Breaking Revelations from Kawa Yannick Kawa, the defected Amba Commander

Kawa was recruited for the amba militia as early as August 2017, well before the purported peaceful demonstrations of 22/09/17, 01/10/17, the unilateral declaration of the independence of Ambassonia by the diaspora leaders and the formation of a Facebook government. He returned just before October 2017, after two months of training and joined a force that started killing gendarmes and policemen long before President Biya, in a short speech at the air port on the 30/11/2017, insisted that the killers will be hunted out.

Unfortunately secessionists took this as a declaration of war on anglophones. Not all anglophones are secessionists and even so he did not declare war on secessionists. The Equinox TV and it’s supporters amplified this misrepresentation of the president’s speech so that the boys could use it as a justification to harm anglophones in the name of fighting a war of. secession
*To be honest, is there a better declaration of war than the unilateral declaration of part of a sovereign state independent and then arming militia to attack government forces??*

Many anglophones rushed to the francophone zones at the peak of the crisis and this is a testimony that the government did not declare war on anglophones.


Those assigned to recruit for the Ambassonia force deceived him that a new country call Ambassonia had already been created before August 2017 and advised him not to miss the opportunity of joining the new state’s army. The training, according to the scammers was to be done by the best war experts on the planet after which enough weapons and logistics will be made available for the struggle.

Unfortunately, for two months in Nigeria he received the most basic and the most primitive training of modern times; based mainly on black magic and worst of all administered mainly by the Biafras who lost their own war of secession.(1967—1970). Consequently, YANNICK on his return, had to work very hard to fortify himself and to look for other financial sources to sustain the struggle up to march 2019.

Secondly, the boy says the leaders in the diaspora are foolish, disunited and spend most of their time fighting each other and are often scammed by the middle men who receive funds on ground zero, meant for the struggle. The disunity is reflected on ground zero where different militias often confront each other. *KAWA says he has never learned of any successful revolution that was led by people operating from outside and does not belief Ambassonia can do. He says BOKO HARAM fighters are far more united than amba warriors and their leaders.

Consequently, the boys had to be relying on the local population as concerns funding the war. This subjected the local population to horrific acts of terror in which; just seven poor families were forced to be providing the sum of 1,500,000frs every six months; elders and even some individual parents to the boys were kidnapped, tortured and forced to pay 4,000,000frs. All judicial matters were forcefully reported to the boys and judgement summarily based on the wrong premise that an accused is wrong and should be heavily tortured and forced to admit the guilt.

The repression has caused much of the able population to flee to areas not infested by the boys. As a General, YANNICK was feared and isolated by the local population; people avoided his presence and when he surprisingly appeared everybody kept quiet. He is naturally a sociable boy but found that he could no longer afford a good conversation, even with girls. The boys equally put the lives of the inhabitants at risk by escaping together with them when the military approached.

He disclosed that to become an amba boy you go through sacred initiation rites in which you swear never to escape and it is believed that if you violet the rule, death follows soon. YANNICK has escaped and is unaffected meaning that the death threat is unrealistic. He said ‘Odeshi’ is fake.


YANNICK as an amba fighter for more than two years has radicalized, trained and initiated many boys in Manyu, Indian and Momo Divisions. Until late he has been an epitome of amba terrorism in these areas orchestrating most of the disturbances.


He appreciates the Elite forced, BIR, for being skillful and highly professional but blames the gendarmes for indiscriminate shootings and unnecessary violence. The boys generally respect and try to imitate the BIR force as seen from the activities of the Late Field Marshall and many others. The boys have committed incredible atrocities to gendarme officers which include the hacking to death of a male and female officer at MBINGO (01/02/18); the beheading of one gendarme who went to visit a girl friend in Belo and the recent killing of a young officer along Kumba- BUEA road. That could be why they get scared when the boys are around and go violent on them. We now understand why he surrendered to the BIR.


He abolished ghost towns in Mamfe and formed a powerful vigilante group to protect the population. He tried to disarm some of the groups by collecting their weapons.

