The Brigade Anti Sardinard (BAS) join forces with Eric Tataw, the Ambazonian Terrorist

Ma Kontri Pipo dem – Wuna Listen oh.. Pure Comedy – Ambazonia Frustration.

Listen 👂🏽 for yourself.. They are desperate, both the BAS (Brigade Anti Sardinard) and the Ambazonians – Now these unlikely Bedfellows are coming together.

After Eric Tataw made this DESPERATE move, the other desperado (Mark Bareta) supported it, but the rest of Ambazonians condemned it.. some even went as far as to call Eric Tataw a “Federalist”.. LoL.. This is PURE COMEDY!

Bumbling idiots. Just listen to what Edwin Foncha had to say to this.. He was castigating Mark Bareta and Eric Tataw.. Very Funny

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KumKum Massa

KumKum Massa

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