Tantiyo – The latest Ambazonia victim

#MKPD> By now, you’ve probably seen the HORIFIC video  (below) of Ambazonia fighters (Amba Boys) torturing a Mbororo herder in NW region of Cameroon. The video went viral yesterday 16 April 2019.

The Cameroon authorities have officially declared that these Amba Boys are terrorist groups. When you watch the video clip in question, the torture video, you will understand that the Cameroon government has every right to say these barbarians are terrorists.

The victim’s name is TANTIYO, son of ALHAJI ISA and KORGA. Amba terrorists abducted him, his mother & his father and one other woman. They freed the other woman after severe torture.

Tantiyo’s father was tortured and released. As a result of the severe torture, the old man is disabled, and cannot even move his fingers.

The Amba terrorists also tortured the 69 year old Korga to death. Korga is the mother of Tantiy. The Amba terrorists even refused to hand over her corpse to the family.

The terrorists promised to burn the old woman’s corps, and film it to revenge military. However – this poor Mbororo family have no ties to the military whatsoever, and no ties with the Francophones, (who are supposedly the enemies of the Amba terrorists).

TANTIYO is believed to have also been tortured to death as he is not contactable by his family. The majority of the Amba terrorists are from Nso and have established camps in Bamti, Din and nearby areas. The area from Banten towards Kinkum, Chah and Djottin are mountainous with steep cliffs.

Amba terrorist militias hide in those places, and dishing out atrocities to the innocent population, terrorising the civilians. For any flimsy excuse, they can attack and kill anyone within their reach.

This is the Ambazonia experiment.

EXCLUSIVE! Ambazonian Terrorists torture a man until the victim begged for death

#MKPD> I am speechless – WATCH and LISTEN for yourself.

These are the same people who say they are fighting for you.


Breaking News – Ambazonia TERRORISTS Behead man on video

WARNING! Viewer discretion is advised. This is a video of Ambazonia Terrorists beheading a man in Bamenda, on 28 Dec 2018.

The man, who can be seen wearing a  purple(ish) tee-shirt that has the letters “GP” (Presidential Guard) written on the back, is intervied by the terrorist Amba boys before he is beheaded.  The man says he works in the Cameroon Air Force. 

This is AGAINST all International Laws. If you have EVER wondered whether Amba boys are a Terrorist group or not, HERE is your evidence. Islamic State (ISIS) would be proud of these boys. Even Boko Haram seem to be less violent, compared to these Amba barbarians. 

We need the Cameroon Army to ACT SWIFTLY to ERADICATE this Cancer that has infested our country. We need an END to this TERROR NOW!

Anyone who supports or condones this, has no right to live amongst civilised humans. 

ALL AmbaBoys MUST drop their weapons, or DIE!

Please.. Share this video until it reaches the President of Cameroon, the UN and all international partners. The people of NW and SW regions of Cameroon need your help. 


I cannot wait to hear what the so called “Ambazonia activists” will say about this latest AmbaBoys attrocity. Mark Bareta, Prince J Carr, Eric Tataw, Chris Anu, Ebenezer Akwanga, etc etc.. My guess is, they will stay silent, or do what they ALWAYS do.. Blame Antanga Nji. 

PS: I am NOT a journalist..  And if you do not like the way I write, you can go suck a lemmon.

#Ambazonia Terrorism. The torture caught on video

This video (below) has been circulating on social media. It shows Amba Boys torturing one of their victims in the most inhumane way.

This is Ambazonia. This man is stripped naked, and hog-tied. They promise to kill the victim, who identifies himself as Silas, who’s father is called Francis (from Mamfe) and his mother called Mildred (Metah).  He is accused of “Stealing, collecting money in the name of Amba” and his sentence is DEATH! He is heard begging to speak with his mother on Camera for the last time. How can a human do this to another human? 😡 😢

We MUST STOP these Amba Terrorists.

Amba Terrorists - Committing untold attrocities in Cameroon
Amba Terrorists – Committing untold attrocities in Cameroon
This is Ambazonia - I am SPEECHLESS
This is Ambazonia – I am SPEECHLESS
Do you Condone this?
Do you Condone this?
Geneva Convention? Where is the UN?
Geneva Convention? Where is the UN?
Please - Help save the poor.. STOP this Amba Madness
Please – Help save the poor.. STOP this Amba Madness

These Amba Boys can accuse ANYONE at ANYTIME for whatever reason, and either extort money from them, or kill them. I am a victim of this myself. I was in Cameroon this year 2018, and I was visited by Amba boys.. They accused me of being a “Black Leg” traitor, and ofcourse, it was just an excuse for their Armed Robbery. 

Ambazonia IG blames ADF for Batibo killings

Christopher Anumodem Fobenueh (aka Chris Anu), the mouthpiece for the so called Ambazonia Interim Government, announced on Sunday 16th Dec 2018 that the ADF (Ambazonia Defence forces led by Ayaba Cho Lucas) was responsible for killing (self proclaimed “General” Tiger) and five others in Guzang, Batibo.

Ten (10) Amba boys were also seriously wounded, and four (4) were kidnapped (including the self-proclaimed “general” Bierbier) and held captive by the assailants of this crime against humanity.

The ADF Amba boys attacked the ASC Amba camp because of efforts to control the AmbaBoys on Ground Zero.

Chris Anu also confirmed that the ADF killed 18 Amba boys in Fako, two days prior to the Batibo killings.

Wuna Listen.. 👆🏾

Video – AmbaBoys Torture Tara

In this video, you can clearly see what AmbaBoys are doing to innocent people in Cameroon.

The torture, maiming and execution of innocent civilians. Anyone who supports this, is in support of terrorism, and crimes against Humanity. When this madness will die down, people will go to prison for war crimes.

Facebook and YouTube doesn’t want you to see the painful truth, that’s why I created this website.. Because i don’t censor anything. I can post even corpses and torture.. The world needs to see this.

We must stop this terrorism.