General Black captured by Cameroon Marines from Copalco on the 27 June 2022 in the island Beoko/Mundemba where he was hiding.

This is coming from TOP LRC military source in Yaounde. We have learned that a BlackLeg led the military to his hideout, and he was picked up like a baby.

After Black was captured, he was interrogated, and the information he provided was Exploited, leading to the arrest of 10 other collaborators. Among the 10 others arrested, is a woman.

General Black Arrested
General Black Arrested

By Jon HuangHe

Jon is a proud Cameroonian, who has assisted MKPD on this platform since early 2019, by writing and sending for Publishing on via email. In Early 2020, MKPD decided to add him as an author on the Blog, so that he can actively write and publish on the blog. Please leave your feedback below.

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