Contribute your money to Ambazonians at your own risk

This AmbaFool, called Tapang (PizzaBoy) says he has Contender/Pretender Force or some nonsense like that.. He has been trying to raise $750,000 from gullible Cameroonians abroad.

And this stammering fool in Belgium Called Mark Bara (Bareta) launched his own Scam a few months ago, called “National AK Campaign”, promising to use the money to buy AK47 assault weapons to send to Cameroon, to KILL Cameroonians.

Contribute money to Ambazonians at your own risk

Contribute money to Ambazonians at your own risk

First of all, these Ambazonians are THIEVES! They have, and will continue to swindle your money; for example.. Tapang is currently facing multiple lawsuits in the USA, and Tapang needs money to pay Lawyer fees.

Secondly, ANY fool that contributes to Ambazonians in 2019 is a wicked son of a lizard and we will get your name sooner or later – Just wait. When we subpoena these Ambazonia Bank accounts in court, we will make the records PUBLIC, and is you are found to have been sponsoring Terrorism in Cameroon, then you will get #OperationSunshine and you will NEVER step one foot in Cameroon again.

You will NEVER enjoy soya and Pork in Bamenda again. iDiooots!

MKPD> WhatsApp:: +44 749 5198 739

Contribute money to Ambazonians at your own risk

Contribute money to Ambazonians at your own risk

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KumKum Massa

KumKum Massa

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