Fritz a lower sixth student of GBHS Bayelle and his sister, Genney were returning to their Nchobuh residence when their bike was intercepted by Ambazonia terrorists.

Fritz who was rushing home to celebrate his 18th birthday ended up spending the night at the Ntankah Amba terrorist camp under the shit-no-wipe-lass called “General Lion”.

They were locked up in a primitive cell not fit for a pig. In the Ntankah camp were four other captives who had been kidnapped from various places around Bamenda.

Anang, who went to pickup a parcel from #Bafut park at Ntarikon was kidnapped by the #ambazoniaTerrorists and taken to the camp

In an abandoned building in #Ntankah, no chairs, no beds and very dusty, the kidnapped ANGLOPHONE civilians were tortured, beaten with a machete and forced to sleep on the raw ground. Non was permitted to even urinate as narrated by one of the captives.

The terrorist ring leader “General Lion” was kumkumised in the operation today 06 Feb 2021. His wife, who was also aiding and abetting terrorism in the camp, survived the military operation un-harmed. This was a family enterprise, as the junior brother of “general Lion” was also in the camp and was quickly served HOT Kumkum. They all hail from Nso in #Bui Division

This surprised military operation was successful thanks to the efforts of BlackLegs who were fed up of being kidnapped for ransom by the terrorists. In total, Four of the smelly amba shit-no-wipe-lass were sent to Maryland without pre-conditions, one hostage wounded at the arm and is responding to treatment at the hospital, three hostages freed unharmed, and four in their teens were arrested

The gallant #Cameroon military was commanded by Major Onana Conrad. We harvested 6 auto-matic rifles, 3 pistols, artisanal guns, gun powder, phones, juju jewelleries and a lot of books surrounded the camp, evidence of the fact that many students have been kidnapped and brought to the camp in the past. Many have had to pay MILLIONS in ransoms to regain freedom.

Most of the Ransoms collected are sent abroad to their manipulators such as Sako Ikome, Chris Anu, Mark Arata, Eric Tataw, and especially the Native doctor called Ayaba Cho Lucas. The so-called revolution has been very profitable to these jobless diasporas and professional thieves.

Those who keep talking about “dialogue”, I hope you can see that we will NOT negotiate the territorial integrity of Cameroon with shit-no-wipe-lass terrorists. We will keep kumkumising them if it takes us 100000 years. Those who want to dialogue, you should feel free to pick up your phone and dialogue with the terrorists, because when we see the terrorist, we deliver Kumkum immediately.




By KumKum Massa

Born and bred in Momo, NW Region of #Cameroon 🇨🇲.. Travelled the world. Victim of Ambazonia terrorism. Ambazonia Terrorism MUST be destroyed by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

2 thought on “4 amba terrorists kumkumised in Military Operation in Ntankah, several hostages freed.”
  1. Good job. Il n’y a pas de vidéos ? Pourquoi il ne comprennent pas qu’ils sont donnés en sacrifice par les soit disant leaders ambazozo, qui sont à la solde des lobby francs-maçons. L’élite mondiale cours vers le nouvel ordre mondial et n’ont plus le temps à perde pour un nouveau pays qui sera créé avec tout ce que ça peut entrainer. Wouai mes frères dans qu’elle piège êtes-vous tombés comme ça ? Lutter contre un pouvoir tyrannique et injuste, ça peut se comprendre, mais vouloir la sécession d’un pays souverain c’est de l’utopie. Aucune nation au monde ne peut l’accepter. Cela bouleverserait l’équilibre mondial. Sacrifier une population, une jeunesse pour des intérêts égoïstes, ceci ne peut être que l’apanage des humains à la solde des démons et du diable.

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