grievances.

215 (3). The African Commission places its good offices at the disposal of the parties to mediate an amicable solution and to ensure the effective implementation of the above recommendations.

215 (4). The African Commission requests the Parties to report on the implementation of the aforesaid recommendations within 180 days of the adoption of this decision by the AU Assembly.

If the African Union recommended that the secessionist movements, SCNC and SCAPO, ABANDON SECESSIONISM, ENGAGE IN CONSTRUCTIVE DIALOGUE, and Transform into Political Parties, then the same goes for or holds true for the Ambazonia Terrorist Group (with many factions – native doctor Ayaba Cho’s AGovC, Ikome Sako’s IG, Yerima’s IG 2, Ayuk Tabe Sisiku’s Kondengui Prison IG, Eric Tataw’s DAC, Boh Herbert’s MoRISC, Akwanga’s SOCADEF, and many others). The judgement was crystal clear then and is absolutely crystal clear today: all amba terrorists should abandon or give up completely their desire for independence and end their horrifyingly wicked atrocities against the people of Cameroon. An African solution for an African problem. How cool is that? Cameroon is one and indivisible!

SCNC and SCAPO did not transform into POLITICAL PARTIES but instead TRANSFORMED INTO ARMED TERRORIST GROUPS and SHAMBOLIC DEATH CULTS, and FRAUDULENTLY DECLARED a fake (PHONEY) “INDEPENDENCE” on October 1, 2017. And since then, have been using the ambazombie armed terrorists to PERPETRATE MIND-BENDING HORRID ATROCITIES on other Anglophone Cameroonians.

Amba “SNWL” terrorists, drop your guns, stop shitting and not wiping your “lass” in the bushes, go to the DDR Centres, and save your lives. The ambafools in the diaspora who want to end their terrorism are welcome to the DDR Centres, they too can benefit from the AMNESTY that has been granted by Mr Biya, the President of the One and Indivisible Republic of Cameroon.


* According to the African Commission, the use of the term “Southern Cameroon” in this communication is NOT INTENDED TO CONFER ANY LEGAL STATUS OR RECOGNITION. The words “Southern Cameroon” describe the territory of the Respondent State where violations are alleged to have occurred. Unless otherwise expressly stated, the terms, “Southern Cameroonians”, “Anglophones”, or “Francophones” describe the people said to occupy the two parts of the Republic of Cameroon, which were prior to 1st January 1961 either English or French administered UN Trust territories, respectively.

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