Ambazonia ADF casualties continue to mount – The NW Region was red with ADF blood in the past 3 days


Just watch and listen to this video, as narrated by an Ambazonian informant in their WhatsApp group. Explaining how an explosive device killed some ADF boys and injured others in Batibo..

This bad news comes after the ADF camp in Mbeme was destroyed by the Cameroon military yesterday, and two Amba boys killed, and their dane guns seized by the military.

Also, the Amba camp at Bali (Julius Titakung, aka Koraman) was attacked, and several Amba boys were killed, and some injured.   



Tapang Ivo faces consequences for inciting Terror in Cameroon

Tapang Ivo, the so called spokesperson for the ADF has been inciting violence and terrorism in Cameroon 🇨🇲 for several months. FINALLY, he is facing the music – He has been taken to court..

And the video is also available on Facebook.. (Below)


The lawsuit was filed on 26 Dec 2018 in the Northern District Court in California (Case number 5:18-cv-07721) by the Nsahlai law firm. This lawsuit accuses the ADF spokesperson (Tapang Ivo Tanku) of engaging in actions that incite terrorism in Cameroon, and that his actions are in violation of the anti-terrorism act, RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) and other laws in the USA..

And therefore, Tapang Ivo is aiding and abetting acts of international terrorism. The lawsuit also seeks to put an injunction to STOP Tapang Ivo from providing support to terrorists in Cameroon.

Nsahlai Law firm also say that they will follow up this lawsuit by filling a criminal complaint against Tapang Ivo with the FBI, state and local authorities, and the US Department of Homeland Security, and Immigration and customs enforcement (ICE).

The plaintiff for this lawsuit are (Jane Doe and Jon Doe) American citizens, whose relatives were killed in Cameroon in May and August 2018. For more information on this case, the plaintiffs have set up a website which you can access,

The Lawsuit (66 pages) >> Tapang_Lawsuit.pdf>> 📄

In the video presentation above, which I have made and published on YouTube and Facebook, you can hear for yourself, Tapang Ivo, directing Amba boys to “VISIT” Hotels and Mini-cites in Yaounde and Douala, and kill innocent civilians to get independence.

If these so called Ambazonian claim that AmbaBoys are “restoration forces” or “defence forces”, so.. What do Mini-cites and Hotels have to do with their “restoration” or “defence”? If you are fighting the so called occupation forces, why target innocent civilians in Yaoundé and Douala, in their hotel rooms?

This is terrorism!

This is EVIDENCE of Tapang Ivo Inciting Acts of TERROR in Cameroon, and this Lawsuit is on solid ground, it is merited and long overdue.. (In my opinion)

This is Terrorism
This is Terrorism (…)
Tapang - Bragging on Facebook
Tapang – Bragging on Facebook

After the lawsuit was filed on 26 Dec 2018, by Thursday 27 December, the news started to filter through.. But before Tapang Ivo knew about the lawsuit, he posted this on Facebook, bragging, that “as long as we have guns, whoever goes for dialogue with LRC will still come back to meet us shooting non-stop.

But just 8 hours later, on that same Thursday 27 December, Tapang Ivo finally got the news about the lawsuit, but he tried to downplay it and this is what he wrote on Facebook.. “Beware of LRC scare tactics, it is the end of their game. Any legal battle between LRC and Ambazonia would be a ticket to independence”..

Now he wants to protect Francophones.
Now he wants to protect Francophones?

He wants you to believe that this is just a “scare tactic”. And he tried to say this LRC is responsible for this lawsuit, and he wants you to believe that the lawsuit is against Ambazonia, even though the lawsuit SPECIFICALLY names TAPANG IVO TANKU as the defendant. In my opinion, he was just trying his best to divert and downplay the bad news.

At 14:32 that same day, Tapang Ivo went on Facebook, and his tune changed.. Now he said.. “We have always maintained that we must protect Francophone minorities in Ambazonia”.

