Justice Chi Valentine Bumah faked his own kidnapping by Amba terrorists

This was sent to me by an anonymous writer who KNOWS Mr. Chi Valentine as a personal friend and colleague.

This acting wouldn’t be surprising at all. When Mr Chi Valentine was a magistrate, judge, at the High Court of FAKO, BUEA, he was seen quite oftenly *smoking cannabis* <Banga> at the back of the Court room, in broad daylight.

Most lawyers or Court clerks from BUEA will attest to this. No wonder in his high cannabis stupor, he wouldn’t hesitate to bully lawyers, litigants and other magistrate colleagues.

This film above, was written, produced, directed, and staring Chi Valentine Bumah himself. He deserves an Oscar Award in ALL categories. iDiot!.

For any amount of money, he would deliver ex parte rulings in the absence of other parties who had a vested interest in the matter. He believed women had little rights and his decisions reflected his antipathy for the rights of women.

It’s sad that he has stooped this low to fake his own kidnapping πŸ˜‚ but what else can be expected of an individual with an addictive disposition and a distorted sense of justice.

Disgraced Judge Valentine, accused of faking his own kidnapping, to seek asylum in the UK

Disgraced Judge Valentine, accused of faking his own kidnapping, to seek asylum in the UK

He is indeed a man with a dubious reputation and little credibility. His transfer from BUEA to BAFOUSSAM was punitive and since then, he became radicalized and started supporting Ambazonia terrorism.

MKPD> Comments

When Amba terrorists Kidnapped Ni John Fru Ndi, they dragged him like a pig. And he is an opposition to President Biya, he does not work for Cameroon Government. But these AmbaFools want us to believe that Mr Valentine was kidnapped, in the rainy season, even his shoes were still nicely polished, not a stain on his clothes, and no fear in his eyes. Worst of all, they TRIED to frame the Cameroon military by attempting to speak β€œAmba French”.. iDiots.

They must really know that their audience are FOOLS and gullible and would believe ANYTING, if it supports their preconceived notions. But While I am alive, I will not let such nonsense go unchecked.

Is he in the UK?

Eric Tataw – (Garri Master idiot) reported that Chi Valentine Bumah was already in the UK. Please note that it takes between 14 and 21 days from the time you apply for a British visa, to when you get a decision on the visa application.

So.. When was Mr Valentine β€œKidnapped”? And When was he released? And when did he apply for a UK visa? And was he β€œKidnapped” after he got the visa? Or Before he applied?

The video of his supposed “kidnapping” was first circulated by AmbaFools on social media and WhatsApp on Monday 15 July 2019.

WHY did they only decide to release that Video on Monday? Does it have anything to do with the fact that Cameroonianess in Kumba was destroying them? That the AmbaFools are desperate for good news, they have been defeated by our BLACK LEG online activism, and now they know they are defeated, but grasping at straws.

Wuna answer me those few questions above. iDiots!

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