Tapang Ivo Tanku, Ambazonia Terrorist in big trouble with US courts


In the case of *Paddy Asanga vs Tapang (LIAR) Ivo Tanku*, since November of 2019, Paddy obtained, with legal counselor *Barrister Emmanuel Nsahlai*, a Temporary Restraining Order (“TRO”) against Tapang ordering him to NOT make social media threats or “terrorize” anyone, abuse, harass, molest, or disturb the peace of anyone. Tapang has violated this Order many times, and there is currently a Contempt of Court Order hearing in Los Angeles set for March 2, 2020.

At the court today on February 3, 2020, Tapang’s lawyers, with him present, argued that the court has no jurisdiction because Tapang is not a resident of California, has never done business with California, and has no contacts with California. Barrister Nsahlai produced evidence of Tapang’s felony Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol conviction of July 2018. Barrister Nsahlai also showed that Tapang has a California Drivers license, has organized fund raisers in California, threatened and harassed Paddy and others in California. The Judge ordered that Tapang MUST stand trial. IT IS NOW OPEN LAWSUIT SEASON AGAINST TAPANG IN CALIFORNIA. The Judge has ruled that Los Angeles courts have BOTH personal jurisdiction and subject matter jurisdiction over Tapang. Court order attached.

Tapang (PizzaBoy) Ivo Tanku, Enjoying himself in June 2019 - With the Money he is raising for "AmbaBoys" - While Amba Boys continue to carry Dane Guns -iDiots.

Tapang (PizzaBoy) Ivo Tanku, Enjoying himself in June 2019 – With the Money he is raising for “AmbaBoys” – While Amba Boys continue to carry Dane Guns -iDiots.

*Tapang made over 50 FALSE STATEMENTS/LIES at the hearing, under penalty of perjury*: He lied that: he has never had a Facebook page in 2019, the Facebook documentary evidence of him threatening people are “fake” and “photoshopped”, he has never sent threatening messages to anyone, he has never posted an apology begging Barrister Nsahlai to drop the cases (we all saw that apology he posted on Facebook), he has never sent private sms messages and emails begging Barrister Nsahlai to drop his cases (we have seen and can confirm those private messages), he has never asked anyone to be killed or harmed, and that people are impersonating him. LOL. A transcript of this hearing can be obtained from court reporter: Marlene Burris at Use it anywhere to impeach Tapang and show he is a perjurer. Every new false statement made in court is a new nail in *Tapang’s coffin*. Barrister Nsahlai also confirmed that it is a question of “when”, not “if”, Tapang and his ADF/AGC conspirators get criminally indicted.


#WinningFatly 🇨🇲

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