Of course.. Now, after he saw the lawsuit accusing him of inciting terrorism, now he is saying that we should protect innocent civilians? Only last month in Nov 2018, This same Tapang Ivo was sending Amba boys to go and “visit” innocent civilians in hotel rooms in Yaoundé and Douala..

“We” have been briefed? Who is “we”?

About 2 hours later, at 15:59, Tapang Ivo came back on Facebook and said this.. “We have been briefed about a LRC lawsuit scare tactic. Haha – He calls it a scare tactic, but even if it was a scare tactic, it was definitely working.. Tapang goes on to say “Game over if La Rep dares a legal war on any Ambazonian”.

You see, let me tell you what’s happening.. These are the signs of a desperate man who knows he is in DEEP Wahala, and he doesn’t know what to do..

He said.. “WE have been briefed”.. Who is “we”? The lawsuit is targeting Tapang Ivo specifically, (although it implicates the whole of the Ambazonia movement in the diaspora) – But he is saying “We” because he wants this to sound like a fight against the whole Ambazonia, so that he can get support from all Ambazonia activists to defend himself. That is the tactic he is using here. That is why he goes on to say.. “If La Rep dares a legal war on any Ambazonian”..

>> This lawsuit is not by LRC, and it is not against Ambazonia, It is against all those who incite Amba violence in Cameroon. The lawsuit is filed by Barrister Emmanuel Nsahlai – and the Plaintiffs are John Doe and Jane Doe, who are American citizens.

Now he wants to Dialogue
Tapang Ivo – Now he wants to Dialogue

And just before midnight on that same Thursday 27 Dec 2018, Tapang Ivo Said.. “We will dialogue and negotiate in the presence of the UN”.. You can see how his tune is beginning to change.. Now he wants to dialogue..

But he continues.. Because by Friday 28th Dec, Tapang Ivo was in FULL Panic mode.. He posted on Facebook..

TRULY, we will go nowhere without UNITY. I apologise to everyone. Let us keep away our egos, mend fences and UNITE!”

Tapang begs for Unity
Tapang begs for Unity
Learn to Love and Tolerate? Really?
Learn to Love and Tolerate? Really?

Few minutes later, he said..

“Let us learn, to love and tolerate everyone without backstabbing and spewing hate. UNITY gives hope and Victory”.

And on Saturday 29th Dec 2018 at 13:13, Spokesman Tapang said.. “Give me a chance to preach UNITY and APOLOGY on Facebook live”.. He later came on and gave an apology live on Facebook.

Tapang preaches Unity
Tapang preaches Unity

This same Tapang Ivo Tanku who said just a few days prior, that let the IG control Facebook, and the ADF will control Ground zero.. Now he is making apologies?

On Saturday 29 December, Tapang Ivo’s world began to unravel.. He put out this statement on Facebook, saying..

“Two days ago, I Ivo Tanku Tapang read with dismay and utter consternation, a suit against my person from the offices of barrister Emmanuel Nsahlai in California USA. The lawsuit accuses me of aiding and abetting in acts of terrorism that led to the deaths of John Doe and Jane Doe’s family members”..

He went on to say.. “I Tapang Ivo Tanku… and the ADF do not promote or endorse violence against civilians”

<< Click here to read the Full statement >> 📄

And the Letter continues..

“I also plead with my fellow brother Barrister Nsahlai Emmanuel to open a peaceful channel for peace talks with me where I could extend my sincere condolences as a stateless citizen to the affected families that this law firm is representing. I hope somehow, this message could reach my senior brother Nsahlai Emmanuel. Let us give peace a chance.”

He concludes by included his email address, phone number and calls himself a stateless citizen on exile from LRC, his country of birth. He says he is a freedom fighter, and he’s in America as a student under the Fulbright scholarship.

So what does this mean? This is a man in FULL panic mode.. He is now calling the barrister and the Law firm.. Big brother, pleading to resolve this peacefully, he wants peace talks..

