Ayaba cho posted that half of Amba terrorists are Students, so schools will remain closed by force

MKPD> On 29 Aug 2018, Ayaba Cho (the leader 

Gang of the Ambazonia Terrorist group ADF) publicly posted that 50% (half) of fighters are students, as such, schools will remain closed.

So if you were wondering why these Amba terrorists are holding children’s education hostage, there are three simple reasons.

  1. They need these frustrated and idle youths. They turn them into suicidal Amba boys, (soldiers) as they call them. Some as young as 15 years old.
  2.  Abandoned school buildings are used by the Amba terrorists as base camps.
  3. Their Number one strategy is to make the territory ungovernable. And they are terrorists, just like boko haram, educated and smart people are their enemy, because they are a bunch of idiots! Simple.




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