AmbaBoy.. A victim of the vicious 419 scam from the diaspora

Who remembered this handsome young gentleman??? He was brainwashed with lies and propagandas by the ambazonian leaders abroad that;

-UN is working to separate Cameroon.

-UNESCO is going to give a blank school year in Cameroon

-Odeyshi evil spirits is protecting them from any billet

-Sissiko is coming down to buea to declare it capital of buea.

-Amba got independent in 1st Oct 2017.

-Amba is a land of milk and honey and it’ll be the richest country in Africa.

Sadly he abandoned his wife and two kids behind and carry a Dane gun to fight the military. May his soul rest in peace.
What vex me the most is to see how this amba leaders abroad are scamming the population to collect money in the name of funding the struggle, using the death of this young guys to seek asylum in USA.