An Interview with Amba Boy – Please Watch and Listen – Very interesting

MKPD> Watch and listen this 3 part Interview with an AmbaBoy – He surrendered to the Cameroon Military, and he is now working with the Military to locate the Amba Camps. 

This Amba Fighter has had enough. He explains that when he was forced to join Amba, he didnt know what he was getting himself into.. He was cook in one of the Camps. It is a really Sad story. These are the kind of VULNERABLE young men that are manipulated to carry guns and destroy their own communities.

The people in the diaspora like Mark Bareta, Tapang PizzaBoy Ivo, and Eric “Garri Master” Tataw, Akwanga, Ayaba Cho, Chris Anu, etc, are responsible for brainwashing these kind of poorly educated youths to carry guns and kill their own neighbours.

Where were these nonentities before 2017 Amba madness started? Where did these names come from? These professional theives saw an opportunity, and they took it. The opportunity to radicalise gullible and poorly educated youths and send them to their death.

Thankfully, this madness is coming to an end. I have personally spoken with several Amba boys and helped them to drop their guns and save their lives. Many Amba boys have escaped into Nigeria; some have gone as far as South Africa and Togo. They have realised that they were manipulated and deceived by charlatans and criminals in the diaspora, who are using their blood to make money and pay their mortgages in the USA, etc.. 

The moral of this story is that.. FINALLY, the Amba boys are beginning to learn sense, because they are seeing the reality for themselves, and they can now see their own mistakes, and that there is no independence coming, and that they were LIED to, by criminals who live happy abroad.

The persistence of activists (like MKPD and Franklin Njume) to sensitise the general public is working. Kawa Yannick in SW has also dropped his guns, and moved in with the Cameroon military, and now he is leading the military in attacks against the Amba Boys. Kawa Yannick was an Amba “Commander” just last week. 

Sooner or Later, the madness will END! And I have every confidence that come September 2019, children will be able to return to school again. 


Just another day in “Ambazonia” – Criminals beat up a Criminal for doing something CRIMINAL

MKPD> Come and see, another day in “Ambazonia” – See the criminals caught another criminal and beat him small. iDiots.. Nonsense. Wuna Listen> 

Debunking another big LIE from Tapang Ivo

MKPD> Today 16 Jan 2019, Tapang Ivo posted on his facebook page that Barrister Nsahlai has been sued.. Below, is the LIE he wrote..

Breaking News!

A top-rated international lawyer and scholar, Dr. Jonathan Levy, has reportedly sued the California-based Nsahlai Emmanuel law firm and ordered it to publicly apologize for making false accusations and preposterous statements against its client — the Southern Cameroons Defense Forces, Dr. Ebenezar Akwanga and Mr. Ajong Divine.

Attorney Dr. Levy has been licenced for more than 20 years and has an excellent legal reputation across the United States and Africa. He requests that the Nsahlai law firm should add this line in its public apology:

“I was paid by agents the Republic of Cameroon and now regret my betrayal of my people and crave forgiveness.”

Meantime, sources say at least 30 other law firms protecting clients in the USA have also prepared separate lawsuits/complaints against the Nsahlai Law firm’s public unsubstantiated statements mentioning pro-rights individuals, groups and the Ambazonia community defending their homeland…

* Published by Ivo Tanku Tapang, Journalist & Freedom Fighter.*

If the Facebook post is still up, you can access it here>>

Cease and desist page 1
Cease and desist page 1 of 2

He also attached 2 page screenshot of the letter that was emailed to Barrister Nsahlai. 

We welcome it

So when I saw this post, I called Barrister Nsahlai to ask if he received the email, and he said yes, he received the email from ( – I laughed- and asked.. So what’s your response? Barrister Nsahlai said “We welcome it”

Tapang ivo is a liar

Tapang Ivo is lying to his gullible audience and followers on social media. Many people believe this nonsense, without question.. and that is why I am here, to ask the basic questions and bring out common sense.

DO NOT BELIEVE just ANYTHING that ANYONE says online. LOOK at the evidence, and even when they produce the evidence, you have to Ask questions, cross examine the evidence to scrutinise it before making your mind up. 

A cease and dsesist is only a “warning” letter, sometimes known as an empty threat. This is not a lawsuit, as Liar Tapang wants you to believe. If it was a lawsuit, he would have been able to provide the case number, and the court in which the suit was filed. 

