Dishonourable WIRBA is a Putrefied Buffoon

“Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; but never doubt these two things: (I) that Dishonourable (“Dishon.”) Wirba is an opportunist, a leech who misused the trust of his people in the pursuit of “political” asylum in the United Kingdom (UK), and (II) that Cameroon is, and shall remain, one and indivisible.” What the rookie Dishon. Wirba (inexperienced and with little or no political clout) did on the floor of the National Assembly in Yaoundé was just drama (histrionics) to help him with his asylum claim in the UK, his cunning plan throughout. And according to Mr Ni John Fru Ndi, even while in the UK, Dishon. Wirba has been receiving his salary from the Government of Cameroon. Thus, Dishon. Wirba is a shameless swindler, and the Government of Cameroon is grossly incompetent. You can see how Dishon. Wirba has sold his soul to the devil for money!

The so-called speech that “rocked the Ngoa Ekele chamber of horrors” Dishon. Wirba made in the National Assembly, was just playing to the gallery, and to produce video evidence to boost his asylum claim in the United Kingdom. Dishon. Wirba is an opportunist, a leech who misused the trust of his people in the pursuit of “political” asylum in the UK. He did not stand for his people, the theatrical performance in the Cameroon National Assembly was material for asylum claim down the road. It reminds me of how would-be asylum claimants would plant stories in local newspapers to use during their asylum claims. Dishon. Wirba did not “die” for his people, Mr Nelson Mandela spent close to 30 years in a South African jail. Mr Nelson Mandela “died” for his people. Dishon. Wirba has come out here for a better life for himself and his family, and above all, a British Passport. So, he should not be Lionized. I was wondering if he could release all audios and videos he recorded during his time as a Member of the National Assembly (MP) so that we can ascertain all what he said over the years regarding “ambazonia?” I am disposed to think that most of the audios and videos will show him praising President Biya for not allowing the amba “Shit-No-Wipe-Lass” terrorists and ambafools like native doctor Ayaba Cho, the smelling “lass man” Nicolas Ngu Santo, Smeagol Akwanga Ebenezer, scammer Ikome Sako, and so forth to divide Cameroon. Prove us, Cameroonian Patriots, wrong!

How would one who abandons the so-called ground zero to a “Whiteman country” be treated as a hero? Many revolutionaries in other countries sacrificed their comfortable lives in the West and returned to their countries to lead or be part of their political struggles. For example, Dr John Garang of Sudan studied for and earned a PhD from Iowa State University and returned to Sudan to fight for an independent South Sudan. Dishon. Wirba is a putrid charlatan who has instead vamoosed to the UK! Let us hope that the “shitology” he is doing full-time teaches him a lesson he will never forget.

Dishon. Wirba did not risk life and limb when he spoke in the Cameroon’s National Assembly because whatever a Member of Parliament says on the floor of the National Assembly is protected speech. Those who are risking life and limb are the brainwashed ragtag amba “Shit-No-Wipe-Lass” (“SNWL”) terrorists. And they are dying for nothing because “ambazonia” independence is an illusion, a phantom, an unattainable scheme. The amba “SNWL” terrorists were lied to, and recently, Mark Bareta came clean (or made a clean breast of it).

Have you heard of parliamentary immunity? An MP can say anything, I mean anything in parliament (on the floor of parliament), and the MP can never be prosecuted or sued, and what he said cannot be used against the MP in a court of law (this is the case in Cameroon, Canada, United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Germany, France, in fact, in all democracies). Parliamentary immunity applies to virtually all parliaments in the world. Thus, anything an MP says on the floor of the Parliament, is protected speech, protected by law. So, Dishon. Wirba is no hero for speaking on the floor of the National Assembly in Yaounde. HRH Nfon Victor Mukete equally spoke on the floor of the National Assembly, seriously lambasting the Biya Government. He did not flee Cameroon to England, like the dog Wirba (with his tail between his legs). Mr Ni John Fru Ndi has been overly critical of Mr Biya and his Government for donkey years, yet, he has not fled his country like the dog Wirba.

Mr Ni John Fru Ndi defied the Biya regime when he launched the SDF political party in Bamenda. His “villes mortes” (dead cities, ghost towns, or lockdowns), which depended solely on solidarity, were more effective than the ineffectual lockdowns by amba “SNWL” terrorists, which are enforced by beheadings, rape, torture, butchering, hacking people to death using machetes, etc. Yet, Mr Ni John Fru Ndi did not leave the country because he believed in what he was doing, invested in what he was doing, and was ready to pay the price. Dishon. Wirba stirred up a hornet’s nest and vamoosed with his tail tucked away between his legs like a frightened malnourished dog.

Dishon. Wirba should be cleaning lots of toilets (“shitology”) to earn a living in England, for his qualifications will not cut the mustard in England. By the way, has he got a cleaning job yet? And having been part of the ambazonia ComedyRevolution, he might be hired by a circus for him to continue with his histrionics. Dishon. Wirba is now an “ambazonian” professional joker, a fool at a medieval court in the UK. And the publicity stunt or histrionics on the floor of the National Assembly, was intended for asylum purposes for he is desperate for and has sold his soul to the devil for a BRITISH PASSPORT.

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