The population of Balikumbat (NWR) kicks out Ambazonia Terrorists

Glad to announce to you all that the population of #Balikumbat says enough is enough to #Ambazonia terrorists. The population turned out massively denouncing the excesses of the amba thieves. The population has banned anyone from parading the village with a gun in the name of amba. 🤣

The youths went from neighborhood to neighborhood disarming the #SNWL Amba. All the road blocks mounted have being dismantled by the population.

General clean up in balikumbat today Monday 06/01/2020. It is Monday, and the people have said No to ghost town.

Standby for the #AmbaAvalanche effect 😋 😂 #ComedyRevolution

#MashFire #Cameroon 🇨🇲
#WinningFatly 💪🏾

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KumKum Massa

KumKum Massa

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