General Empty Lass of Wum, kumkumised on 23 Oct 2022 after intense Dialogue without preconditions with our FDS The Carcass is still lying right now at roundabout, near grand stand, Wum, Menchum, NW region. If this smelly Carcass belongs to you, come and carry it very fast. (CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO READ FULL ARTICLE ON OUR WEBSITE)

General Empty Lass kumkumised in Wum
General Empty Lass kumkumised in Wum

If every day we kumkumise just ONE amba terrorist, and ONE more will drop the guns and run. That is over 365+365=730 fewer amba terrorists a year.

The Good news is that we have stopped their ability to recruit any more gullible anglophone youths. Their lies and propaganda no longer works. Unesco is not coming. The UN is not coming. Odeshi is not working. Amba Facebook leaders are too busy fighting over donations and stealing money. The Terrorists on the ground are killing themselves everyday, Like Guzang Batibo Massacre, Bui Massacre etc.. So you see, the ambazonia terrorism problem is only a matter of time.

Remember, South Sudan took 22 years of war. Ambazonia Terrorism started only 5 years ago. So we still have at least 17 years to go, if we are to follow example of South Sudan. And in 17 years, we would have kumkumised or disarmed at LEAST 17×730=12,412 amba terrorists. And we all know that the number of amba Terrorists still remaining in the bushes, do not make up to 2,600 in Number.

So in reality, we only have around 4 years of steady and effective Kumkum distribution. Man no run. We are not in a rush. Kumkum is served HOT, but dialogue without preconditions means sometimes we slow the process to make sure the swallowing is enjoyable and distribution of free Kumkum is EFFECTIVE.

I predict anglophones will be free from ambazonia self-destruction madness by the ending of 2026. So if you want to keep your children at home for all that time, then Goodluck. I am enjoying my life in London, and Ayaba, Sako Ikome, Eric Tataw, and all ambaFools are also enjoying their lives abroad.

Na wuna Sabi.

General Empty Lass kumkumised in Wum
General Empty Lass kumkumised in Wum

By KumKum Massa

Born and bred in Momo, NW Region of #Cameroon 🇨🇲.. Travelled the world. Victim of Ambazonia terrorism. Ambazonia Terrorism MUST be destroyed by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

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