More than 45 boys are ready to copy his example and drop guns and this will be done as soon as he arranges with the military.


He had relocated his family to a safe zone before accepting a live Facebook interview with MKPD(My Kontripipo Dem)
The government did all the arrangements and is providing for his family. His last visit to Okoyong pulled a large crowd as people were anxious to witness a former Amba general walk around freely with the BIR.


The head of state, His Excellency Paul Biya, recently granted Amnesty to all Amba boys who will drop their arms. A large budget has been set aside for the Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration Committee set up by the president.
He is rather acting like a BISHOP by restraining the military which could have otherwise been on the rush to hunt out Amba boys. To him harmless and peaceful boys should not be attacked for now but those amba boys whose activities continue to harm the lives of anglophones should be neutralized.
KAWA worked only with the military and MKPD( My Kontripipo Dem) to disarm. Any other interested person can use the same channel.
By Fang Jung (Japan)

AmbaBoy.. A victim of the vicious 419 scam from the diaspora

Who remembered this handsome young gentleman??? He was brainwashed with lies and propagandas by the ambazonian leaders abroad that;

-UN is working to separate Cameroon.

-UNESCO is going to give a blank school year in Cameroon

-Odeyshi evil spirits is protecting them from any billet

-Sissiko is coming down to buea to declare it capital of buea.

-Amba got independent in 1st Oct 2017.

-Amba is a land of milk and honey and it’ll be the richest country in Africa.

Sadly he abandoned his wife and two kids behind and carry a Dane gun to fight the military. May his soul rest in peace.
What vex me the most is to see how this amba leaders abroad are scamming the population to collect money in the name of funding the struggle, using the death of this young guys to seek asylum in USA.

Kawa Yannick on a sensitisation tour in Mamfe

These pictures are of Kawa Yannick, he is on tour in Mamfe area, sensitising the general public and asking for Amba boys to #DropTheGuns and come back home. Kawa was one of the very first batch of Amba boys, recruited in Aug 2017 and trained by the Nigerian Militants. 

Kawa has now defected, droped his guns since four weeks ago, and is now working to sensitise the other Amba boys to follow his lead.

Kawa Yannick will be busy all week on his tour, and we may not be able to speak with him live again until he has returned to Buea and is fully rested.


- Sunday, April 28th: Bachuo Ntai, Okoyong
- Monday, April 29th: Mamfe
- Tuesday, April 30th: GHS Mamfe
- Thursday 02 May: Ntenako, Adekwai.
- Friday, 03 May: Mbinjong, Nfaichang.
- Saturday 04 May: Ossing


The first time I (MKPD) spoke with Kawa Yannick was Monday 22 Apr 2019. We spoke for almost one hour. Kawa was ready to speak publicly, but he was still afraid because of the terrorist threats to his immediate family.

Immediately after speaking with Kawa, I (MKPD) personally lobbied individual officials in the Cameroon gov.

I pleaded to one administrator in Yaounde that Kawa’s story was compelling, original, and authentic, that if we make it possible for Kawa to speak publicly about his personal experiences, we could convince hundreds of other Amba fighters to follow on Kawa’s example.

By Wednesday 25th April, to my greatest surprise, my advocacy landed with the right person in Yaoundé, and the finances were released as I requested, the funding to safeguard Kawa’s family.

By Friday 27 Apr 2019, our contact in Cameroon had already received the money, and already found a vacant accommodation for Kawa’s family to occupy.

On Saturday 28 Apr 2019, the Cameroon military detachment from Kumba was ordered to go to Mamfe and extract kawa’s family. On their way to Mamfe, they came under Amba attack, which delayed their progress, and as a result, when Kawa came on Facebook live show on this MKPD platform, the line was very unstable, but we managed to get Kawa on the program despite the difficulties and challenges we went through.

This is just an example of how certain individuals in Cameroon are working day and night to save the country. Rest assured, we are #WinningFatly, and we must #MashFire..

