An Interview with Amba Boy – Please Watch and Listen – Very interesting

MKPD> Watch and listen this 3 part Interview with an AmbaBoy – He surrendered to the Cameroon Military, and he is now working with the Military to locate the Amba Camps. 

This Amba Fighter has had enough. He explains that when he was forced to join Amba, he didnt know what he was getting himself into.. He was cook in one of the Camps. It is a really Sad story. These are the kind of VULNERABLE young men that are manipulated to carry guns and destroy their own communities.

The people in the diaspora like Mark Bareta, Tapang PizzaBoy Ivo, and Eric “Garri Master” Tataw, Akwanga, Ayaba Cho, Chris Anu, etc, are responsible for brainwashing these kind of poorly educated youths to carry guns and kill their own neighbours.

Where were these nonentities before 2017 Amba madness started? Where did these names come from? These professional theives saw an opportunity, and they took it. The opportunity to radicalise gullible and poorly educated youths and send them to their death.

Thankfully, this madness is coming to an end. I have personally spoken with several Amba boys and helped them to drop their guns and save their lives. Many Amba boys have escaped into Nigeria; some have gone as far as South Africa and Togo. They have realised that they were manipulated and deceived by charlatans and criminals in the diaspora, who are using their blood to make money and pay their mortgages in the USA, etc.. 

The moral of this story is that.. FINALLY, the Amba boys are beginning to learn sense, because they are seeing the reality for themselves, and they can now see their own mistakes, and that there is no independence coming, and that they were LIED to, by criminals who live happy abroad.

The persistence of activists (like MKPD and Franklin Njume) to sensitise the general public is working. Kawa Yannick in SW has also dropped his guns, and moved in with the Cameroon military, and now he is leading the military in attacks against the Amba Boys. Kawa Yannick was an Amba “Commander” just last week. 

Sooner or Later, the madness will END! And I have every confidence that come September 2019, children will be able to return to school again. 


Amba Fools desperate to unmask my true Identity

MKPD> I received a special parcel from Hon Antanga Nji Paul, come and see what he sent to me via Special Delivery, First Class Mail.

Amba fools in a whatsApp group want to "identify me", "deal with me" and "repair" me LoL - iDiooots
Amba fools in a whatsApp group want to “identify me”, “deal with me” and “repair” me LoL – iDiooots

These fools have no idea who they are messing with. 

These fools are right when they say "MKPD must not be ignored"
These fools are right when they say “MKPD must not be ignored”

I am in the business of exposing idiots who sponsor terrorists in Cameroon, and these fools just don’t get it. They think they can intimidate or threaten me, I WILL EXPOSE YOU ALL. Nyam!

Hey Idiots.. You want my details.. Come get it. Nyam!
Hey Idiots.. You want my details.. Come get it. Nyam!

You want to stop me? With what Magic? Is that a threat to my life? eh? Because I can do something about that.. Idiots.