OperationSunshine re-activated – Wuna must finish fufu

Special Drive for Leaders/Comrades in Jail.

Regular Accounting.

As of today May 6, 2019, we have $6290 in payments and pledges.

Payment methods




Contributions by close of Monday May 6, 2019

1. Chris Ebini. $500p
2. Enow $200p
3. Eric and group. $500p
4. AB. $100
5. M. Ayaba. $100
6. Prince K. $250
7. S/M Eyong $150p
8. A/V Ayafor-A. $200p
9. Gideon Asanji. $100p
10.Echalle Kome. $100p
11.Awa Stateson. $100p
12.Annonymous. bob $200
13.Annonymous. $100p
14.Annonymous. $75p
15.Sister V. $200p
16. EM. $50p
17. Ewinst. $50p
18. Jorn Hagan. $100p
19.Richard T. $100p
20. EA Tanyi. $50p
21. Jenn Taush B. $50p
22. Milton Chia. $50
23. Jessy Itambi. $100p
24. Donny. $100
25. Jacob Ayuk. $50p
26. Ngoh Emil $40p
27. Stephen Chi. $100p
28. Sam Njock $200p
29. Annonymous. $200p
30. Moghamo WI. $100p
31. Peter Ashu. $100p
32. Chris Ajua. $250p
33. Francis Y. $50p
34. Benedicta Ibemsi. $50p
35. Edwin Monono. $100p
36. PO. $200p
37. Mat/Rose Atugon. $100p
38. Manny Ndingwan. $50p
39. Divine Ndi. $50p
40. Ashu LM. $50
41. Nkongho Ritchie. $50
42. Annonymous. $100p
43. Anderson Kajang. $50p
44. John A. $300p
45. Lambert Mbom. $150
46. Henry Mbah. $100p
47. Festus N. $250p
48. Terrence Wakai. $50p
49. PM Bongsuiru. $100p

Hearty thank you to all those who answered to this initiative. Our leaders in jail appreciate you and thank you. We continue to plead for others to come in and grow this list and amount. Please join us to appreciate our leaders in jail. Please join us to warm their spirit. Please let us show them we are with them.

Christmas Ebini

his other email address is Christmasebini Ebini <christmasebini@aol.com>



Anderson Kajang
Anderson Kajang
Lambert Mbom
Lambert Mbom


1) Milton = $100
2) Dr. Dan = $100
3) Elvis = $100
4) Eleanor = $100
5) OB= $200
6) M Eyong= $200
7) Roland = $100
8) Julius T = $100
9) Takube = $100
10)Atud W= $100
11) Jacinta = $100
12) Blacius = $100
13)Evelyn = $100
14) TaNkwoh = $100
15) Collet = $100
16) Mary M = $100
17) Kwende K = $100
18) Fangmbeng = $100
19) N. Frank = €100
20) Eng AGBOR = 100€
21) Richie Cyberglobus = $100
22) Jessy I =$100
23) P.M BONGSUIRU = $100
24) Dr Nick Santos = $100
25) Ems Njo = $100
26) Penn Terence =$50
27) Francis Awudu =$100
28) Dabney Yerima $100
29) Barrister Asafor $ 100
30) Augustine Tambekong $100
31) Celestine = $100
32) Roger Ejob (Australia) = $200
33) V.Ojong. = $100
34) Charles Agbor = $100
35) George Anjoh = $100
36) Jenelius Nkemanjong = $100
37) Roger Mendo =$100
38) Caleche $100
39) Francis Awokang =$100
40) Ms B= $100
41) John Talieh $100
42) TessBaks = $120
43) Egbembah Ojongmboh = $100
44) Gerald Ammah = $100
45) Peter A = $100
46) Janet H. = $100
47) Richard T $100
48. Sessekou Arrey-Mbi $100
49. Annonymous $250
50. Emmanuel N $100
51. Manu N. $100
52. Chebs Ade. $150
53. Home Boy. $100
54 H. Bama = $100
54. Sis Blessing = $200
55 E. M.= $ 100
56 Irene A = $100
57 Pa Toroki = $200
58 Ray Baba = $100
59 Tsi Conrad = $20
60 Martin Ngong = $100
61 Penn SA = $50
62 Null (Custodian) =$100 Recurring till we get to Buea

Please add your name. The funds will be collected when the the cabinet will be announced on Friday and we get our treasury in place


Comrades, we welcome you all once more into this SISIKU house. We are a Pro Sisiku forum and intend to work in line with Sisiku’s vision.