US Embassy in Cameroon press release on beheadings

The U.S. Embassy deplores the torture, dismemberment, and beheading of a gendarme in the Southwest Region of Cameroon. We also condemn the reported beheading of a Cameroonian soldier in Bamenda, Northwest Region. We extend our condolences to their families.

We call on anyone with information that could help to identify the perpetrators of these acts to assist lawful authorities and to support a fair and transparent investigation and trial. We urge restraint by police and security forces. Retaliation against these provocations would endanger the civil populace, and will only feed a cycle of violence.

The violence must stop. Now more than ever, we call on both sides to enter into a broad-based dialogue without preconditions.

Amnesty / Amnistie – Cameroon offers pardons and amnesty to all amba boys who drop their guns

The Cameroon government is offering AMNESTY to all Amba boys who drop their weapons.

FR:> (Google Translate)
Le gouvernement camerounais offre AMNISTIE à tous les garçons Amba qui déposent leurs armes.

In December 2018, President Paul Biya created a national committee for the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) of former separatist Amba fighters in Northwest and Southwest regions.

En Décembre 2018, le président Paul Biya a créé un comité national pour le désarmement, la démobilisation et la réintégration (DDR) d'anciens combattants de la Sépara Amba dans les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest.

The government said the committee was created to assist hundreds of former fighters who wish to drop their guns and get pardoned. The pardon is called AMNESTY. 

Le gouvernement a déclaré que le comité avait été créé pour aider des centaines d'anciens combattants qui souhaitaient abandonner leurs armes et se faire pardonner. le pardon s'appelle AMNISTIE.

Amnesty means the former Amba fighters will not be in trouble for any crimes they committed while fighting with the Amba boys.  Any Amba boy that wants to drop his guns should call 115. The number is free to call.

Amnistie signifie que les anciens combattants d'Amba ne seront pas en danger pour les crimes qu'ils auraient commis en se battant avec les garçons d'Amba. N'importe quel garçon Amba qui veut lâcher ses armes devrait appeler le 115. Le numéro est gratuit.

Below are the Questions I asked the DDR and the answers I was given..

The DDR Centres

– For ex-Amba boys, there are 2 centres in the country. Bamenda and Buea.

– They only need to contact the Divisional Officer (DO) of the locality and indicate their willingness. The DDR will be contacted for safe transportation to the centre. They could also use our toll free numbers (115) for further clarifications.

At the DDR Centres

– The DDR centres hold and safeguard former Amba fighters

– Teachers in various disciplines provide tutoring

– They have established weekly program of activities

– Available games & other distractions to keep them occupied

– They have questionnaires on each of them from their stay in the camps to what they want to do in future

Bamenda DDR 4

The current strategy

  • Disarm, and assemble the ex – fighters at the DDR Centres
  • Do more publicity, sensitisation and advertise the toll free numbers
  • Training is on-going for the receptionists at the call centres who will handle the toll free numbers.

Bamenda DDR 4

The problem of ID Cards

The DDR has put in place a mechanism for the establishment of ID cards to those who don’t have. Unfortunately, at the moment, only those who are at the centre will benefit from this service.

Le DDR a mis en place un mécanisme pour l’établissement de cartes d’identité pour ceux qui n’en ont pas. Malheureusement, pour le moment, seuls les membres du centre bénéficieront de ce service.

Bamenda DDR 5

The problem of Boredom & detox from drugs

– The board of the DDR is composed of 17 ministries. Which means that we provide social, health, education, vocational training etc which is followed by the establishment of each individual in his/her choice of vocation.

We are presently giving general training in poultry farming & gardening. Each person will eventually be relocated to his/her choice of vocation or education

– There are many forms of recreation available the centres, like board games such as Ludo, playing cards, checkers & Droughts board games, football, handball, volleyball etc

– The town of relocation is chosen by the individual

- Le conseil d'administration du DDR est composé de 17 ministères. Ce qui signifie que nous fournissons une formation sociale, sanitaire, éducative, professionnelle, etc. suivie de l’établissement de chaque individu dans son choix de vocation.

