If you give me One bullet with Chris Anu – Mark Bareta. In Mark Bareta’s own words, Ambazonians are Worse than the Cameroon Government that they are fighting against. Aparently, Christopher Anu, the spokesperson for the so-called IG is worst than President Paul Biya of Cameroon.

If you put Chris Anu and Paul Biya, and i have a gun with one bullet, I will gun down Chris Anu first with that bullet and deal with Paul Biya later… And Sako Samuel is the number 2 chief enabler. They sit in Maryland, they sex girls, eat mungwin and do terrible things.

Mark Bareta

By Jon HuangHe

Jon is a proud Cameroonian, who has assisted MKPD on this platform since early 2019, by writing and sending for Publishing on kontripipo.com via email. In Early 2020, MKPD decided to add him as an author on the Blog, so that he can actively write and publish on the blog. Please leave your feedback below.

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