#OperationSunshine on Tatabot Erika, living in the UK and sponsoring terrorism in #Cameroon

Tatabot Erika is a Big Ambazonian, who is contributing money to buy guns and kill people in Cameroon. Worst still, as they send their Amba Terrorists to attack us, and stop our children from going to school, The Question is.. Do they not also have Family in Cameroon? Let’s Examine her life. The KBi* has opened her  file.  Our young men are all dying in Cameroon 🇨🇲 because of devils like Erika Tatabot.

Erika’s Mother was a teacher. Erika herself went to Starlight College Nkwen. Erika is around 42 years old.

Her brother is called Bambot. He was in south Africa before leaving now in Cameroon with their mother. 

Erika’s Tel number is +447908358691 – The WhatsApp Display Picture for this tel number is an Ambazonia propaganda poster.

Erika also has a daughter who is a young adult.

We #BlackLegs are in all WhatsApp groups. And we monitor the conversations, ANYONE spreading Ambazonia propaganda will be treated with #OperationSunshine. We have been on your Facebook Profile, Erika Zara, ( and seen all the Amba Madness you displayed on there. If that Propaganda Facebook account is not deleted with immediate effect, we the BlackLegs will Publish Photos of your brother, and your mother, and your Family compound, you know, the first entrance from the food market on the fish pond hill in Bamenda. And if that doesn’t send the message, we will know what steps to take next.

Honestly, we at #MKPD> do not ask that you stop supporting Terrorism, we only wish for you AmbaFools to UNDERSTAND that there ARE consequences for supporting EViL. Tell Tapang I said Hello.


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KumKum Massa

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