AmbaBoy.. A victim of the vicious 419 scam from the diaspora

Who remembered this handsome young gentleman??? He was brainwashed with lies and propagandas by the ambazonian leaders abroad that;

-UN is working to separate Cameroon.

-UNESCO is going to give a blank school year in Cameroon

-Odeyshi evil spirits is protecting them from any billet

-Sissiko is coming down to buea to declare it capital of buea.

-Amba got independent in 1st Oct 2017.

-Amba is a land of milk and honey and it’ll be the richest country in Africa.

Sadly he abandoned his wife and two kids behind and carry a Dane gun to fight the military. May his soul rest in peace.
What vex me the most is to see how this amba leaders abroad are scamming the population to collect money in the name of funding the struggle, using the death of this young guys to seek asylum in USA.

Ambazonia launched an “AK Campaign” to flood Cameroon with AK47 machine guns

#MKPD.. Someone sent me this message on WhatsApp..

The buying of AK47 project :
– Who are they buying the guns for???
– who are they targetting to hurt with the guns?
– How will they ever recollect or retrieve these weapons from these vandals???
– What are the long run plans to repair,cleanse these criminal mentality from these tramadol boys??

– Buy the AK’s give them to aamateur fighters, the military will destroy them and collect these guns!
– The tramadol guys will only hurt innocent pple with it and a few or no military!
– If the war is ever won or lost ,these tramadol guys will have no place in society! Prison will be their homes and guns and death will take many!

Many diasporans will abandon them then and will concerntrate on their kids .

Do u ever think Tapang, Tataw, Ayaba, Bareta etc will bring their children to live permanently in Africa?

Never! No ctry in Africa has the beautiful fascilities available abroad! These guys juat want to destabilize cmrn and destroy other people’s kids!

Barrister Nsahlai has Officially Referred Ambazonia IG SCAM to the IRS for investigation, plus the FBI Opens an investigation on Ambazonia thieves in the USA

MKPD> Wuna look at the referral document that was filed by Barrister Nsahlai Emmanual, referring the Amba THIEVES in the diaspora to the IRS for Investigation.

Once the IRS starts looking deep into the Actvitites of these CRIMINALS, they will be SHUT down for Good.. 

Download the document here for yourselves, including exhibits.. 

2019-03-29 IRS Complaint_Ambazonia Foundation Inc._Exh

Ambazonia Foundation - IRS Referral
Ambazonia Foundation – IRS Referral
Referral to the IRS by Barrister Nsahlai
Referral to the IRS by Barrister Nsahlai

Download the FBI report that Barrister Nsahlai made regarding Chris Anu here FBI report Re CHRIS ANU

The FBI has taken Barrister Nsahlai’s reports very seriously and have been in several phone and email communications with Barrister Nsahlai to gather more information, and to progress their investigations. I can confirm that the Ambazonians in the USA are OFFICIALLY Under FBI investigations – As Usual, I come with EVIDENCE! see below.. 

FBI Called Barrister Nsahlai regarding Ambazonians in the Diaspora
FBI Called Barrister Nsahlai regarding Ambazonians in the Diaspora

Calls from FBI to Barrister Emmanuel Nsahlai last week to discuss his criminal complaints against Ambazonia leaders promoting violence and terrorism in Cameroon which led to the deaths of his clients and sufferings of the CAVAT membership he represents. Face to face meetings lasted over 3 hours on multiple occations. The investigation continues. Barrister Nsahlai opines that without a doubt, an FBI sweep arrests of all the leaders is upcoming.

FBI may need a few months to verify the evidence in Cameroon. Also, FBI has started requests, though Barrister Nsahlai, to speak to victims who could be witnesses.

The FBI contacted Barrister Nsahlai
The FBI contacted Barrister Nsahlai

As you can see from the snapshot evidence above, that’s further evidence of FBI contacts with Barrister Nsahlai. I redacted the FBI agent’s name and number so these AmbaFools cannot pester the FBI agents with messages to claim their innocence.

They must await the day they are dragged into the FBI offices for questioning.. 


The success of the Buea Mountain Race 23 Feb 2019 – Was a great devastating blow to Ambazonia

MKPD> In this episode, I will talk about the Amba boys that attended to the Mountain race, plus the three main reasons why the race was successful, and then my observations, commentary and analysis.. Watch the Video below.


The first place for the men, Mbacha Eric, ran to the finish line after 4hrs 40 minutes, and will collect the winning Prize of 10 million Frs.

Click on any image on this page to +enlarge

The second place for the men, was Ali Mohammadou who finished the race after 4hrs 44 minutes, And wins te prize of 7 million frs CFA.

And the 3rd place winner is Godlove Gatsibium who finished the race after 4hr 46 minutes, and goes home with 5 million Frs CFA.


The First Woman to cross the finish line is Tata Carine, and she also wins 10 Million frs,

The second place for women is Ngalim Lizette, She wins 7 Million frs

And the 3rd place went to Ngwaya Yvonne – who won 5 million Frs.

Congratulations to All who participated, You are all winning fatly and your trip to BUEA was a GREAT success..

A post on Franklin Njume's Faceboo LoL
A post on Franklin Njume’s Faceboo LoL
It is worth noting that ALL the 6 names both men and women who came first second and third, are ALL from the NW region of Cameroon.

Ekema Patrick

The success of this Mountain race cannot be understated.. I would like to take a minute and HEEP special praise on one man.. EKEMA PATRICK, the Mayor of Buea.. He is a very competent leader, he was able to coordinate and mobilise everyone, and Make this a great success.