Nous donnons actuellement une formation générale en aviculture et jardinage. Chaque personne finira par être relocalisée dans le choix de sa vocation ou de son éducation

- Il existe de nombreuses formes de loisirs disponibles dans les centres, comme des jeux de société tels que Ludo, des jeux de cartes, des dames et des jeux de société sur la sécheresse, des matchs de football, de handball, de volley-ball, etc.

- La ville de relocalisation est choisie par l'individu

What about Family Members at risk?

– The welfare of the family members of ex-fighters is a major concern, we are working on that.

FR:> Google Translate
- Le bien-être des membres de la famille des anciens combattants est une préoccupation majeure, nous y travaillos.

What’s happening at the Bamenda Centre?

– Currently holds over 30 Ex-Amba fighters.

– Was visited by the national coordinator (Mr Gabsa) and Minister of territorial administration (Antanga Nji Paul)

ADAM ASSANA – The Latest Amba Terrorist Beheading – MUYUKA – 24 Apr 2019

This atrocity happened on 24 Apr 2019. The story goes that the victim, (Adam) and two of his friends drove from Douala, to Kumba, for whatever reason, and the car was stopped, he was recognised as a Gendarmerie, and removed from the car and later killed and dismembered.

ADAM ASSANA - was beheaded by Amba Terrorists on 24 April 2017 - His body was cut into 17 parts and spead on the road in Muyuka
ADAM ASSANA – was beheaded by Amba Terrorists on 24 April 2017 – His body was cut into 17 parts and spead on the road in Muyuka

May his soul rest in Peace, and may his terrorist murderers get hit by 1000 thunder and lighting.

His body was cut into 17 parts and spead on the road in Muyuka.


The British Government stands ready to assist Cameroon Solve the current Humanitarian and Security challenges


The British Government has expressed its readiness to assist Cameroon solve its current humanitarian and security challenges. This was disclosed by His Excellency Rowan James Laxton, the British High Commissioner to Cameroon, after an audience granted him by the President of the Republic, H.E. Paul BIYA at the Unity Palace on 24 April 2019.

“I said to the President my Government was determined to support Cameroon to overcome its current difficulties, but also to make the most of the enormous potential of this wonderful country,” the British Diplomat explained.

Both personalities focused on the humanitarian and security situation in Cameroon – including the situation in the north of the country, the Far North, North-West and South-West Regions in particular.

H.E. Rowan James Laxton emphasised that he had a very productive discussion with the Head of State.

They discussed a large range of subjects; bilateral, regional and international – particularly trade, investment, and development.

The British High Commissioner to Cameroon
The British High Commissioner to Cameroon
It is worth noting that there is NO WAR in Cameroon, as some would have you believe. 
However, there is a real security problem, which has affected 2 anglophone regions. the other 8 francophone regions are not affected by this security challenge of Ambazonia terrorism. 

The Proprietor of the Saint Frederick Comprehensive High School Bamenda has been kidnapped by Amba terrorists

Michel Mubang, the Proprietor of the Saint Frederick Comprehensive High School Bamenda was kidnapped by Amba terrorists yesterday 23 Apr 2019.

Ambazonian terrorists kidnapped the man at gunpoint and took him to an unknown destination. A witness said four armed AmbaBoys attacked the security guard and forced him at gunpoint to take the terrorists to the administrative block. The security guard had no choice.

They met the proprietor at the secretariat, fired a gun inside the office and forced the victim out…

This story is still developing..

This info below was sent to

Dear MKPD.. Please publish as you see (or think) fit, or fit for purpose.