The lawsuit that was filed by Barrister Nsahlai against Tapang Ivo has a case number 5:18-cv-07721 

The Letterhead is amateurish and unprofessional

The letter head used by this so called solicitor Levy is amateurish and unprofessional, he doesn’t list any other contact information except for the proton mail email address, which in itself, the email is dodgy, because proton main are used by 419 scammers because they encrype their emails. 

The postal address is also one used by several other businesses. Compare the letterhead to that of Barrister Nsahlai, and you will see what I mean. 


Barrister Nsahlai Emmanuel
Barrister Nsahlai says.. We Welcome it

This “Cease and Desist Letter” is just one of several threats from Ambazonians. They are desperately trying to make the lawsuit go away. They have begged  Barrister Nsahlai, tried to bribe him, and threatened him privately and even publicly.



Another Amba iDiot – “General” Koraman

MKPD> This one calls himself “General” Koraman.. Listen to the idiot, and then my Commentary.

These fools are all high on drugs.. This is NOT normal. What is wrong with these Fools? This one calls himself “General” Koraman. His real name is Julius Titakung.

Posted on his facebook, 15 Oct 2016
Posted on his facebook, 15 Oct 2016 – A Handsom young man led astray by charlatans abroad

He attended secondary school up to Form 5, wrote the GCE O levels twice and failed, so he dropped out. Now look at him. A terrorist. 

Infact – I went and saw another one of this “LUNATIC’s” videos on Facebook, and I simply had to comment.. see video above…

Koraman dabbled in Music before becoming a terrorist
Koraman dabbled in Music before becoming a terrorist
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Commonsense is NOT Common - The Mantra for my Activism
Commonsense is NOT Common – The Mantra for my Activism

GOOD NEWS – Small Victory regarding the threats to our hero Barrister Nsahlai

MKPD> So as you know, I wrote an article on this blog a few hours ago, highlighting the threats to our Hero of the year, Barrister E. Nsahlai. The individual who posted the threat has deleted the post.. WHY?

Because after I wrote the article, I posted the link to the article on comment section of his facebook post. He came to this website, took one look and went back to facebook and deleted the post.

Our Hero is being threatened
Our Hero is being threatened  – by this Fool called DJ Eric Lemessi

The post where he was threatening our hero.. {Djeric Lemessi} wrote..

This is the lawyer whose firm is suing Tapang Ivo.
His name is Emmanuel Nsahlai…a good friend.
But I’m imploring him to drop that case altogether.
If not, he should be ready for the repercussions. Not only on his life but that of his nearest family.
This anglophone struggle needs no sugar coating .

I went back to comment, but he had removed the comment after seeing my post on this website.
I (Tebah) went back to comment, but he had deleted the whole post after reading my article on this website.

A lot of people tried to point out how stupid his post was, but he was defiant, even going to the extent of saying..

So you think you’re threatening me by posting this right?
I don’t think you know me well.
Tell that your attorney general goon that I’m waiting for him at Jakiri Junctionor Supreme court. His choice.

The Heat is ON

This is the kind of activism that we must employ. The one I just used this morning. I did not insult him, because if IF had said anything, you would say hey.. it is not nice to call him shoombu, but I did not even say anything. I was just STRATEGIC, commonsense and counter STUPIDITY with INTELLECT. We counter Darkness with LIGHT. We counter their LIES with FACTS! We counter their threats by banding together to DENOUNCE it and EXPOSE it.

DJ Eric Lemessi - The fool that threatened our hero's family
DJ Eric Lemessi – The fool that threatened our hero’s family

He may have deleted the facebook post, but it will remain on this website FOREVER, and his name is tagged to it too. 

See the evidence below.. I went back to comment on the post and he already deleted it.. Thats when I refreshed the page, and he posted something else, saying that…

DJ throwing insults to a Lawyer.
Can you imagine.. A DJ throwing insults and threats to a BARRISTER

Friends, I just deleted the post about Emma Nsahlai. 
This by no means infers that I compromise my thoughts. 
His lawsuit is a phony and sits on clay grounds. 
I just noticed that instead of an intellectual discourse,some folks just came on the post and were insulting each other. 
By all means, even if you don’t agree with me,I will respect your position while saying that you’re full of sh*t  
That said,@elizabeth Nsahlai, tell Emma to withdraw that suit.

Imagine the stupidity of these Amba Fools. He is a common DJ. The lawyer is taking people to court for inciting violence.. So what does he do? He publicly incites violence towards THE SAME BARRISTER that is taking people to court FOR INCITING violence.. iDioooooot!

