Tatisong Eric is the latest victim of Amba terrorism


Yesterday 17 Apr 2019, Mr Tatisong Eric was attacked by Amba CRIMINALS. They shot him in the head, on the back and his left foot. He was rushed to the Military hospital where 3 pellets were removed from his head, some from his back and his foot.

Me Tatisong was at his business place when Amba Terrorists attacked him.. He is currently recovering at the General Hospital.

It happened around T-junction that a friend in Old Town saw him running with blood all over his body. He stopped him, took him in his car and rushed him to the Military hospital Upstation Bamenda.

The Amba terrorists came to the victim’s place, just two terrorists. They came looking for someone to kidnap for ransom as the Amba boys are dying of starvation in the forests.

The Amba terrorists asked the victim to climb on their (Okada) bike. The Man was wise. He refused, and the one with the (Chaa voom dane) gun shot him on his right foot. He grabbed the guy and in the ensuing struggle, the gun fell on the ground.

Instead of people who were around to step in and help the victim, These cowards instead were all trying to run away. The other terrorist picked up the gun and shot Eric in the head and in the back. That’s when Eric loosened his grip on the one with whom he was struggling and started running towards T-junction with blood all over him.

The truth is that this man is LUCKY to be alive, and he made the RIGHT decision to FIGHT back. If he did not fight back, he would have been taken to the forest, tortured, and his family would have been forced to pay millions of FRS CFA in ransom. This is how the CRIMINAL Amba terrorists fund their activities, by inflicting untold PAIN on the innocent civilians.

The saddest thing is that some of the victims of this terrorism today, ARE the same people that were supporting these hardened CRIMINALS in 2017.

We MUST eradicate these terrorists from our forests.

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KumKum Massa

KumKum Massa

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