Amba Terrorists kill two old men in Bamenda, acused of selling brasseries products

MKPD> Please see these two OLD men, killed by Ambazonia Terrorists, and their bodies dumped at mile 8 Bamenda. They were kidnapped two days ago (18 June 2019) and their bodies dumped today thursday 20th June 2019.

These are NOT francophones. There are NOT government workers, or the so called Opressors, or the so called “enemies”. These are ANGLOPHONE Cameroonians, who were trying to live a normal life, at a pensionable age, YET they were targetted for extermination by the AMBA terrorists. The saddest thing is that SOME in our community still support Ambazonia terrorism.. UNTIL it touches them personaly, before they will understand.

This nonsense must stop.

Mr Kum Christopher 51, and Mr Noubiga Harmani 61 - Murdered by Amba terrorists - 20 Jun 2019

Mr Kum Christopher 51, and Mr Noubiga Harmani 61 – Murdered by Amba terrorists – 20 Jun 2019

Here lie the murdered corpses of the following:

1.) Mr Kum Christopher aged 51, kidnapped at Brasseries Junction, seller of Brasseries products. He was abducted and killed by ambazonian terrorists.

2.) Mr Noubiga Harmoni aged 61, former worker of Brasseries based in Ghomgham. He was kidnapped on the 18th June by ambazonian terrorists!

The corpses were dumped on the streets of Mankon today around Mile 8 – Bamenda, NW. The killers acted under the instructions of Eric Tataw, who declared war on brasseries products in the SW & NW recently in a WhatsApp audio.

This is the horror peasant Cameroonians are faced with daily, and the world seems not to notice. How can Cameroonians be killed for selling drinks brewed in Cameroon?

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