Let me tell you something, Ma Kontri PiPO Dem.. This is VERY serious. Tapang Ivo Tanku needs a lawyer to represent him in court. Lawyers are not cheap! And the lawsuit is in California – which means, Tapang has to travel.. Flying across the USA to attend several court hearings.. Which costs time and money. He hasn’t got that kind of time, or money because he is a student. This case can actually cost him his Fulbright scholarship.

You also have to understand that now he is implicated in the federal government for sponsoring acts of terror – which means he will be on the Terror watch list, and can mean he will not be allowed to work in certain places, he may never be cleared to take certain loans and credit cards – just to name but a few consequences that will follow him personally.

And that is why he is online, begging and literally preaching for unity with other factions of Ambazonia, because now Tapang is trying to say that this lawsuit is against Ambazonia, that all of Ambazonia need to come to his defence, because he hasn’t got the money to hire a lawyer to defend him.. And he needs a lawyer with experience in that specific field of RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) and anti-terrorism laws.

If Tapang Ivo wins this lawsuit, he may be bankrupted and probably lose his Fulbright scholarship, and the implications will live with him for decades. Once you have your name placed in the terror watch list by the FBI, it is very difficult to get your name out of that list.

Nelson Mandela was placed on the terror watch list by the FBI – and EVEN after he was released from prison in 1990, won the election in 1994 and became the President of South Africa, and became a global hero, an international icon, President Mandela still needed SPECIAL permission from the US state department just to get a visa to enter the US for the UN summits. It was not until July 2008 that President Mandela was removed from the Anti-Terror watch list.

Tapang says.. We will CRUSH you - Mouff!
We will CRUSH you – Mouff!
Tapang says.. We will OBLITERATE - We don't Negotiate.
We will OBLITERATE – We don’t Negotiate.

After the Batibo incident on 15 Dec 2018, where ADF went and attacked ASC camp, killing the so called “Generals” Tiger and Biabia and several others.. This same Tapang came online and said.. “We finally got all of ADF general Ivo’s weapons, and I mean ALLLLL”..

Brags about getting weapons back - Batibo Incident
Brags about getting weapons back – Batibo Incident

He continued.. “Babies are crying because the ADF has taken their feeding bottles”.. He even called them GOATS.. But that was.. only 2 weeks ago..

Tapang says Babies crying.. After Batibo Incident.. Calls them Goats
Tapang says Babies crying.. After Batibo Incident.. Calls ASC Goats

And now.. Because of this lawsuit.. Tapang Ivo is desperately apologising and preaching for unity.. You know why?

He is in Trouble. BIG TROUBLE!

No matter the outcome of the lawsuit, this will keep Tapang Ivo busy. He will be running from state to state, will leave him less time to focus on inciting terrorism in Cameroon. He will be working double hard, begging, trying to raise money for his court case, the so called Ambazonians will be raising money to pay for lawyers, instead of buying guns to destabilise Cameroon.

This lawsuit is a big deal for Tapang Ivo personally – whether he wins it or loses it, it will have devastating consequences to him, and could destroy his life.

So take note..

Ayaba Cho Lucas, Eric Tataw, Mark Bareta, Ebenezwer Akwanga, John Mbah Akuru, Chris Anu, and even the village clown Franklin Verla..

👆🏾 You are NEXT!

There are consequences, for inciting and sponsoring terrorism!

This lawsuit has the potential to bring down all those who are inciting terrorism in Cameroon, but hiding in the diaspora. These people thought they are safe because they are in the diaspora.

Tic.. Toc.. Tic.. Toc.. 🕒

Mark Bareta vs Tapang Ivo – Fallout after the Batibo Incident

Mark Bareta made an audio, calling for Tapang Ivo to be sacked as the spokesperson for ADF. Tapang Ivo responded to Mark Bareta.. Video below.. Wuna listen..

The Batibo Incident has engulfed the whole of “Ambazonia Revolution” for the past 10 days, starting on 15 December 2018, and the deepening crisis is shaking the foundations of the Ambazonia Facebook Republic.

