MKPD> So as you know, I wrote an article on this blog a few hours ago, highlighting the threats to our Hero of the year, Barrister E. Nsahlai. The individual who posted the threat has deleted the post.. WHY?

Because after I wrote the article, I posted the link to the article on comment section of his facebook post. He came to this website, took one look and went back to facebook and deleted the post.

Our Hero is being threatened
Our Hero is being threatened  – by this Fool called DJ Eric Lemessi

The post where he was threatening our hero.. {Djeric Lemessi} wrote..

This is the lawyer whose firm is suing Tapang Ivo.
His name is Emmanuel Nsahlai…a good friend.
But I’m imploring him to drop that case altogether.
If not, he should be ready for the repercussions. Not only on his life but that of his nearest family.
This anglophone struggle needs no sugar coating .

I went back to comment, but he had removed the comment after seeing my post on this website.
I (Tebah) went back to comment, but he had deleted the whole post after reading my article on this website.

A lot of people tried to point out how stupid his post was, but he was defiant, even going to the extent of saying..

So you think you’re threatening me by posting this right?
I don’t think you know me well.
Tell that your attorney general goon that I’m waiting for him at Jakiri Junctionor Supreme court. His choice.

The Heat is ON

This is the kind of activism that we must employ. The one I just used this morning. I did not insult him, because if IF had said anything, you would say hey.. it is not nice to call him shoombu, but I did not even say anything. I was just STRATEGIC, commonsense and counter STUPIDITY with INTELLECT. We counter Darkness with LIGHT. We counter their LIES with FACTS! We counter their threats by banding together to DENOUNCE it and EXPOSE it.

DJ Eric Lemessi - The fool that threatened our hero's family
DJ Eric Lemessi – The fool that threatened our hero’s family

He may have deleted the facebook post, but it will remain on this website FOREVER, and his name is tagged to it too. 

See the evidence below.. I went back to comment on the post and he already deleted it.. Thats when I refreshed the page, and he posted something else, saying that…

DJ throwing insults to a Lawyer.
Can you imagine.. A DJ throwing insults and threats to a BARRISTER

Friends, I just deleted the post about Emma Nsahlai. 
This by no means infers that I compromise my thoughts. 
His lawsuit is a phony and sits on clay grounds. 
I just noticed that instead of an intellectual discourse,some folks just came on the post and were insulting each other. 
By all means, even if you don’t agree with me,I will respect your position while saying that you’re full of sh*t  
That said,@elizabeth Nsahlai, tell Emma to withdraw that suit.

Imagine the stupidity of these Amba Fools. He is a common DJ. The lawyer is taking people to court for inciting violence.. So what does he do? He publicly incites violence towards THE SAME BARRISTER that is taking people to court FOR INCITING violence.. iDioooooot!

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By KumKum Massa

Born and bred in Momo, NW Region of #Cameroon 🇨🇲.. Travelled the world. Victim of Ambazonia terrorism. Ambazonia Terrorism MUST be destroyed by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

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