Phoney Pompous Parrots (Popinjays) Singing the Phoniest Peace – Nick Santos, Nsoh Foncha, and similar predators

Now that ambazombie ‘Shit-No-Wipe-Lass’ (‘SNWL’) terrorists on the so-called ground zero are being ‘kumkumised’ (killed) in droves, and the vultures tearing at their corpses and the wild animals gnawing at their bones, ambazonia’s ‘glory’ has departed for good. The Apollo-like speed of ‘kumkumization’ coupled with MKPD’s “Operation Sunshine” of terrorists on ground zero and ambafools (miscreants) in the diaspora, the ill-fated amabazonia pipe dream is now a sinking ship, and many are jumping ship for self-preservation. Thus, a multitude of ambafools (vain people, with a vain boast) are seeking for a smokescreen, or a hiding place from the wrath to come upon them. And that smokescreen is parroting ‘peace’ like pompous popinjays.

The Ambazonia Terrorist Group and their terrorists are presently at their nadir, nay, wallowing in a cesspool of apathy and disillusionment. Apathy and disillusionment have set in because the ‘messianic’ promises by ambafools and miscreants in the diaspora, which led to a messianic zeal among their terrorists, have failed to deliver the phantom independence, and thus, the messianic zeal has collapsed in toto within the Ambazonia Terrorist Group, the ambafools, and in the rank and file. The poorly educated and brainwashed SNWL terrorists who were to pay the ultimate sacrifice for an independent ambazonia, are abandoning the so-called struggle in their droves. Many have jumped ship and are safe at the DDR Centres, stealthily moved back into civilian life, or left the one and indivisible Cameroon for good. Many ambafools in the diaspora are now trying to have it both ways, ‘singing about peace’ as the so-called ambazonia struggle is sinking into the abyss of oblivion for an eternity. Thus, a plethora of fraudulent ‘peace movements’ on Facebook like ‘peace ambassadors’, ‘peaceful ambassadors’, ‘peace initiative’, ‘peace alliance’, etc. championed by imbecilic pompous popinjays like Santo Nicolas Nguh (Nick Santos), Nsoh Foncha, Yannick Sicot? and many other miscreants.

At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet. And at the touch of, or impending touch of adversity, everyone because a ‘peace singer’ albeit not from their deradicalized and remorseful heart. Popinjays (ambazombie ‘SNWL’ terrorists and miscreants) repeating fables. Brainwashed ‘SNWL’ terrorists, do not allow yourselves to be fooled again by Nick santos, Nsoh Foncha, Yannick Sicot and others, who are trying to save themselves (trying to benefit from amnesty, gain political influence, and make money) from the wrath of the Cameroon government that lies in wait at their doorsteps. They have not called upon you, to drop your guns and head to the DDR Centres and save your own lives as they are trying to save theirs. EVIL MEN! Again, you see that these lethal opportunistic parasites and predators do not care about you (after all they call you ‘my boys’ (‘boy-boy’). Brainwashed ‘SNWL’ terrorists, and Cameroonian Patriots ‘check sense!’, ‘check sense!’, ‘check sense!’.

I assume that each of these predators either has Dane gun-wielding terrorists (‘my boys’) or adopted one or more on ground zero. The question is, why are they not calling on these poorly educated and brainwashed terrorists to drop their guns and head to the DDR Centres as our ex-combatants Okha Naseri Clovis, Kawa Yannick, Kingsley Atabongafack, Ateasong Beltus, etc. are doing? How would anyone be talking about ‘peace’ when he is still joined at the hip with ambazombie terrorists on ground zero? Only hypocrites and a brood of vipers.

The likes of Nick santos, Nsoh Foncha, Yannick Sicot, etc. do not have anything to offer, and so they should be treated as court jesters (professional jokers or fools) and clowns performing in the ambazonia comedy revolution.

 NB This is Part 1. Please, make sure you read Part 2.

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