The Falsehood of a Non Dialogue-Dialogue

The Falsehood of a Non Dialogue-Dialogue

Sent to me on WhatsApp, I have not yet authenticated the author,but I approve this message below..

Reports abound that separatists may be trying to make a deal with the Cameroon 🇨🇲 Government. Stories are told they are now ready to concede to the superiority of Federalism over an ill conceived, ill planned and ill executed separation venture.

There is no confirmation the Government is taking them seriously or is considering to do so, but in case they attempt to enter into negotiations with people who are responsible for the worst humanitarian disaster in the history of our nation, here is what they should know.

These Separatists are not true Federalists and will never be ones. Any one who believes in the true virtues of Federalism would never take the nation into a war to achieve its goal.

So, let us call a spade a spade. These Separatist leaders believe in war to achieve objectives. A quick review of their modus operandi reveals a group with a gifted penchant for lying and spreading dangerous propaganda.

No sacrifice is big enough for them. No number of lives large enough. No hospital sacred enough. They will destroy anything in their path including their own, just to make a point.

Let me be clear. Separatists are not responsible for all the calamities that have occurred since the crises boiled over. They are not even responsible for half of them. In fact, they are only responsible for a small portion.

The truth is Cameroon was already a case study for injustice, incompetence and corruption-a land mine waiting for a trigger to explode; the fuel in search of an ignition. Separatists were only the trigger and the ignition needed to complete this vicious cycle of ugliness.

If the Government thinks they can make a deal with them, they are seriously mistaken.

Separatism is not an accident-a one-time mistake. It is not a job. It is a career and a mindset.

Never in the history of mankind have armed rebels successfully integrate society. Once a rebel, always a rebel. They have practiced before. They will practice again.

If the Government makes a deal with them today, what stops them from reneging on that deal since we already know they lie for a living?

If, in two years time, they decide the Government has lied to them or that they have ended up with the short end of the stick, what would stop them from picking up arms again?

My warning to the Government is thus. DO NOT consider these Separatist leaders as genuine representatives of the Anglophone people. They are usurpers and can not be trusted.

If the Government should make a deal with them, it would have validated the taking up of arms as a weapon for negotiation. It would have validated the taking of innocent lives as a bargaining chip.

Therefore, as soon as such a deal is made, a thousand new rebel groups would crop up to negotiate their own inheritance. This will make the current war seem like a baby.

My advise to our Government. Don’t make any deals with these rebels. Let them return to their native nothingness.

The only proper thing to do is to hold a comprehensive dialogue to include EVERYBODY.

If such an initiative is undertaken, it would quickly become apparent, separatism is a minority mindset, albeit, a loud one.

The predominant mindset among Anglophones and Francophones is Federalism and this can not be bought with lives.

Federalism can not be a reward for separatism, because it is too beautiful to be stained with its blood.

Dr. Wilson L. Eseme, Jr.
Coordinator, Anglophone Action Group, Inc.
General Coordinator, Cameroon Federalist Movement, Inc.

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