Mayor of Buea - Ekema Patrick
Mayor of Buea – Ekema Patrick

Because of this ONE man (Ekema Patrick), he has driven Amba terrorists CRAZY, now they are saying they want to move their capital from Buea to Mamfe, or wherever else.

Congratulations indeed
Congratulations indeed

Patrick Ekema deserves a round of applause for a Job well done.. I hear Bamenda has 3 mayors. All of them are missing in Action, they should go to Buea and see how it is done.

The Cameroon Government also did well, including the ministry of sports, and the Military

The Cameroon military was also very present, not even a suspicious fly with dane gun came ANYWHERE near the race. This success was very demoralising for the terrorists, people like Eric Tataw and Bareta, have had nothing substantial to say or brag after the race.

After the mountain race was very successful, they were all crying on social, saying that the minister of Sports attended in an armoured car, and that the military was everywhere.. 

But of Couse, these idiots promised insecurity – they said people should attend at their own risk, that bullets will be flying.. and people took precautions, and now the same terrorists are crying? Idiots..

This is the beginning of the end of this madness and the success of this mountain race is just one step, it has showed the people that When they come out in their numbers to live their lives, NO ONE, can stop them.. Not even Beheaders..

Response to the mountain race on Bareta’s post

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Amba vs Amba .. APNC, Lies, etc – There is SERIOUS infighting and Chaos in Ambazonia

#MKPD> Wuna Listen.. There is SERIOUS infighting and Chaos in Ambazonia – Listen to two Amba fools in their WhatsApp group, Get your Pop Corn, it is very entertaining. LoL.

If I was the one who said it, you will call me a Black leg.. So i just shut up, and Let them express themselves.. Wuna Listen – Remember.. THESE ARE AMBAZONIANS SPEAKING!


WhatsApp +237 6 7418 9836

No more Ghost Towns
No more Ghost Towns

Chris Anu Lawsuit update – A summons has been issued

MKPD> Now Chris Anu has 21 days to plead guilty or not guilty. 

So the case was filed by Barrister Nsahlai on  Fri 08 Feb 2019 Case Numnber 2:19-cv-00995.  The civil lawsuit is similar to the one against Tapang Ivo. It is a Complaint for Damages, injunction and declaratory relief –

Download the lawsuit here >> Complaint – Fobeneh with Exhibits _CACD(2)

Download the Summons here>> Clerk_Issued_Summons Chris Anu

There are 8 charges in this lawsuit, seeking damages and declaratory reliefs for

  1. Personal injury
  2. Same as 1
  3. For RICO (Racketeering influenced Corrupt organisations)
  4. RICO Conspiracy.
  5. Aiding and abetting acts of international terrorism
  6. Conspiring in furtherance of acts of international terrorism
  7. Provision of material support to terrorists
  8. Negligent infliction of emotional distress,

Demand jury trial.

Chris Anu summons
Chris Anu summons


Ambazonia Criminals – Amba Extortion in Action

Ma kontri pipo dem.. Wuna listen..

So Wuna fit take ear chop Christmas.. See how these Amba CRIMINALS are extorting our people every day. This is the kind of thing that happens in Cameroon DAILY.. To thousands of people, I personally, I am a victim of such extortion. Several AmbaBoys have tried calling me, they are requesting that I pay 10 Million Frs or they burn down my houses in the village.

First of all, although I live in the UK, (They assume I have that kind of money).. I DO NOT have that kind of money – and even if I did, I would NOT sponsor terror in my country.. So the only option is to HELP the armed forces kill them BEFORE they destroy my properties or kill more people..

I am saddened, and exhausted and Frustrated at where my country is. This Ambazonia nonsense has to be STOPPED. See, even now they are killing themselves, like the incident in Batibo yesterday 15 Dec 2018, which was NOT isolated.

These Amba boys are acting like ANIMALS… These are HARDENED Criminals that MUST BE STOPPED.

This 👆🏾 is where they go to recruit AmbaBoys.. Hardened criminals. And when these criminals commit attrocities, they deny it, when they are proudly making statements on Facebook that they go to free up boys from prison. This post was made by Tapang Ivo, the spokesperson for Ambazonia Defence Force (ADF).

The so called Revolution died a LONG time ago, and the Amba boys KNOW it. Now they are in it to make as much money as possible, and run into Nigeria. That is the game plan, and our people on Ground Zero (GZ) are going to be the ones to Suffer.

This is how their so called “revolution” is sponsored.. Through Criminality, Kidnapping for ransom, Extortion etc??
I don tire Ambazonia.. Paul Biya sef BETTER! JeeeeeeeeeZusssss!

This is the way I deal with these extortion calls. I have stopped answering nonsense “unknown” calls. The way these people work is by INSTILLING FEAR in people. So if they cannot instill FEAR in you, they can’t do anything. As soon as they send me 1 message, I BLOCK, and they have to go and get a new SIM card, put credit and sometimes, they call, and sometimes, when i answer by mistake, I put the phone down, and go mind my business, and let them talk to themselves.. soon, they realise that I don’t care about their threats..
And when they are finished, they will hang up, I come back, BLOCK the number, and continue living my life. DO NOT engage with these iDiots… unless you must.
Luckily for me, I have the means, so I have relocated ALL my family to the Francophone zone.. Thunder FIRE them.

Thanks to Mr Frankline Njume for bringing this to light.. The Audio was copied from his Facebook page Dec 16th 2018.