University of Bamenda Students kidnapped by AmbaBoys

At least a dozen students from the University of Bamenda were kidnapped on Saturday 8 Dec 2018 as the institution was graduation its eighth batch of students.

The students were picked up by the armed Ambazonia Fighters (AmbaBoys) as they were on their way to campus and ferried to an unidentified location where they were held captive for days.

The gunmen (AmbaBoys) later released the video above on Monday 10 December 2018 showing the faces of the students and issuing what they describe as a last warning to any students of the University who insist on going to school.

The gunmen (AmbaBoys) said in the video they were going to release the students but threatened any other student β€œcaught” by them will be beheaded.

Terrorism in Cameroon

The Google Dictionary defines Terrorist as people who use unlawful violence and intimidation against civilians to pursue political aims.

This is not the first time Ambazonia struggle has decended into terrorism.

The AmbaBoys also kidnapped 11 students from PSS Nkwen on 30 Oct 2018. A 2.5 million Frs Ransom was paid to free the students.

FIVE days later, they returned to kidnapp 78 more students and 3 staff from the same PSS Nkwen college.

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