EU Parliament Not Ambazonia’s Friend

Part 2

Catalonia Sham (Bogus) Independence Vs Ambazonia Sham Independence
Catalonia is an autonomous community in Spain. On October 27, 2017, the Catalan parliament voted to declare independence from Spain, and the founding of an independent Catalan Republic. Catalan independence has received no recognition from any sovereign nation.
By 31 October, the declaration of independence was fully suspended by the Constitutional Court of Spain and the Catalan regional government was dismissed by Mariano Rajoy, the then Prime Minister of Spain. Puigdemont, the President of Catalan regional government, and part of his cabinet fled to Belgium in a self-imposed exile to avoid being prosecuted by the Spanish judiciary, having been formally accused of rebellion, sedition and embezzlement. The secessionist leader fled to Switzerland.
On 2 November 2017, a judge of the Spanish National Court ordered that eight members of the deposed Catalan government including the ex-vice-president be remanded in custody without bail. On 23 March 2018, five more Catalan ministers were jailed.
Reactions From Institutions And Sovereign Nations
The President of the European Parliament. “The declaration of independence voted on today in the Catalan Parliament is a breach of the rule of law, the Spanish constitution and the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia”. No one in the European Union will recognize this declaration. By implication, the EU will never recognise ambazonia. That is why the EU is not, and will never be, ambazonia’s friend. “AMBAZONIA” HAS NO FRIENDS.
UN Secretary-General. “Encourages all concerned to seek solutions within the framework of the Spanish constitution and through established political and legal channels”. The solutions to revolve the situation in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon will be within the framework of the Cameroonian constitution and through established political and legal channels, and not through terrorism and an armed struggle or insurgency by amba terrorists.
France. President Emmanuel Macron stressed that the situation in the region of Catalonia is a “domestic affair” of Spain. By implication, President Macron regards the situation in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon a “domestic affair” to be resolved within Cameroon and by Cameroon.
United Kingdom. “The UK does not and will not recognise the Unilateral Declaration of Independence made by the Catalan regional parliament. We continue to want to see the rule of law upheld, the Spanish Constitution respected, and Spanish unity preserved”.
United States. “Catalonia is an integral part of Spain, and the United States supports the Spanish government’s constitutional measures to keep Spain strong and united”. By implication, the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon are integral parts of Cameroon and the United States supports the Cameroonian government’s measures to keep Cameroon strong and UNITED, ONE AND INDIVISIBLE CAMEROON.
Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that Canada only recognises one united Spain. By implication, Canada only recognises one UNITED CAMEROON, ONE AND INDIVISIBLE CAMEROON.
Portugal. “Portugal will not recognize the unilateral Declaration of Independence issued by the government of Catalonia”.
Germany. “The Federal Government does not recognise the unilateral declaration of independence”.
Croatia. “Croatia regards the events in Catalonia as a matter of Spain’s internal affairs and supports democratic and peaceful solutions in accordance with European values”.
Ireland. “Ireland respects the constitutional and territorial integrity of Spain and we do not accept or recognise the Catalan Unilateral Declaration of Independence”.
Estonia. “Estonia supports the territorial integrity and unity of Spain. Internal affairs must be solved according to their constitution and laws”.
Italy. “Italy has not and will not recognise an independent Catalonia”.
Lithuania. “Lithuania supports Spain’s territorial integrity and calls for dialogue”.
Malta. “Malta does not recognise Catalonia’s declaration of independence and will continue to respect the territorial integrity of Spain”.
Bulgaria. “We support the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Spain, which is our strategic partner”.
Norway. “Norway will not recognize unilateral declaration of Catalan independence”.
Poland. “Poland fully respects the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity, and unity of the Kingdom of Spain”.
Many other sovereign nations similarly dismissed the sham Catalan independence: China, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Malaysia, Morocco, Mexico, Peru, Sri Lanka, etc.
