Why must you wash dirty linens in public? By an Amba fool called Njoku Lyonga Emmanuel – #OperationSunshine ACTiVATED

MKPD> I just received this email below, from an Amba fool called Njoku Lyonga Emmanuel – I have ACTiVATED #OperationSunshine on this one. 

Njoku Lyonga Emmanuel - is an Amba supporter

Njoku Lyonga Emmanuel – is an Amba supporter – That’s the email he sent to me

Njoku Lyonga Emmanuel <> wrote..

Subject: Why must you wash dirty linens in public

Please beware that your criticisms to some of the IG members is destructive to this revolution. You are doing the right thing BUT not at the right time.

Please better stay quiet,let's first achieve the main objective.

All such will come through a commission of inquiry.

You are doing a greater harm to this revolution.

My response

You people have caused the deaths of thousands of people in Cameroon, destroyed millions of lives for a dream that will never come true.

I will expose everything you are doing and hold you ACCOUNTABLE NOW! Not later... But NOW! How can an Anglophone ever complain about Corruption in government again? 🤦🏽‍♂️ Chao!
My response to this Amba supporter

My response to this Amba supporter

You people are heartless. For a million USD, you sold your country Cameroon. What a shame!

What revolution? iDiots! You thieves! I alone will take you down.

Who is Njoku Lyonga Emmanuel?

I have never heard of him, but I did some google search, and I have reasons to beleive that he is currently employed at the CDC, that he is located in Limbe, Isokolo, SW region Cameroon.. He used to be a long distance runner.
I hear he works at the CDC – He must be called up to EXPLAIN – He must be SACKED at ONCE! – There MUST be consequences for inciting or supportiong Terrorism in Cameroon. If he likes the Amba boys so much, he should take a dane gun and go into the forest too. iDiot.
Let’s see how long it takes before he starts feeling the effects of the sunshine I have shone on him.. I will see if he deletes his facebook account.
#OperationSunshine has been ACTiVATED on this man

#OperationSunshine has been ACTiVATED on this Njoku Lyonga Emmanuel

So this man has not seen the beheadings and “Garri process” at the CDC and other places? Or has he made a deal with the devil, and turns a blind eye to the killings, and destruction, just because he wants his own country? These kind of people have decided to sacrifice THOUSANDS of POOR cameroonians (Like the CDC Workers) in the pursuit of fame, and fortune. 
The kind of THUNDER that will fire you people is still doing press-ups. iDiots. 
Click on the images to +enlarge

ANYONE who supports Amba Boys and Ambazonia Terrorism MUST explain to me WHY they support what’s going on in the pictures above. No time to romance Terrorists while PEOPLE are dying everyday.

His Facebook profile

His Facebook profile


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