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Military patrol vehicle destroyed by Nigerian militants hired by Ambazonian Terrorists in Otu

MKPD> earlier today, one of the vehicles of a mixed patrol military/police was destroyed by a blast from a locally fabricated Improvised Explosive device (IED). The IED device was fabricated by Nigerian Militia and Mercinaries hired by Ambazonian Terrorists in the diaspora. These terrorists have tried these on several occasions, but have been unsuccessful on several attempts. However, this is the second time that they have been successful to destroy a vehicle with an IED. 

MKPD can confirm that Four (4) service men were declared dead at the scene of the incient, and others injured. The blast was able to cause so much damage to vehcle and therefore to human life, because the vehicles were not armoured. 

This incident happened in Otu, Manyu, today Saturday 15 June 2019.

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