#OperationSunshine is activated on Lorayo Stella for aiding Amba terrorists in Extorting money

#MKPD… Someone messaged me saying.. 

Please track this number he is calling and threatening me. 677387931. He is asking me to send money to them through this number 670399393


The mobile money Number is registered to the name Lorayo Stella. The number was tracked to be in Buea yesterday Wednesday.

#OperationSunshine is activated on this individual called Lorayo Stella.. He/She must report to the nearest police station and start explaining why Amba beheaders are using their mobile money account to extort money from people.


The two numbers in question must be deactivated with immediate effect!

MKPD – This is just an example of the kind of work that the Cameroon Government SHOULD be doing – People are suffering, and the government is inept. And now Many people are coming to people like us to cry for help.

In the backhround, this is just some of the work I do on a daily basis, trying to assist people affected by these CRIMINALS called Ambazonians. So When you do not see me online, trust me, I am working in the background with other things on my plate.. 

#OperationSunshine Activated on Stella Lorayo

#OperationSunshine Activated on Stella Lorayo

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