Cameroon military rescues 11 more Kidnapping victims from Ambazonia Terrorists in #Lebialem


The Cameroon military is doing a fantastic job in Lebialem. Another group of eleven kidnapped people including a Catholic priest have been freed by the BIR, today 16 Oct 2020. The captives were being held in terrible conditions in a terrorist camp belonging to Agbor Oscar Nkeng, aka #SNWL generat die man..

Agbor Oscar was also targeted during the operation that Kumkumised Ayeke. Agbor Oscar ran very fast, although we believed he may be injured.

The pictures of the captives..

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These people were kidnapped in Tali 1 and Tali 2, #Manyu.. They were kidnapped by amba terrorists Ayeke and Agbor Oscar Nkeng (#SNWL generat die man)..

They were held captives for about a week, a demand of 1.6 million frs ransom was made. The captives were tortured by the Amba terrorists.

Military operations in #Lebialem rescued them 16 Oct 2020.
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The victims were kidnapped by Ambazonia Terrorist Ayeke & Agbor Oscar, aka Die Man

Agbor Oscar Nkeng AKA Die Man

Agbor Oscar Nkeng AKA Die Man

Agbor Oscar Nkeng AKA Die Man

Agbor Oscar Nkeng AKA Die Man

Ayeke was kumkumised without soup, during the military operation on 13 Oct 2020.

WHo bornt down Bangang Village?

WHo bornt down Bangang Village?

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