We support Sisiku because he is the embodiment of that a true Patriot. Visionary leader. We stand at him not just bcus of name but the ideas.

This means that this is like an office where we shall be doing Sisiku work, be it working on Sisiku reports, Sisiku printouts, holding Sisiku meetings, you name the rest.

But pls, this will not be a wäre house where you come dump just anything. It is strictly a Sisiku office. Let’s try and leave out all the stuff we find in other forums out of this one.

Now, if you are not a Sisiku fan, we will definitely respect that and ask you to kindly take your leave.

Thank you for understanding and wishing us all a safe trip to Buea despite the turbulences🤩🤩

All these members above should indicate to put a task force against KumKum Massa or Kontri Pipo.

in London

He is a genocide facilitator and enhancer on the Peoples of British Southern Cameroons by my govt of LRC

Francis Awudu
Francis Awudu
FRANCIS AWUDU RESIGNS FROM THE IG. (Copied from Facebook) writen by Clo Anwi on 12 Jan 2019

One of the main cabinet member of the IG has resign. Francis Awudu was one of the many people occupying the “Ambassedor” post. He was the Ambassador to the Francophonie . Francis AWUDU who is part of the 4th Conclave delegates and was a diehard Sisiku AyukTabe supporters and one of the few Activist left in the IG. He joins the long list of Activist and freethinkers who have resigned from the IG without any replacement. Mr Francis’s NGO has been the main initiator of the few if not only diplomatic engagement that the IG could point at that had some semblance of success . His resignation is a call for concern. We are in the middle of a unity convention being lobbied for by the IG’s country heads and regional reps . The Cabinet Of Sako has been launching a full scare blackmail and sabotage war to stop the unity convention that is envisaged. The resignation of Francis Awudu stems from frustration in this regard. 
We previously has strong debates with Mr Francis , he was a guest on my platform and we hope he remain strong and continue to work for the people of Southern Cameroons . 
We cannot give up for our quest for unity in any shape of form. 
Capo Daniel

We Cameroonians HAVE A RIGHT TO OUR OPINIONS – We have the right to voice our opinions without fear or threats from “Ambazonians”. We WILL continue to speak our minds, and We MUST continue to denounce EVIL. 

Watch out for the LIVE show tomorrow Saturday 11 May 2019, at same time, 7:30 PM Cameroon Time.

Special Guest is Yannick Kawa, the former Amba Fighter who is now preaching PEACE. He is from Manyu, and Garri Master is very angry about it.


When Ambafools Lie, we have a duty to reveal THE TRUTH

MKPD>.. We need to let these “Ambazonians” know that we’re not stupid.. We know when they tell LIES.

This is the nonsense they sent out there - Execting you to believe that is their true addresses
This is the nonsense they sent out there – Execting you to believe that is their true addresses

And when they LIE, we’ll come after them with the truth. #OperationSunshine.. Just look at some of these fools and the lies they are spreading..

You call yourselves “Presidents”.. And “Leaders”.. But you are just THIEVES. When Amba stop the lies, then sunshine will stop..

They released this nonsense. All lies

#MKPD.. Look at what these amba thieves in the diaspora are pushing out there. They can’t write one sentence without lying in it. Thieves!

Below is the truthful info they’re trying to hide from you..

Ebenezer Derek Akwanga
Address: 11103 Birch Way, Clinton, MD 20735

Elvis N Kometa
Adress: 14400 W Side Blvd 206
Laurel, Maryland 20707

Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert
Address: 1903 Grey Castle Way
Silver Spring, MD 20903 USA



This frustrated PizzaBoy is on the run in America. Running from the Court in California
This frustrated PizzaBoy is on the run in America. Running from the Court in California

Frustrated AmbaFool, Tapang Ivo (PizzaBoy) is on the run in America, running from lawsuits. 

