Dialogue with who?


Unlike all secessionists movements we have had in the world, this one called #Ambazonia has no leadership, or indeed it has hundreds of leaders who don’t see eye to eye.

Sisiku does not recognize Sako’s Internet government.
Sako impeached Sisiku. Chris Anu said Sisiku should be neutralizer. And all these characters are so called #Ambazonians, apparently fighting for the same course, but they don’t agree on ANYTHING!

Today Mark BARETA (Amba propagandist on social media) says if you put president BIYA and Chris Anu and give him one bullet, he will shoot Anu and deal with President Biya later. This is a clear message, meaning that he has mobilized his forces against Chris Anu and his cabal or cartel. *The Ambazonians themselves see other Ambazonians as the bigger threat to their own cause*. President Biya is not their enemy anymore, but Ambazonians are the enemy of Ambazonia 🤦🏾‍♂️ 👆🏾 🤣 #ComedyRevolution

AYABA CHO wants to be the only man in charge, ERIC Tataw wants to be the only in charge.

There is a serious war going on now between the ADF and forces loyal to Sako’s IG. Sako’s Internet Government doesn’t want to see Sisiku’s Internet Government.

Akwanga is and independent force on the other side, but he must be mentioned because he still controls about 50 suicidal AmbaBoys with dane primitive hunting guns.

It is in the light of this disunity, concussion, and Comedy that Tibor Nagy said the world shall never repeat the error made in *South Sudan*, creating a failed state of suffering people, death and misery called Ambazonia.

John Mbah Akuroh (A self-declared #Ambazonian) supported Tibor Nagy’s position, explaining that the third option of independence was denied during the 1961 plebiscite because the UN saw that we (British Northern Cameroons & British Southern Cameroons) cannot rule ourselves. The disunity is still HERE today, and it is evident in this madness called Ambazonia. _We have demonstrated to the world that we cannot be trusted to run our own affairs._

Since 01/01/2020, #AmbaBoys in #Bui alone have killed more than 55 AmbaBoys and about 40 civilians, mostly their own Bui parents. Ofcourse, some iDiots will blame president Biya for this self inflicted suffering.

_So the Ambazonia Terrorists, and their so called war they declared by Amba boys is at least 90% against themselves and their own parents._ 🤦🏾‍♂️


How can you dialogue with people who have no leadership? How do you dialogue with people who don’t know what they want? 🤔 How can you dialogue with a person who doesn’t agree with himself? 🤷🏽‍♂️

How can you dialogue to stop someone from committing suicide? *How do you dialogue to stop an armed conflict launched by Amba boys on themselves and on their own parents?* 🤔

How can you dialogue with people who are completely incapable of commonsense?

_This explains why #Cameroon 🇨🇲 president Biya asked during his last September speech.. “Dialogue with who?”_

In fact those who are still talking of dialogue as a solution to this crisis are really #AmbaFools, people who are very stupid indeed, and deserve to be laughed at.

Prove me wrong by justifying why we should have dialogue without a leadership to dialogue with. And remember. AmbaBoys are not loyal to any ONE particular ideal, or leader. Even after the dialogue, AmbaBoys, who were thieves and menace to society even before Ambazonia, will continue to be a menace to society with or without dialogue.

So.. Besides the fact that we do not have any clear defined leader to dialogue with, we have a unique situation where dialogue will NOT stop the Ambazonia banditry and criminality, which has become a profitable enterprise.

*Dialogue is NOT the SOLUTION.*
So WHAT is the solution? 🤔

The solution lies in what we are already doing.. We must continue to Assist any AmbaBoy who wants to disarm, apologise, receive Amnesty, and be reintegrated. And to the rest of AmbaBoys still in the Bush who refuse to disarm, they *MUST be Kumkumised*. And we will continue to do just that.. even if it takes us 1,000 years. *THAT IS THE ONLY SOLUTION.*

PS. This message is approved by #MKPD, the #KumKum Massa, HRH the King 👑 of #BlackLegs 💪🏾, son of the soil, Graffi Pikin, through & through.

#MashFire 🔥 Share until your fingers bleed. &

If you still truly think dialogue is the solution, comment on our *Facebook page* ( ) with ALL the names of those you wish to see on that dialogue table. And explain HOW you will get AmbaBoys to stop killing AmbaBoys and their own parents. 👍🏽

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