Chris Anu Lawsuit update – A summons has been issued

MKPD> Now Chris Anu has 21 days to plead guilty or not guilty. 

So the case was filed by Barrister Nsahlai on  Fri 08 Feb 2019 Case Numnber 2:19-cv-00995.  The civil lawsuit is similar to the one against Tapang Ivo. It is a Complaint for Damages, injunction and declaratory relief –

Download the lawsuit here >> Complaint – Fobeneh with Exhibits _CACD(2)

Download the Summons here>> Clerk_Issued_Summons Chris Anu

There are 8 charges in this lawsuit, seeking damages and declaratory reliefs for

  1. Personal injury
  2. Same as 1
  3. For RICO (Racketeering influenced Corrupt organisations)
  4. RICO Conspiracy.
  5. Aiding and abetting acts of international terrorism
  6. Conspiring in furtherance of acts of international terrorism
  7. Provision of material support to terrorists
  8. Negligent infliction of emotional distress,

Demand jury trial.

Chris Anu summons

Chris Anu summons




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