OperationSunshine on this Amba terrorist number +237681740319

This number +237681740319 is being used by Amba terrorists to extort money from vulnerable people..

I have evidence below..

The number is registered to MBI THERESE. She must start explaining why Amba boys are using her number.

Mbi Therese
Mbi Therese

Enough is enough.


Some people seem to believe that Mbi Therese’s Number might be used without her knowlede.. Well.. Her carelessness or ignorance is being used to cause CHAOS and HAVOC in so many people’s lives, and we can’t ignore that. She has the ID card, and She is the ONLY one who can access the account with her ID Card – and We need to get the accounts DEACTIVATED ASAP!

Eric Tataw cant stop talking about MKPD> Wuna Listen..

#MKPD> OperationSunshine is killing Ambazonia 😂.. Everyone is afraid to donate, because they are afraid of small sunshine 😂.. Wuna listen.

They say we’re not significant, but they can’t stop talking about MKPD.. Why is that? 🤔 He spent about 12 or 13 minutes of his show talking about us, and at the same time, he said we are not relevant, we are not credible.

MKPD> We are dealing with them. People are SCARED to contribute. Because they are scared of #OperationSunshine, and that alone, has CUT their fund raising by a HUGE percentage, and we are PROUD of that. 


The fear of #OperationSunshine is the beginning of Amba Wisdom

My dear Ambalanders, Please DO NOT use your real emails or Facebook, or phone or whatsapp number to interact with this MKPD IDIOT also known as AMBA VS LRC.

Just as he hides his identity, also hide yours as you interact with him. His PURPOSE is to provoke you, get your response, track your telephone number or email and report you to the military. Then they will kill you as that is what they know best. So be wise comrades. He is a cursed and Dull biyamafool of biyameroon and a Sardinard. His popcorn is bread sardine and beer. Wicked politically uneducated idiotic idiots damned forever by biya occultist powers.

Believe it or not, 👆🏾 that’s what an Ambafool wrote on his/her Facebook. They are feeling the pinch from #OperationSunshine 😂

Amba Terrorist Supporters of ENSET Bambili – #OperationSunshine

MKPD> These are all students of ENSET Bambili. They are all in a WhatsApp Group called GTTTC/ENSET 2017/2018, and today, we will shine sunshine into some of the conversations they have in that whatsApp group.

OperationSunshine (ENSET Bambili) WhatsApp Chat Part 1
OperationSunshine (ENSET Bambili) WhatsApp Chat Part 1

Some of the students in this whatsApp group are STAUNCH Amba supporters, DESPITE the fact that these fools are ACTIVELY attending a CAMEROON PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTION that leads to full employment with the Government as a teacher in technical colleges. 

OperationSunshine (ENSET Bambili) WhatsApp Chat Part 2
OperationSunshine (ENSET Bambili) WhatsApp Chat Part 2

These students, some of which MUST have written a very tough entrance examination to get into ENSET Bambili – After reading their messages, and what they had to say, I am calling on the authorities of these colleges to DISMISS these students with IMMEDIATE EFFECT.

If these students are not dismissed, then we know that the Principal has taken BRIBE - Because here is ALL the EVIDENCE to EXPEL these students for supporting terrorism. 
OperationSunshine (ENSET Bambili) WhatsApp Chat Part 3
OperationSunshine (ENSET Bambili) WhatsApp Chat Part 3

These clowns do not have what it takes to be LEADERS of Cameroon. They have seen the terror; the beheadings, the kidnappings and rapes, senseless murders, and untold suffering CAUSED by Amba terrorists, and YET they support these monsters..

OperationSunshine (ENSET Bambili) WhatsApp Chat Part 4
OperationSunshine (ENSET Bambili) WhatsApp Chat Part 4

Surely, the LEAST we can do is tell them that they are NOT FIT to be trained as teachers, and then to later work for THE SAME CAMEROON Government that they so desperately want to destroy.

I will let the evidence speak for itself.. Read their own words, and make up your own mind.