Ambazonians all over would want us to believe that.. this is HOW a revolution goes.. But even the staunchest of supporters can see that the infighting is too much, and they are lamenting in their private whatsApp groups – However, these WhatsApp groups have been infiltrated – and we KNOW what they are talking about, and they can see it..

Ambazonia is FALLING

There is more chaos in Ambazonia than Donald Trump’s administration.. And that is saying something.

WhatsApp:: +237 6 7418 9836

  • ASC = Ambazonia Security Council  – Led by the IG, (Sako Ikome et al)
  • AGC = Ambazonia Governing Counci – Led by Ayaba Cho.
  • ADF = Ambazonia Defence Forces   – Armed group under AGC. Commander in Chief is Ayaba Cho. Tapang Ivo Tanku is the spokesperson
  • SOCADEF = Southern Cameroons Defence Forces (Led by Ebenezer Akwanga – “General” Opopo is the “General” of the SOCADEF)

Cameroon Army mock and taunt AmbaBoys after killing ‘General’ Ivo

Wata na Wata. Where dem dey? Me I no di fear Army. General my ass. Those are just some of the taunts used to mock Amba boys in the video below. These are some of the phrases used by Amba boys in their juvenile videos that have circulated social media in the past year and a bit.. The Cameroon Army can be heard mocking and taunting AmbaBoys after killing the “General” Ivo.

In my opinion, the taunts are well deserved, after these Amba fools go around making such retarded comments, now what have they got to say? They know the locations of the Army posts, and the DO’s offices, and the SDO and Governor’s offices. Yet they can’t attack those places. They target innocent citizens for kidnap/ransom, and then make videos saying.. Where dem dey? GO and attack the Army posts, iDioooooooots!

For more information on the killing of General Ivo, click here.. 

PS: I did not upload to facebook or YouTube, because they don’t like such graphic images, but hey.. I built my own website, so let me see someone censor me.. Nonsense

General Ivo is Dead

General Ivo is Dead. See pictures.. Killed in Teke – Kumba, today Fri 21 Dec 2018.

Story still developing… Reports coming in from eye witnesses on the ground say that these Amba boys were killed by the BIR, in Teke – Kumba. He was killed among several other Amba fools. These are Gruesome images.. But we need the world to see

General Ivo is DEAD - Killed in Mabanda
“General” Ivo is DEAD – Killed in Mabanda
Gruesom Images.. But we need the world to see
Gruesome Images.. But we need the world to see
General Ivo DEAD
General Ivo is DEAD
Self proclaimed “General” Ivo of the ADF
When will this nonsense STOP?
When will this nonsense STOP?
Several Amba Boys killed along with
Several Amba Boys killed along with “Gen” Ivo

Speechless. This is Cameroon.. Madness called Ambazonia..

Do these fools still believe in Odeshi?
Do these fools still believe in Odeshi?
Live by the Gun..
Live by the Gun..
Your victims are celebrating your death
Your victims are celebrating your death

This is Ambazonia Madness. When will this nonsense stop? When will our young men stop causing their own deaths like this? MADNESS!

Batibo Incident reveals Ambazonia infighting #Ambazonia

Deep divisions in Ambazonia. Now they are in OPEN warfare, asking that AmbaBoys turn their weapons against the Ambazonia Defence Force (ADF).

There are several fragmented groups of amba boys on ground zero. The ADF is led by Ayaba Cho Lucas, who is an asylum seeker and wannabe warlord living in Norway.

Ayaba Cho Lucas is famous for trying to sell “Ambazonia” oil reserves to a British company. He is also famous for being kicked out of University of Buea in the 1990s, and since then, Noone knows if he’s ever attended another day at university, but he calls himself Dr.. 🤔

Maybe he’s a traditional Native Doctor 🤷🏾‍♂️

Anyways.. These Ambazonians are not serious. They also have other groups such as..

