Ambazonia ADF casualties continue to mount – The NW Region was red with ADF blood in the past 3 days


Just watch and listen to this video, as narrated by an Ambazonian informant in their WhatsApp group. Explaining how an explosive device killed some ADF boys and injured others in Batibo..

This bad news comes after the ADF camp in Mbeme was destroyed by the Cameroon military yesterday, and two Amba boys killed, and their dane guns seized by the military.

Also, the Amba camp at Bali (Julius Titakung, aka Koraman) was attacked, and several Amba boys were killed, and some injured.   



Batibo Incident reveals Ambazonia infighting #Ambazonia

Deep divisions in Ambazonia. Now they are in OPEN warfare, asking that AmbaBoys turn their weapons against the Ambazonia Defence Force (ADF).

There are several fragmented groups of amba boys on ground zero. The ADF is led by Ayaba Cho Lucas, who is an asylum seeker and wannabe warlord living in Norway.

Ayaba Cho Lucas is famous for trying to sell “Ambazonia” oil reserves to a British company. He is also famous for being kicked out of University of Buea in the 1990s, and since then, Noone knows if he’s ever attended another day at university, but he calls himself Dr.. 🤔

Maybe he’s a traditional Native Doctor 🤷🏾‍♂️

Anyways.. These Ambazonians are not serious. They also have other groups such as..

Amba Security Council (ASC) led by Sako Ikome of the IG. Sako is a Mumu, weak, fake pastor, reportedly a 419 scammer, who is embroiled in the My Trip To Buea (MTTB) Scandal.

Southern Cameroons Defence Forces (SOCADEF) led by Ebenezer Akwanga who is another wannabe war lord, residing in the USA. His gang of merciless, uneducated, drugged up criminal murderers are well known for terrorising the people of Bomaka and all of SW region Cameroon. He is reported to have made over 200 million Frs CFA from the lucrative business of kidnapping for ransom.

Other groups include the Sword of Amba, led by “Bell” who resides in China, and AMF, etc.. Too many to count.

I give up.. Ambazonia is driving me crazy.. I hear Antanga Nji pays me.. 🤔 If you are reading this, please.. Send my cheque.. Mr Paul Antanga Nji. My number is on this website everywhere.. Contact me…

Ambazonia IG blames ADF for Batibo killings

Christopher Anumodem Fobenueh (aka Chris Anu), the mouthpiece for the so called Ambazonia Interim Government, announced on Sunday 16th Dec 2018 that the ADF (Ambazonia Defence forces led by Ayaba Cho Lucas) was responsible for killing (self proclaimed “General” Tiger) and five others in Guzang, Batibo.

Ten (10) Amba boys were also seriously wounded, and four (4) were kidnapped (including the self-proclaimed “general” Bierbier) and held captive by the assailants of this crime against humanity.

The ADF Amba boys attacked the ASC Amba camp because of efforts to control the AmbaBoys on Ground Zero.

Chris Anu also confirmed that the ADF killed 18 Amba boys in Fako, two days prior to the Batibo killings.

Wuna Listen.. 👆🏾

Ambazonia WAR CRIME in Batibo, 15 Dec 2018 [GRAPHIC]

Viewer Discretion is advised. This is a Graphic video – Incase Youtube and Facebook decide to remove the Video, I have it on my website below..

AmbaBoys are in OPEN warfare with AmbaBoys. Wandaaaaas!

>> Chris Anu and Lebialem Field Marshal are Brothers >>

A group of ASC Amba boys loyal to the IG were captured by Ambazonia Defence Force (ADF) AmbaBoys in Batibo, Guzang market. Christopher Anumodem Fobenueh (aka Chris Anu), the so called Ambazonia Interim Government (IG) spokesperson explains that six (6) of the Amba boys were killed, (including the self declared “General” Tiger). Ten (10) others were seriously wounded, and four (4) were kidnapped and taken hostage by the assailants (ADF). The self-proclaimed “General” Bierbier is one of those four (4) that were taken hostage.

So the ADF Amba boys killed the so called general Tiger and five (5) others, to send a CLEAR warning message to the IG, that they CONTROL Batibo, and Momo. And the way they Killed these Boys was MURDER. It is a war crime.


Because under the Geneva Convention, which is the Law of war, Once you capture someone, even if they are the enemy, you are obliged to care for them, and you can hold them as prisoners of war, you can Question them, even negotiate with them, but you cannot torture or murder them once you capture them.

And evidence coming from the Ground in Batibo shows that THIS IS A WAR CRIME. This is a crime against Humanity.

You can clearly see that before these young men lost their lives, they were ALL stripped half naked, some had their hands tied behind their backs, they were TORTURED, and then slaughtered like animals..

If you listen to the video you will clearly hear the eye witness on the scene who saw the corpses, he explains that the boys were “slaughtered” with a knife, like pigs.

This is a clear charge that should be laid at Ayaba Cho Lucas, a charge of committing Crimes against Humanity. All the self-declared leaders of the so called Ambazonia are also guilty of THIS and several other atrocities committed on the people of Cameroon.

  • Boh Herbert (resides in the USA)
  • Ebenezer Akwanga (resides in the USA)
  • Eric Tataw Tano (resides in the USA)
  • Mark Bareta 
  • Ayaba Cho Lucas (resides in Norway)
  • Capo Daniel
  • Sako Ikome (resides in the USA)
  • John Mbah Akuro
  • Christopher Anumodem Fobenueh (aka Chris Anu who resides in the USA)

The list is not exhaustive, but all these people above MUST be investigated and brought to book for inciting, sponsoring, and directing crimes against humanity, in Cameroon.

The incident in Batibo is just the latest of SEVERAL that have happened, since 2016.