OperationSunshine (ENSET Bambili) WhatsApp Chat Part 5
OperationSunshine (ENSET Bambili) WhatsApp Chat Part 5

The omelette analogy

I know some people reading this post will question my intensions – They will feel sorry for these three young men who’s lives I have DELIBERATELY ruined.. And if you question WHY I am doing this, then please, allow me to introduce you to the Omelette analogy.

OperationSunshine (ENSET Bambili) WhatsApp Chat Part 6
OperationSunshine (ENSET Bambili) WhatsApp Chat Part 6

In mid 2018, while minding my business in my own house, Amba boys came in my house to kill me. I survived.. When I complained about it, ALL Amba supporters asked me NOT to speak up, because I am tarnishing the image of Ambazonia. They called me a “BlackLeg”, a “Traitor”…

Click on the images above to +enlarge
OperationSunshine (ENSET Bambili) WhatsApp Chat Part 7
OperationSunshine (ENSET Bambili) WhatsApp Chat Part 7

And when I showed them video (EVIDENCE) of AMBA BOYS BEHEADING PEOPLE in BAMENDA, these AmbaFools said.. 

"Well, It happens in every revolution - We have to break a few eggs to make an omelette."

So.. YES> in order to destroy Amba terrorism, we too, MUST be prepared to BREAK EGGS. We too MUST be prepated to DESTROY LIVES, and EVEN TO KILL, in order to bring back PEACE and SANITY to Cameroon. 

We ALL like to eat Omelette, but don’t expect that ONLY MY EGGS will be cracked to make that National Omelette.. YOUR eggs too, WILL be cracked! 

This is a WARNING to ALL who support Amba terrorism. #OperationSunshine will REVEAL ALL, and you will be sorry.
OperationSunshine (ENSET Bambili) WhatsApp Chat Part 8
#OperationSunshine (ENSET Bambili) WhatsApp Chat Part 8
There MUST be CONSEQUENCES - for supporting TERRORISM in Cameroon. 

Once again, I am calling for the authorities to assemble these three young men into the Principal’s office, and make them EXPLAIN why they support terrorism and they MUST BE EXPELLED from ENSET. This MUST be a teaching moment, to deter others from furthering/promoting evil.


The three young men involved in this story are.. 

The Mobile Tel Numbers and Names are..

674740822 = Lovert Njom Amoh
670522931 = Kako Taku Pascal 
679687638 = Ngwachunga Atoh Akongnwi

Amoh Lovert Njom

Amoh Lovert Njom - from his facebook profile, he  is from Kumba, and in the whatsApp group chat, Amoh Njom said.. 

"You people are being protectd by your military every where on campus, Day go break for we one day, then wonna go gree  match"

he also said.. "Let the boys sit and be killed, self defense is very important"

This is the SAME FOOL (Amoh Lovert Njom) is ENJOYING the protection by the military, and ATTENDING classes, even though Amba Terorrists have said NO schools should be open. He says self defence… so kidnapping people, and beheadings.. that is self defense? This fool must be asked to EXPLAIN his own statements. But wait.. Let me grab my Popcorn first.. Because I think his explanation will be ENTERTAINING.

Kako Taku Pascal

Kako Taku Pascal - from his facebook profile, he  confirms that he studies at ENSET, which is part of the University of Bamenda. In the whatsApp group chat, Kako Taku Pascal said.. 

"Amba no even start sep"
"Mr man watch your word BC u wil regret urself"
"Man talk rubbish for here wt that our HSE them de burn an killings ,u go hear ur own"

he also said.. "Keep saying that. When amba will finally start you will not have any home remaining to stay. Maybe they will start burning but people too"

Ngwachunga Atoh Akongnwi

My favourite thing about this Ngwachunga Atoh Akongnwi is that I love his Name.. His parents obviously did not have “Black Inferiority Complex“. His parents did NOT give him a “SLAVE” name.. This here is AN AFRICAN YOUNG MAN with 100% AFRICAN name, no european “Christan” names from colonial white supremacists. NONE! But I digressed… 

Atoh Akongnwi - from his facebook profile, he  confirms that he is from Bafut. In the whatsApp group chat, Akongnwi said..  

