UPDATE ON ERIC (GARRI MASTER) TATAW ARREST IN MARYLAND USA. Eric Tataw was arrested and locked up for 8 days from 31 Aug 2023 and his bail hearing was on Friday 08 Sep 2023. At the Bail hearing, Eric Tataw aka Garri Master was released to HOUSE ARREST under very strict conditions, including wearing an ankle bracelet with GPS monitoring, and he cannot leave his home without prior authorization. Garri Master is also banned from contacting any of the witnesses in the PPP Fraud case against him. Approximately 15 of his family members and supporters, including his wife and 5-year-old daughter, were in attendance on court on Friday 08 Sep 2023.

It’s clear that the saga of Eric “Garri Master” Tataw is more of a comedy than a tragedy. #MKPD is confident to report that more scathing criminal charges are on the horizon for Eric “Garri Master” Tataw.

The current situation is just the opening act of his drama-filled life. And here’s a fun fact: Eric “Garri Master” Tataw does NOT even possess USA residency papers, with his asylum application dangling precariously. But wait, there’s more! Mr. Tataw is now effectively a prisoner in his own home, restricted to emergencies, and even then, only with the court’s strict permission.

At the time of his arrest for tempering with a witness, Eric Garri Master Tataw was already on probation for a criminal case (Felony) called Driving Under the influence of alcohol/drugs (commonly known in the USA as DUI). This latest arrest for committing a crime WHILE on probation, will be reported to his probation officer for the DUI situation. Which means Eric Garri Master’s situation is set to spiral further into turbulent territory for this criminal.

And just for some added humor, our dear “Garri Master” had been clinging to an expired #Cameroonian passport, now conveniently confiscated by the US authorities.

Did you know why Eric Tataw stopped making Garri Master threats on Social media? He finally realised that ALL asylum seekers should not involve in political activity, or violent threats. That is why he abandoned ambazonia madness and stopped preaching Garri process, because if the US state department got hold of this evidence, his Asylum will be AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED. Anyone seeking asylum must ALSO be a model citizen who obeys ALL laws. Hs arrest for DUI and Witness tempering will further guarantee that his asylum claim will be rejected.

Dear BlackLegs, under the terms of his house arrest, Eric Garri Master Tataw is barred from making threats or inciting violence on social media. If you spot him forgetting this little detail, do send it to #MKPD. I will personally love to send it to Barrister Nsahlai to make sure it gets to the right authorities!


Eric Tataw Garri master is under federal investigation for PPP Fraud, and the federal agents have secured cooperatibg witnesses who have recorded Eric Tataw and handed the tapes to the Feds as evidence. The Indictment for the PPP fraud case is still in the pipeline, and he is GUARANTEED to be found guilty in this Fraid case because the evidence against him is so overwhelming, that is why he tried to temper with the witness in the first place.

Eric Garri master has been flaunting his stolen money, posting about his million-dollar house he lives in.

Guess what?

The real scoop is that the house was bought for $1.3 million dollars, about one year ago. Eric Garri Master Tataw paid $440,000 USD cash to help in down payment for the home, which means the rest $860,000 USD is a loan (mortgage).

The house was bought under Eric Tataw wife’s name. This was a deliberate attempt to divert attention of Federal agents who investigate financial fraud cases. Once Eric Tataw Garri Master is found guilty of PPP Fraud, (and we are 99.9% certain that he will be found GUILTY) his assets will be seized to recover the money he stole from the US federal government.

Eric Garri Master Tataw’s wife also has no residency papers in the USA. Her asylum is pending which will also be denied after Eric Garri Master is convicted of PPP fraud, and the home seized and sold.

The prosecutors of the PPP Fraud case have already said that the 440,000 USD down payment on the home, is as a result of proceeds from criminal activity, which already indicates that the home will be seized soon.

Also, during the bail hearing on 08 September 2023, Eric Garri Master Tataw was released to house arrest after they pledge the same house as collateral. If he violates bond, the house will automatically be forfeited to the federal court. This means if Eric Tataw runs or fails to appear for trial, the US Federal government will own the house.

Do not mind the flaunting of cash on Facebook. Eric Tataw Garri Master could not even afford a lawyer to help him during the 8 days he was arrested and locked up. Garri Master instead used a Public Defender. We will get the documents from US Courts and broadcast later, because those documents exist, where the lawyer representing Eric Tataw filed those documents as his a attorney, because Eric Garri Master Tataw also filed papers that he has no money to pay a lawyer, so Eric Garri Master Tataw was basically applying for assistance from a public defender.


It appears that Eric “Garri Master” Tataw’s predicaments are just starting to unfold. As earlier mentioned, Eric Garri Master Tataw has no USA residency papers. Garri master has a humorously hanging asylum application.

And to add to the drama, he’s now confined to his residence, only allowed to step out during emergencies (with the court’s approval, naturally). The icing on the cake? An expired Cameroonian passport that’s now safely out of his reach. Throw in a restriction against making online threats, and you’ve got the full, comical tale of the “Garri Master.” If he dares to err online, do give us a heads up. We’d be keen to ensure it reaches Barrister Nsahlai to forward to the appropriate authorities!

By KumKum Massa

Born and bred in Momo, NW Region of #Cameroon 🇨🇲.. Travelled the world. Victim of Ambazonia terrorism. Ambazonia Terrorism MUST be destroyed by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

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