Ambazombie ‘Shit-No-Wipe-Lass’ Crooks – Nicolas Santo, Nso Foncha, and Others

Gone is the gladness and the joy of creating a “republic of ambazonia”, which brainwashed and radicalized Jessica Nguh Santo said it is her second country. Nick Santos, and Nso Foncha Nkem are disgraced ambafools who have been used by Sako Ikome as toilet tissue (Sako wiped his and Chris Anus’ anus with these worthless demons) and flushed them down the toilet to feast with maggots. Since being kicked out of the “Internet Government” (“IG”), these brood of vipers (or ‘snakes in green grass’) have been trying to sneak into the camp of the Cameroonian Patriots without publicly recanting or renouncing ambazonia terrorism and irreversibly abandoning the so-called ambazonia struggle.

Nso Foncha Nkem

These are evil and dishonest men who are trying to use lies and deceit to achieve their goal of becoming “relevant again”, only this time amongst the Cameroonian Patriots. These are ambafools who are willing to kill many more ambazombie terrorists for political leverage, and financial gain in our one and indivisible Cameroon. We must keep these devilish “Shit-No-Wipe-Lass” (“SNWL”) terrorists at arm’s length. These are wicked men who are using the blood of poorly educated and brainwashed ambazombie “SNWL” terrorists to make money for themselves and their families.

Nicolas Nguh Santo

Nicolas Nguh Santo and Nso Foncha know that their sorrows and troubles will never end because of their involvement in the brainwashing of our poorly educated brethren, sponsoring terrorism in Cameroon, and being members of a terrorist organization – Ambazonia Terrorist Group (more wicked than ISIS and Boko Haram and has committed many horrid atrocities). The pride and arrogance and rage, and all their boasting about an unrealistic “republic of ambazonia” that Jessica sang about in a video, has all but disappeared. Therefore, Santo and Foncha are desperate to find something to hang their hats on. And that something is ‘singing peace’ like a parrot. They know very well that peace will only return when ambazonia terrorism is destroyed, yet in their craftiness, they are not calling on ambazombie “SNWL” terrorists to drop their guns and head for the DDR Centres.

If Nick Santos is serious about peace, he will start by deradicalizing Jessica and other members of his family (wife and other children) and asking them to denounce ambazonia publicly, and to sing the Cameroonian national anthem and put the video out on Facebook.

Gladness and joy now abound aplenty in the camp of the Cameroonian Patriots, who are hell-bent on the destruction of ambazonia terrorism and Ambazonia Terrorist Group. These “IG” lapdogs are trying to cheat their way into the Cameroonian Patriots’ camp by stealth. We shall not allow it to happen.

Ambazombie “Shit-No-Wipe-Lass” terrorists, drop your guns and head for the DDR Centres and save your lives, or your guns will drop you when the BIRs come knocking and you will die (and birds and wild animals will devour your corpse).

Part 2. Make sure you read Part 1.

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