SMALL EKOMBE MUST BE FREE – The Capture of amba Terrorist Commander Pastor.

He should be used to gather intelligence and eradicate amba terrorism in Small Ekombe. The authorities holding him should be followed up closely. The terrorist was born and raised in Small Ekombe. He is a shadow amba and knows ALL HIDEOUTS and ALL MOVEMENTS of ALL amba terrorists in small Ekombe. I mean especially in bushes he grow up there and knows all bush road and hide out. He was very stubborn, brutal, and wicked – He should NEVER see freedom again.

Vital information that can be gotten especially from “Commander Pastor” include

1. Those keeping amba proceeds from cocoa selling (there exists in two type those in the bush and those living home and Kumba). All amba financial transactions and money movements, he knows them. The military holding him should also NOT be corrupt, and should follow their investigation to DESTROY the amba terrorists, and not to make money for themselves.

2. Those organising the pledging of Bamileke farms in small Ekombe, and who controls what. The civilians benefiting from amba terrorism. He knows THEM ALL. He should be given FREE Kumkum until he talks, he should be recorded on Video, his confessions, giving out ALL the names, and all those responsible for benefiting from amba Terrorism SHOULD All be arrested or kumkumised.

3. The hide out of “General Fally.” This is the most secretive “General” in this madness. But Pastor knows his picture, his family, every information about Fally, we will get it from Pastor. “General Fally was born in Bamenda and came to live and school in Small Ekombe with his uncle known as Mr Kilo Frank. Kilo frank was a primary school teacher at the time but he lives now in Kumba.

Sam – was kumkumised already

MKPD sunshined “General Nchinda Sam” in May 2020, and he was kumkumised. It was as a direct result of the sunshine that General Sam was kumkumised. He also wanted to make documents and travel to Dubai, but because of the sunshine, he could not get out of the forest. When he was finally cornered by Military, he offered 10 Million frs as bribe for his escape, and the military refused, again, thanks to the sunshine, he was kumkumised instantly.

General Fally took over General Sam but afraid of sunshine, he refused to show up or makes video as Sam did and preferred to work in the bush, not showing his face in public. He now claims ownership of over 15 profitable farms he seized from Bamileke people, and have a bigger say on all matters related to leadership and finance of terrorism in Small Ekombe.

“General Sam succeeded to use some of the terrorist proceeds to send two of his siblings to Dubai, before he himself was kumkumised.

“Commander Pastor” know all this vital information and in a better position to help eradicate amba terrorism from Small Ekombe. All those people who were sitting and eating FAT from Black Bushes will run and hide because we will know ALL their names. All those elites who have been using these terrorists to commit terrorism in that area will have their day in court.

“Commander Pastor” is an experience driver in bush road around villages neighboring Small Ekombe and know all hides out and can better lead missions into the bushes to dismantle amba in that zone. He is a very rich catch and the Kumkum distributors should serve ENOUGH Kumkum to get him to corporate.

Most amba cocoa are sold to buyers whose once live in small Ekombe but now based in Kumba. There are Amba sponsors working and living in Kumba as “upright citizens” but making a HUGE profit from the terrorists. Infact – ALL COCOA BUYERS in Kumba are sponsors of the terrorism.

They know the source of the cocoa and the destination of the revenue that it’s to finance amba, Pastor can help also dismantle this ring of cartel, Criminals living amongst us and benefiting from our suffering.


Easter Sunday 17 Apr 2022

VICTIM: Ngoe Franklin was only 19 years old when he was brutally murdered by “Commander Pastor”

Amba Terrorist Commander pastor was born in Small #Ekombe, Mbonge Division and his father is Besinge Joseph who was a hunter. Commander Pastor was one of those amba boys who burnt down the chief palace of Small Ekombe and he is the one who killed the 19 year old son of the Chief of Small Ekombe.
He has finally been captured today 17 Apr 2022 and Kumkum without soup is the least he deserves.

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By KumKum Massa

Born and bred in Momo, NW Region of #Cameroon 🇨🇲.. Travelled the world. Victim of Ambazonia terrorism. Ambazonia Terrorism MUST be destroyed by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

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