Posted on 17 Dec 2018


Ambazonia Criminals – Amba Extortion in Action

Ma kontri pipo dem.. Wuna listen..

So Wuna fit take ear chop Christmas.. See how these Amba CRIMINALS are extorting our people every day. This is the kind of thing that happens in Cameroon DAILY.. To thousands of people, I personally, I am a victim of such extortion. Several AmbaBoys have tried calling me, they are requesting that I pay 10 Million Frs or they burn down my houses in the village.

First of all, although I live in the UK, (They assume I have that kind of money).. I DO NOT have that kind of money – and even if I did, I would NOT sponsor terror in my country.. So the only option is to HELP the armed forces kill them BEFORE they destroy my properties or kill more people..

I am saddened, and exhausted and Frustrated at where my country is. This Ambazonia nonsense has to be STOPPED. See, even now they are killing themselves, like the incident in Batibo yesterday 15 Dec 2018, which was NOT isolated.

These Amba boys are acting like ANIMALS… These are HARDENED Criminals that MUST BE STOPPED.

This 👆🏾 is where they go to recruit AmbaBoys.. Hardened criminals. And when these criminals commit attrocities, they deny it, when they are proudly making statements on Facebook that they go to free up boys from prison. This post was made by Tapang Ivo, the spokesperson for Ambazonia Defence Force (ADF).

The so called Revolution died a LONG time ago, and the Amba boys KNOW it. Now they are in it to make as much money as possible, and run into Nigeria. That is the game plan, and our people on Ground Zero (GZ) are going to be the ones to Suffer.

This is how their so called “revolution” is sponsored.. Through Criminality, Kidnapping for ransom, Extortion etc??
I don tire Ambazonia.. Paul Biya sef BETTER! JeeeeeeeeeZusssss!

This is the way I deal with these extortion calls. I have stopped answering nonsense “unknown” calls. The way these people work is by INSTILLING FEAR in people. So if they cannot instill FEAR in you, they can’t do anything. As soon as they send me 1 message, I BLOCK, and they have to go and get a new SIM card, put credit and sometimes, they call, and sometimes, when i answer by mistake, I put the phone down, and go mind my business, and let them talk to themselves.. soon, they realise that I don’t care about their threats..
And when they are finished, they will hang up, I come back, BLOCK the number, and continue living my life. DO NOT engage with these iDiots… unless you must.
Luckily for me, I have the means, so I have relocated ALL my family to the Francophone zone.. Thunder FIRE them.

Thanks to Mr Frankline Njume for bringing this to light.. The Audio was copied from his Facebook page Dec 16th 2018.

Mark Bareta confirm that the ADF killed 6 Amba boys in Batibo today.

The reports coming out from Batibo is sad and shocking. It’s even a shame because we expose and make ourselves a laughing stock. We give the enemy and their agents all powers to talk and shame at us and they are rightfully correct. We give the impression to the world that we cannot self governed ourselves. It’s a despicable shame.

The ADF it has been cleared carried out the attack in Batibo under their new general in that area. The power to control and dominance has carried the ADF to cause more pains than joy. Ignore any communique coming from the ADF trying to cover up such an evil act. Yes, they slaughtered in military style six other forces of the ASC, wounded several and abducting one other (Bierbier) as it is told. It is a big shame to the ADF and all those who manned that structure. They crossed a line and are boastful about it. Ambazonians must now forcefully and heavily reject these moves.

It is true that it never ends with the ADF. SOCADEF general Opopo in Muyenge Fako carried out similar despicable acts few days ago. TSOA from Meme under the leadership of Bell in China has seen General Divine in Marumba almost becoming the devil himself, another one Daniel formerly an ASC general has joined ranks with Divine with these acts, all attacks and counter attacks.

It pains me a lot writing these things because this not what we wanted. This is not what we bargained for. All these because some people sit in the diaspora, call themselves Leaders polluting mindsets left and right.

Whatever we do in this revolution, let us be aware that Ambazonia will be free but individually we will have to pay by our actions before God and man, we will pay before the Ambazonia people.

Sad day for us.

Mark Bareta

Other reaction below..

Tapang Ivo confirms the killing of AmbaBoys in Batibo

BREAKING NEWS from Tapang Ivo

1. The ADF confirms that there have been attacks on an Ambazonia military camp in Guzang, Batibo. Commander Tiger and five of his soldiers were assassinated today.

2. We investigated that their hands were tired in the back before they were shot in the head and other body parts using a pistol. Certainly, these acts are consistent with La Republic military-styled attacks and summary executions.

2. Also, they were bundled up and stripped half naked before their assassination in a bush. It is another consistent way La Republic executes its killings.

4. The ADF would be holding a security meeting today to update the public about further security measures. This is a camp we supplied weapons to. Two weeks ago, we gave then several bullets and guns. There is a spy in the house.

5. They were probably kidnapped by La Republic, stripped half naked to expose there Odeshi, and taken to a bush where all of them were shot at a 2 meter radius.

6. These executions are logically consistent and empirically correct with past excutions done by La Republic in Maroua, Bali, Kwakwa, etc. The guns used were not dane guns. Certainly, 6 healthly mean cannot be taken to a forest by just 2 terrorists. It is a planned act.

The ADF extends sincere condolences to the affected families, and we vow to exact revenge on La Republic. There is no disarmament.

Tapang, ADF Spokesman

Tapang Ivo statement on Facebook
Tapang Ivo statement on Facebook

Below is one of those killed in Batibo

eaction from Njume Franklin on the Killings of Amba boys in Batibo by Amba boys.
Reaction from Njume Franklin on the Killings of Amba boys in Batibo by AmbaBoys.