#OperationSunshine on Elad kizito Logan, an Ambazonian NKunyam, living in Germany

This is the man, Elad kizito Logan. He lives in Berlin Germany. Dubious PhD.

His wife is called Effesin. They have 2 children.

His phone number: +49 179 9154188
His wife’s number: +49 175 1554883

He is one of those who fake a swiss dialogue with President Paul Biya to deceive Ambazonian idiots. 😂 He travelled to Swiss for the fake dialogue. 😂

He just lost two of his siblings. Two are still alive with one behaving like a fool. His wife is from Bamenda and her family is still in Bamenda.

Needless to say, he is a sponsor of Ambazonia Terrorism in Cameroon 🇨🇲.. And his name is in the books.. 😂 We will see them in Cameroon. 😂

A little about Elad Kizito Logan:
His dad was a customs officer in Tiko, one of those who made a living from collecting bribes at the Tiko beach. Their family home is in old Tiko road Mutengene. One of his brothers was a celebrated feyman in Mutengene until his death. Kizito has been away from Cameroon for so long, he owns nothing in Cameroon.


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My name is Enow CYRAC. I was an Ambazonia child soldier for 2 years, at Alabukam ADF camp.

KumKum Massa

KumKum Massa

I, KumKum Massa is a proud Cameroonian, born and bred in NW Region of Cameroon, although I have spent the last two decades travelling the world, from Asia (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain), South America, North America (USA and Canada) as well as several countries in Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.

I have varied interests from sports to music, food, and culture, but one thing is for certain.. I love Cameroon, and I Love Cameroonians.

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