“ambazonia” has NO Friends and WILL NEVER have friends. Amba nonsense is a terrorist organization, a cancer that has to be surgical removed. And the Cameroon Defence and Security Forces are doing just that day by day, putting their lives in harm’s way and some have paid the ultimate price.
The Cameroon Senate and National Assembly Invite Members of the EU Parliament But Bonehead Bareta et al. Are Against the Invitation. Why?
“The way of the ignorant is hard, but a good understanding commands favour”. “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. The EU Parliament’s resolution (Cameroon is not bound by it anyway) is primarily based on baseless, spurious (fake) information from coached actors (amba terrorists or sympathizers), and unreliable and untrustworthy sources: Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), e.g. Human Rights Watch (HRW), Ayah Foundation (founded by Ayah Paul Abine), Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (Felix Agbor Anyior Nkongho or Agbor Balla is Founder and Chairman), etc., and from conflicted individuals like Ayah Paul Abine, Elie Smith and his Kumbo priests – terrorists sympathizers in cassocks (like late Bishop Ndongmo who died in exile in Quebec – Canada), Agbor Balla, and other amba terrorists supporters. Honourable Njifenji and Djibril would like to set the record straight.
Honourable Marcel Niat Njifenji and Cavayé Yéguié Djibril are pleased to invite and welcome members of the EU Parliament because the government of Cameroon has nothing to hide. I think Bareta et al. should welcome this gesture of goodwill rather than lambaste (criticize harshly) it. Let them come and see and judge for themselves, in the field, the extent of atrocities and barbarity perpetrated incessantly by amba terrorists against innocent Anglophone Cameroonians, school children, women, girls, business persons (beheadings, kidnappings for ransoms, maiming, chopping fingers, and so forth.)
The members of the EU Parliamentary delegation will meet and talk to the poor CDC workers whose fingers, hands and arms were mercilessly chopped by amba terrorists on the orders of Eric Tataw (Gari Master); they will see videos and photos of decapitations (severed or chopped heads), like that of Mr Pima whose head was chopped in Kumba after having paid a ransom of about 500,000 to 1 million fcfa to amba terrorists; they will see the photos and videos of torture and maiming, and death, e.g. the torturing to death of Ms Lydia (see video on in Muyuka after the amba terrorists have received a ransom of more than 500,000 fcfa.
The young woman left behind a husband and four young children. Members of the European Parliament (MEP) will talk to people who were kidnapped, tortured and paid ransoms for their liberty, e.g. Father Jude Thaddeus Langeh Basebang – a Claretian priest (see video on Cryout tv/radio web site); they will watch the horrific video of torturing and subsequent death on April 16, 2019, of Mr Issa (see video on web site), NW Region.
You hear him begging his torturers and tormentors (amba terrorists) to kill him, rather than prolong his agony by torturing him the way they are doing. He was tortured to death. His mother, 69 years old was also tortured to death. His father was maimed. MEP will watch videos of Tapang Ivo ordering his underlings, amba terrorists, to go murder students in halls of residence, and innocent people in hotels; watch videos of Eric Tataw ordering his amba terrorists to chop the fingers, arms, and hands of students and CDC labourers; etc. That is why Speaker Njifenji and Speaker Djibril are inviting the MEP. To the contrary, the amba warmongers and sponsors of terrorism in Cameroon are afraid of the truth, I said, the stubborn truth.
Speaker Njifenji will also remind the MEP that some of the Member States of the EU had fought or are fighting armed separatists just as the government of Cameroon is doing now, e.g. the IRA in Northern Ireland and the Basque armed separatists in Spain.
The Irish Republican Army (the Provisional IRA), active from 1969–2005, was a terrorist or armed separatist organisation in Northern Ireland that sought to end British rule in Northern Ireland, facilitate the reunification of Ireland and bring about an independent republic encompassing all of Ireland. The British soldiers or troops deployed to urban and rural areas in Northern Ireland and fought back. The IRA disarmed and disbanded in 2005 without having achieved independence, British rule continues in Northern Ireland.
ETA, a Basque separatist organization in Spain that used terrorism in its campaign for an independent Basque state, disarmed and disbanded in May 2018 after 59 YEARS (1959 – 2018) of terrorism. No independent Basque state or country!!! 59 YEARS OF TERRORISM, YET NO INDEPENDENCE. Successive Spanish governments deployed troops to vanquish ETA and they did just that. Spanish rule continues in the Basque Country.