ManyuMassacre. Over 50 villagers Balin, under #Akwaya, Manyu killed by amba boys mixed with Nigerian militants. The pictures are truly horrible. Children, women, all killed.

KontriPipo Exclusive has an Eye witness on the ground.. Eye witness report in Akwaya.

#ManyuMassacre, Balin a village in Northern Akwaya, 50 people killed 26 Jun 2022

This incident is taking place in Balin a village in Northern Akwaya.
And Bakinjaw village a village near Balin
The BIR are in GSS BALLIN while gendarmes are in Ballin integrated health centre.
The centre has been burnt down.

It happened in my mother’s compound yesterday
It took place from about 4am to 8am at a burial ground.
A man, his wife and 3 children were set ablaze while they were sleeping.
Well the summary is that the amba boys in Akwaya are not happy with the fact that our village is hosting Gendarmes and BIR

Aftermath. Attack by Amba boys in Manyu

It is not the first time they are attacking us.
The first two instances our vigilante killed most of them so they now went to mamfe got more of the separatists and surprised the villagers at the wake keep
The village has been deserted

Mark Bareta.

June 26th, 2022.

For Pictures and videos and Audios on the Massacre are below..

By Jon HuangHe

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