Amba Security Council (ASC) led by Sako Ikome of the IG. Sako is a Mumu, weak, fake pastor, reportedly a 419 scammer, who is embroiled in the My Trip To Buea (MTTB) Scandal.

Southern Cameroons Defence Forces (SOCADEF) led by Ebenezer Akwanga who is another wannabe war lord, residing in the USA. His gang of merciless, uneducated, drugged up criminal murderers are well known for terrorising the people of Bomaka and all of SW region Cameroon. He is reported to have made over 200 million Frs CFA from the lucrative business of kidnapping for ransom.

Other groups include the Sword of Amba, led by “Bell” who resides in China, and AMF, etc.. Too many to count.

I give up.. Ambazonia is driving me crazy.. I hear Antanga Nji pays me.. 🤔 If you are reading this, please.. Send my cheque.. Mr Paul Antanga Nji. My number is on this website everywhere.. Contact me…

Mark Bareta confirm that the ADF killed 6 Amba boys in Batibo today.

The reports coming out from Batibo is sad and shocking. It’s even a shame because we expose and make ourselves a laughing stock. We give the enemy and their agents all powers to talk and shame at us and they are rightfully correct. We give the impression to the world that we cannot self governed ourselves. It’s a despicable shame.

The ADF it has been cleared carried out the attack in Batibo under their new general in that area. The power to control and dominance has carried the ADF to cause more pains than joy. Ignore any communique coming from the ADF trying to cover up such an evil act. Yes, they slaughtered in military style six other forces of the ASC, wounded several and abducting one other (Bierbier) as it is told. It is a big shame to the ADF and all those who manned that structure. They crossed a line and are boastful about it. Ambazonians must now forcefully and heavily reject these moves.

It is true that it never ends with the ADF. SOCADEF general Opopo in Muyenge Fako carried out similar despicable acts few days ago. TSOA from Meme under the leadership of Bell in China has seen General Divine in Marumba almost becoming the devil himself, another one Daniel formerly an ASC general has joined ranks with Divine with these acts, all attacks and counter attacks.

It pains me a lot writing these things because this not what we wanted. This is not what we bargained for. All these because some people sit in the diaspora, call themselves Leaders polluting mindsets left and right.

Whatever we do in this revolution, let us be aware that Ambazonia will be free but individually we will have to pay by our actions before God and man, we will pay before the Ambazonia people.

Sad day for us.

Mark Bareta

Other reaction below..

Tapang Ivo confirms the killing of AmbaBoys in Batibo

BREAKING NEWS from Tapang Ivo

1. The ADF confirms that there have been attacks on an Ambazonia military camp in Guzang, Batibo. Commander Tiger and five of his soldiers were assassinated today.

2. We investigated that their hands were tired in the back before they were shot in the head and other body parts using a pistol. Certainly, these acts are consistent with La Republic military-styled attacks and summary executions.

2. Also, they were bundled up and stripped half naked before their assassination in a bush. It is another consistent way La Republic executes its killings.

4. The ADF would be holding a security meeting today to update the public about further security measures. This is a camp we supplied weapons to. Two weeks ago, we gave then several bullets and guns. There is a spy in the house.

5. They were probably kidnapped by La Republic, stripped half naked to expose there Odeshi, and taken to a bush where all of them were shot at a 2 meter radius.

6. These executions are logically consistent and empirically correct with past excutions done by La Republic in Maroua, Bali, Kwakwa, etc. The guns used were not dane guns. Certainly, 6 healthly mean cannot be taken to a forest by just 2 terrorists. It is a planned act.

The ADF extends sincere condolences to the affected families, and we vow to exact revenge on La Republic. There is no disarmament.

Tapang, ADF Spokesman

Tapang Ivo statement on Facebook
Tapang Ivo statement on Facebook

Below is one of those killed in Batibo

eaction from Njume Franklin on the Killings of Amba boys in Batibo by Amba boys.
Reaction from Njume Franklin on the Killings of Amba boys in Batibo by AmbaBoys.