Amba Terrorists in Ndop Area – walking corpses, but we can save you. Contact #KumKum Massa now.

Ma Kontri Pipo Dem. Wuna Lookam Fine.. See These AmbaFools.. These Terrorists who are Terrorizing Pple Around Ndop Area.

(The one with cigarette in the mouth is called Fokam Francis, the one on the bike is Willy Mukanda). That Buffoon standing with one of his concubines (below) is called SAHKENG CEDRIC, the current Amba “Commander”.

Amba in Ndop

Pure Madness

See how primitive these terrorists are.. They are still carrying Odeshi thinking that it will help them. 😂 Look at them well.. Their time is near. Feed your eyes now because when next you see them, they Will be in a shallow grave.

But they can be saved if they contact #KumKum Massa on WhatsApp +447495198739.

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KumKum Massa

KumKum Massa

I, KumKum Massa is a proud Cameroonian, born and bred in NW Region of Cameroon, although I have spent the last two decades travelling the world, from Asia (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain), South America, North America (USA and Canada) as well as several countries in Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.

I have varied interests from sports to music, food, and culture, but one thing is for certain.. I love Cameroon, and I Love Cameroonians.

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