Several Amba boys killed in Mamfe, Eshobi..

This story is still developing.. But several Amba boys killed in Mamfe, Eshobi..

On Saturday 18 May 2019, Amba boys from neighbouring village attacked innocent citizens of Eshobi, killing several people. Reports say over 6 people laid dead.

Today 22 May 2019, this đŸ‘†đŸŸ is happening..

Ops ce jour a Mamfe village Eshobi

While these Ambazonians sit comfortably in the diaspora, they incite these kind of violence in Cameroon 🇹đŸ‡Č


Latest Beheading in Bamenda – Mobile Nkwen – 21 May 2019

This is shocking.. Here are the pictures.. Stay tuned for the latest info, coming soon.

Vondou Olivier is the Victim's name
Vondou Olivier is the Victim’s name

MKPD> This is the latest Amba Terrorist beheading. The victim’s name is Vondou Olivier, his head was dropped at Mobile Nkwen, today 21 May 2019. That is all the info we know for now.. Stay Tuned..

The victim was a teacher at Government Bilingual High school (GBHS) Nitop Bamenda. And yes, there is no doubt that he was murdered, beheaded brutally by Amba Terrorists today 21st May 2019.

It is VERY CLEAR that these AmbaBoys ARE TERRORISTS, and there is absolutely NO FIGHT for independence. This is Terror!

Ambazonia madness.. AmbaBoy killed, and woman’s breasts cut off in Mutengene

Ce jour 06 mai 2019, lors mission de patrouille sur axe NKAMBE-NDU-NWANTI-SABONGARI par Ă©lĂ©ments 52eme BIM, rencontres avec terroristes secessionnistes Ă  diffĂ©rents endroits dont 01 km avant NWANTI, oĂč 01 EKIA, blessĂ©s non identifiĂ©s, 03 motos dĂ©truites, 04 armes artisanales rĂ©cupĂ©rĂ©es.

Demain 07 mai 2019, ravitaillement poste NWA et Escorte camions ravitaillement 52eme BIM retour sur Nkambe via postes NDU.

Au cours dite opération chef de gang de ntem griÚvement blessé entre la vie et la mort

Hvrc xx 06/05/19 xx kumbo xx lieu dit BAMNGAM-MBAH xx 03h-10h xx patrouille pédestre Grie-51eme BA xx a tendu embuscade aux terroristes sécessionnistes xx bilan xx cÎté ami xx ras xx cÎté eni xx 01 neutralisé xx plusieurs blessés en fuite xx 01fusil à pompe et 09 munitions récupérées xx 04 motocyclettes detruites xx et fin

On other news, a woman was mutilated, her breasts cut off.. See pictures below.. This is Amba Terrorism.

Ambazonia Terrorists use hot knife to burn human skin of their victims

These are some of the methods of torture by Ambazonia Terrorists.. They use HOT KNIFE 🗡.. TO burn human flesh..

These are victims who survived.. I don’t know his name, or much details about him. All I know is that this is a poor villager in Cameroon who was kidnapped and tortured by AmbaBoys, Ambazonia Terrorists.

The international community including NGOs like Amnesty international and Human Rights Watch must STOP sanitising Terrorism. They must call out these barbarians what they are.. TERRORISTS.

We are tired of their nonsense, calling them “Separatists”.. This is Terrorism, plain and simple.

Mbororo people to meet UN Chief to discuss Ambazonia Terrorism

Representatives of Mbororo pastoralists will be meeting Michelle Bachelet to present evidence of xenophobic materials, killings, torture, kidnappings, ransom collection and cattle theft by Ambazonia militias.

The meeting will take place during her ongoing visit to Cameroon. Ahead of the meeting a Mbororo activist was today able to show her a recent video of Issa Adamu who was tortured by Ambazonia militias in Bamenda to death. (See Video below) She was shocked and has asked for all evidence to be submitted.

The meeting follows two weeks of advocacy by 5 Mbororo representatives at UN headquarters on same issues.

Other represenatives will be in Brussels this weekend to further expose the exactions by the armed separatist groups on cattle herders in NW/SW Cameroon.

The Mbororo advocacy follows months of killings, torture and ransom collection and the failure of Ambazonia leaders to stop the abuses.

ADAM ASSANA – The Latest Amba Terrorist Beheading – MUYUKA – 24 Apr 2019

This atrocity happened on 24 Apr 2019. The story goes that the victim, (Adam) and two of his friends drove from Douala, to Kumba, for whatever reason, and the car was stopped, he was recognised as a Gendarmerie, and removed from the car and later killed and dismembered.

