Blood Gulping Ambazombie Terrorists Gruesomely Murder 36-Year Old Mr Mitonmbombi Kevin in Cold Blood

Before yet our tears have left the flushing in our eyes like Niobe, we mourn again. This time for a Cameroonian Patriot called Mr Mitonmbombi who was murdered in cold blood by the shambolic death cultists and ragtag riff-raffs of the Ambazonia Terrorist Group (a Shambolic Death Cult and a Criminal Cabal) we commonly refer to as ‘SHIT-NO-WIPE-LASS’  terrorists, who have been marauding in the North West (NW) and South West (SW) Regions of Cameroon. Mr Mitonmbombi was ambushed on his way from buying bread for his family and shot point-blank at least five times.


With the tide of international and national public opinion against the ambazonia madness, and that the tide of battle has turned against the ambazonia terrorists, they continue to kill other Anglophone Cameroonians and other Cameroonians living in the NW and SW Regions they randomly tag with the label ‘black leg’, in a bid to justify their most depraved murderous acts, or atrocities. Mr Mitonmbombi was craftily labelled a Commissioner of Police in the Cameroonian National Police Force. However, he WAS NOT a Police Officer, he was just a civilian. We have excoriated and continue to excoriate such cruelty and savageness from ambazonia terrorists.


Mr Mitonmbombi was a married man, and he and his wife have a 3-year old daughter. Thus, he is survived by his wife and the orphaned daughter. In addition to being a husband and father, he partly owned a football betting company in Bamenda. A genuine Cameroonian Patriotic who had many friends who are in the military.

Woe to the brainwashed brutish beasts (members of the Ambazonia Terrorist Group) who have lost their reason and have shed this costly innocent blood of a Cameroonian Patriot. Our hearts will be in the coffin there with him, and the local community should be stirred up to such a sudden flood of mutiny and retaliation against these beasts without hearts. As the warmongers in the diaspora, without shame or scruple continue to send young boys hardly out of their cradles on a suicide mission, the Ambazonia Terrorist Group is a metastasizing or metastatic cancer that must be surgical removed. The ‘Shit-No-Wipe-Lass’ Terrorists, whatever the stripe, are to be annihilated if they refuse to lay down their arms or drop their guns. The ambazonia crap must be annihilated, yes, their insolence must be ended. The arrogance of the terrorists must be crushed and the pride of their sponsors in the diaspora must be humbled. Now is the time for the military and communities to rid Anglophone Cameroonians of the atrocities committed against them by the ambazonia terrorists, terrorists who are paralyzed with fear, whose hearts are melting, and who are terrified. Pangs of anguish have gripped them, and they look helpless at one another with their faces aflame with fear. Amba terrorists, DROP YOUR GUNS OR DIE, for unauthorized power fades quickly and yours, has completely faded.


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Jon HuangHe

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