To fully understand this article, you might want to read this too.. 

An interesting email from an Amba Supporter

Moboko Moboko thinks I’m the devil, I’m an agent of LRC, trying to kill the Ambazonia revolution..

——– Original message ——–

You are very stupid to be one of la republique agent to kill the Amber struggle.
Idiot.Son of a bitch.You devil.

My response below..

😂 Thanks for following me on Social media. Stay tuned, I’ll personally send you my next video. 👍🏽

Someone should tell these Amba fools that, I only report on the ATTROCITIES that they are committing. If they didn’t commit attrocities like beheadigs, kidnapping for ransom, raping, etc, then I would have nothing negative to report about them.

PS. Talking about killing the so called "Amba revolution"..

Am I the one that arrested your leaders in Nigeria and sent them to Cameroon?
Am I the one that made your NGO (IG) to be Corrupt? Where is My Trip To Buea (MTTB)?
Am I the one that made Ayaba Cho to be a dictator?
Am I the one that went and killed your Amba boys in Guzang-Batibo?
Am I the one that killed Amba boys in Muyenge-Fako & burnt them?
NO.. You (Ambazonians) commit the ATTROCITIES and tell the LIES, and I will be right here to debunk the lies and EXPOSE the attrocities to the WORLD.

And ofcourse, I will share my opinions to the world too. And you are Terrorists, you are idiots, you are cowards, and you will NEVER be allowed to win. We MUST triumph over your evil!

Breaking News – Ambazonia TERRORISTS Behead man on video

WARNING! Viewer discretion is advised. This is a video of Ambazonia Terrorists beheading a man in Bamenda, on 28 Dec 2018.

The man, who can be seen wearing a  purple(ish) tee-shirt that has the letters “GP” (Presidential Guard) written on the back, is intervied by the terrorist Amba boys before he is beheaded.  The man says he works in the Cameroon Air Force. 

This is AGAINST all International Laws. If you have EVER wondered whether Amba boys are a Terrorist group or not, HERE is your evidence. Islamic State (ISIS) would be proud of these boys. Even Boko Haram seem to be less violent, compared to these Amba barbarians. 

We need the Cameroon Army to ACT SWIFTLY to ERADICATE this Cancer that has infested our country. We need an END to this TERROR NOW!

Anyone who supports or condones this, has no right to live amongst civilised humans. 

ALL AmbaBoys MUST drop their weapons, or DIE!

Please.. Share this video until it reaches the President of Cameroon, the UN and all international partners. The people of NW and SW regions of Cameroon need your help. 


I cannot wait to hear what the so called “Ambazonia activists” will say about this latest AmbaBoys attrocity. Mark Bareta, Prince J Carr, Eric Tataw, Chris Anu, Ebenezer Akwanga, etc etc.. My guess is, they will stay silent, or do what they ALWAYS do.. Blame Antanga Nji. 

PS: I am NOT a journalist..  And if you do not like the way I write, you can go suck a lemmon.

General Ivo is dead – My commentary

This man, Ivo Mbah once said “No man born of a woman can kill me”.. The self-proclaimed “General” Ivo was killed on Fri 21 Dec 2018.

Conspiracy theories began flying on social media and WhatsApp groups saying that he had secrets, and he was silenced by Ayaba Cho to keep the secrets from coming out.

His Odeshi evidently didn’t work? Ambazonia so called Generals are falling like flies

  • General Ashu, DEAD
  • General RK in captivity
  • General Tiger DEAD
  • General Beltus DEAD
  • General Amigo DEAD
  • General Ivo, DEAD
  • General Biabia was shot in the Batibo incident, and then captured by ADF and now I am hearing that maybe he finally died in captivity.

>> More on “General Ivo”

"General Ivo" - Killed in Kumba, 4 days before Christmas 2018
“General Ivo” – Killed in Kumba, 4 days before Christmas 2018
Their "Generals" falling like flies
Their “Generals” falling like flies
See wasted Lives
See wasted lives
"General" Ashu - DEAD!
“General” Ashu – DEAD!
"General" Amigo - DEAD!
“General” Amigo – DEAD!
Se called General. See your life!
Se called General. See your life!

Odeshi is not working.. Even the so called Generals are falling like flies. I don’t know if to laugh 😂 or cry 😢.

WaaaNdaaas 😔