ADAM ASSANA - was beheaded by Amba Terrorists on 24 April 2017 - His body was cut into 17 parts and spead on the road in Muyuka
ADAM ASSANA – was beheaded by Amba Terrorists on 24 April 2017 – His body was cut into 17 parts and spead on the road in Muyuka

May his soul rest in Peace, and may his terrorist murderers get hit by 1000 thunder and lighting.

His body was cut into 17 parts and spead on the road in Muyuka.


The Proprietor of the Saint Frederick Comprehensive High School Bamenda has been kidnapped by Amba terrorists

Michel Mubang, the Proprietor of the Saint Frederick Comprehensive High School Bamenda was kidnapped by Amba terrorists yesterday 23 Apr 2019.

Ambazonian terrorists kidnapped the man at gunpoint and took him to an unknown destination. A witness said four armed AmbaBoys attacked the security guard and forced him at gunpoint to take the terrorists to the administrative block. The security guard had no choice.

They met the proprietor at the secretariat, fired a gun inside the office and forced the victim out…

This story is still developing..

Amba “Commander” from Nchang village (Ako Victor) bites the dust – reports Franklin Njume

As written by Franklin Njume..

So yesterday Ako Victor the amba commander for Nchang Village went to attack a Chinese company in Besongabang and was sold out. Of course as we speak, the cursed brat is dead meat.

His miserable corpse is in my whatsapp, I can’t post it here on facebook for reasons you best know. His partners in crime have been horrified by his demise and are contemplating dropping their arms. But, man no run oh! Idieeets!!

Dead for nothing.
Dead for nothing.

Else I forget, you will like to know that his father is an amba 4ooL on suspension. I hear he was dismissed from an amba camp because he STOLE, all say steal😂

click here for the link to the Facebook post by Franklin Njume..

As written on Facebook by Franklin Njume
As written on Facebook by Franklin Njume
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There is not a single international country that recognises Ambazonia
There is not a single international country that recognises Ambazonia

The Latest Ambazonia terror victim – Pah Allo’s Mechanic

MKPD> On Thursday 18 Apr 2019, Ambazonia Terrorists shot and killed a mechanic.

The incident happened just outside  Pah Allo’s compound, at around 7AM. Pah Allo is the owner of Allo Comprehensive High School.

The victim was taking Pah Allo’s car to the garage when he was shot by the Amba terrorists. It is believed that these terrorists were targeting Pah Allo himself.

There is no doubt that these Ambazonians are Terrorists, and anyone who had any doubts before, we will continue to show you the evidence of their own atrocities.

This is just the latest victim we’re reporting about. Thousands of other victims’ stories go unreported.

Read Tantiyo’s story here

Tatisong Eric is the latest victim of Amba terrorism


Yesterday 17 Apr 2019, Mr Tatisong Eric was attacked by Amba CRIMINALS. They shot him in the head, on the back and his left foot. He was rushed to the Military hospital where 3 pellets were removed from his head, some from his back and his foot.

Me Tatisong was at his business place when Amba Terrorists attacked him.. He is currently recovering at the General Hospital.

It happened around T-junction that a friend in Old Town saw him running with blood all over his body. He stopped him, took him in his car and rushed him to the Military hospital Upstation Bamenda.

The Amba terrorists came to the victim’s place, just two terrorists. They came looking for someone to kidnap for ransom as the Amba boys are dying of starvation in the forests.

The Amba terrorists asked the victim to climb on their (Okada) bike. The Man was wise. He refused, and the one with the (Chaa voom dane) gun shot him on his right foot. He grabbed the guy and in the ensuing struggle, the gun fell on the ground.

Instead of people who were around to step in and help the victim, These cowards instead were all trying to run away. The other terrorist picked up the gun and shot Eric in the head and in the back. That’s when Eric loosened his grip on the one with whom he was struggling and started running towards T-junction with blood all over him.

The truth is that this man is LUCKY to be alive, and he made the RIGHT decision to FIGHT back. If he did not fight back, he would have been taken to the forest, tortured, and his family would have been forced to pay millions of FRS CFA in ransom. This is how the CRIMINAL Amba terrorists fund their activities, by inflicting untold PAIN on the innocent civilians.

The saddest thing is that some of the victims of this terrorism today, ARE the same people that were supporting these hardened CRIMINALS in 2017.

We MUST eradicate these terrorists from our forests.