#OperationSunshine and #KBi on Nigerian family terrorising SW Region of #Cameroon. Motanga Modest & “Gen” Ekiko

This young man in the photo below, is known as Motanga Modest. His mother and father are all Nigerians.

His mother came to Cameroon, married to a Cameroonian man in Foe Bakundu and now this Nigerian man is using the name of his stepfather “Motanga”.

He is the brother of Ambazonian “General” Ekiko who was terrorising the people in Boa Bakundu yesterday 18 Sep 2019.

Ekeku has forcefully seized over 100 cocoa bags from cocoa buyers. His cocoa store as said is next to a popular drinking spot called Besingi, besides victory nursery and primary school.

Foe Bakundu is a village in mbonge sub division. This family is very dangerous, armed, and all care is to be taken when you sight them. Remember to report to the nearest police, gendarmes or military post.

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KumKum Massa

KumKum Massa

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