"our father is sisiku"
"We get for intensify this fight like I goh bos. but their own father deh di do ei thing them for Switzerland di change change ei blood as ei like nor"

I don’t even have anything to say about this one.. It seems to me that he was the ring leader of these Amba supporters – Anyways, now that you know them, you have seen their pictures, and read the words they had to say, you can make up your own mind.

Supporters of Amba Terrorists at ENSET Bambili
They MUST EXPLAIN why they support Terrorism and they MUST BE EXPELLED from ENSET. 

In their defence..

Before I published this info, I added them to WhatsApp, and chatted with them, I gave them an opportunity to defend themselves.. Here is the conversation I had with A couple of them.. 

Chat with Lovert Njom (Part 1)
Chat with Lovert Njom (Part 1)
Chat with Lovert Njom (Part 2)
Chat with Lovert Njom (Part 2)
Chat with Lovert Njom (Part 3)
Chat with Lovert Njom (Part 3)
Chat with Lovert Njom (Part 4)
Chat with Lovert Njom (Part 4)
Chat with Lovert Njom (Part 5)
Chat with Lovert Njom (Part 5)
Chat with Lovert Njom (Part 6) - I provided him with the EVIDENCE, and he STOPPED RESPONDING
Chat with Lovert Njom (Part 6) – I provided him with the EVIDENCE, and he STOPPED RESPONDING

And now .. below is my chat with.. Ngwachunga Atoh Akongnwi

Chat with Nwachunga Atoh Akongnwi (Part 1) - He tried calling me twice, I wasn't available, he blocked me.. Which is fine.. It's his right to do so.
Chat with Nwachunga Atoh Akongnwi (Part 1) – He tried calling me twice, I wasn’t available, he blocked me.. Which is fine.. It’s his right to do so.

And now .. below is my chat with.. Kako Taku Pascal

Chat with Kako Taku Pascal (Part 1)
Chat with Kako Taku Pascal (Part 1)
Chat with Kako Taku Pascal (Part 2)
Chat with Kako Taku Pascal (Part 2)
Chat with Kako Taku Pascal (Part 3)
Chat with Kako Taku Pascal (Part 3)
Chat with Kako Taku Pascal (Part 4)
Chat with Kako Taku Pascal (Part 4)
Chat with Kako Taku Pascal (Part 5)
Chat with Kako Taku Pascal (Part 5)

KumKum is SERVED!  Please.. Enjoy.. It’s FREE!

Amba Boys BEHEAD Muslim Man in Kumba
Amba Boys BEHEAD Muslim Man in Kumba
This article was first published on Sat 16 Mar 2019 @ 1518

Who is this Dopdemga Peter? #OperationSunshine – Send us ALL information


#OperationSunshine must be activated on this fool.. He must not be allowed to enter back into Cameroon. He is on facebook as Dopdemga Peter

Just read what he wrote.. This is a Terrorist, Plain and simple. 

All Cameroonian Ports of entry should take note.. Let’s see if this fool will ever step foot in Cameroon again. He will die and ROT in Nigeria, or wherever the fool is. 

Mark Bareta is buying guns to kill people in Cameroon.. Sponsoring terrorism

Mark Bareta.. I hear he has family too? I hear his mum lives in Cameroon? 🤔
And this fool is raising money with Eric Tataw “Garri Master” to buy guns and shoot people in Cameroon? 🤔

What if those guns were used on his own family eh? 🤔.. #JustThinking.. How wicked are these people? I hear his sister is called Fomo?


#OperationSunshine is causing great havoc and confusion in Ambaland lol

😂 See what #OperationSunshine is doing to AmbaFools.. It’s working MAGIC.

MKPD was in Maryland.. 😂 👆🏾.. MKPD is Everywhere.

This is a public warning to ALL Ambazonians.

If you donate money to buy guns and kill people in Cameroon, I WILL KNOW IT.. Sunshine is your medicine.. Failing that, you will be Kumkumised.


They are so desperate to unmask ONE person.. Not knowing that MKPD is a movement, not one individual.

These deaths.. This is what I want to stop 👆🏾